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Monday, September 26, 2011

A Solution From Mrs. Tugball

Maybe Beth Ashcroft, of OPEGA, in Augusta might have interest in pursuing Peter Reuter's article re $32,500 missing Lisbon accounts receivable money with interest . . . how much is now due Lisbon? 

  . . . and why Lisbon has apparently been loath to collect it? . . . . 

 and her people might ask Dale Crafts what he knows and when?!  'Got a copy of the Note? 

 Never know who's looking for business. Peter could write a letter to Dale requesting written information to help out the Town?      

Ideas:  1]  Inquire of Beth Ashcroft, Director, Maine's Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability, if her organization, which reports to the Legislature,  [Crafts x 2 . . . ]  has interest in some of your Lisbon 'government accountability' findings and suspicions.  At the request of the Legislature, they recently did an audit on Maine's energy program, Efficiency Maine Trust, concluding that the Trust, a $41 million grant program, should have known that Maine Green Energy alliance, the non-profit set up by Gov. John Baldacci's former counsel and since terminated, "lacked the capacity to adequately administer federal funds when the $3 million grant was received." This was reported in the northern Forecaster of August 25, 2011, page 4, with some $272,000 of expenses questioned by a federal auditor. A written package to Beth might be beneficial.
   2]  Call various junk removal firms to drop off written itemized estimates at 10 Scottsdale to remove all outdoor junk, including unregistered vehicles and the Dumas Street property, such as:
      call 450-5858
This would identify and establish what the professionals consider junk and might kinda give the owners a clue as to citizens' concerns.  

    . . . Think About It !

Submitted By. Mrs. Tugball
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