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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Process

Now that Micheal Cote is retired as the code enforcement officer--WHO will succeed him? I have not seen or heard who this maybe.
1.Will this position be publicly advertised?
2.Will there be a hiring committee?  If so, the composition of this committee be made public?
3.What will the criteria /experience for this position?
4.How can nepotism be controlled so the hiring will be fair, clean & objective??!! So there will be no questions about the process?
                NO ONE asked but it leaves me perplexed...                  DEEP THROAT


Dot Fitzgerald said...

cThe replacement for Mike Cote as Codes Enforcement was announced at the January 10, 2013 Planing Board meeting.He is Dennis Douglass, son of Jerry Douglass, long time
Realtor in Lisbon. He said he has been a resident of Lisbon for 20 years and presently works for the City of Portland.
Jerry Samson, former Assessor, and Mike Cote, now former Codes Enforcer, worked in the same office, and worked together for many years.

It would be nice if the new Codes Enforcer and present assessor could/would work together in addressing those small businesses throught out town who have not, and are not being charged personal property taxes.
As I wrote in a previous letter to the editor of TLR, the town is billing me for personal property when I owned Village Real Estate. Items, some purchased used, I had paid personal property taxes on since 1984.

When the town finds and bills the the ones that have getting away with not paying their fair share, I will pay mine, minus interest.

Anonymous said...

How was Mr.Douglas chosen for this position? Was there a hiring committee..Was this job posted or advertised..What experience does he bring to this position...What has he been doing for the City of Portland???
Deep Throat

Anonymous said...

Was this position posted/advertised...Was there a hiring committee..what experience does this person bring to this position..many many questions???