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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3, You're Out of the Game Mike Bowie,,, say bye bye now


Can anyone tell me what has to be done for Councilor Bowie to comply with the Town Council Working rules; Town Charter and the Town Ethics Panel?  Going all the way back to September 2008, Bowie has been violating the conflict of interest section of the Town Charter.  Bowie violated the same conflict of interest portion of the Town Charter in June 2009 and was sanctioned by the Town Ethics Panel.  Now, September 27, 2011 at the last Town Council Workshop, Bowie again violated the same conflict of interest rule of the charter and the Town Ethics Panel's ruling.

At the workshop, Bowie explained to the council he had been attending meetings of the Lewiston/Auburn 911 Communications Consolidation Project for the Town of Lisbon.  Mrs. Bowie is a substitute dispatcher and is a dispatch trainer according to her job description.  Bowie was ranting and raving about how the council needs to reject this project.  Since the project has a direct impact on his wife’s employment, there certainly is a conflict of interest.

Bowie is a strong advocate for the Police Department maintaining their inflated and extremely high budget.  Bowie is trying desperately to keep the Police Department the highest budget in the town.  Bowie wants to protect Chief Brook’s budget in order to keep his wife employed.  This is a prime example of the “good old boys” protecting one of their own.

Bowie interrupted Mrs. Fitzgerald at the last workshop after the Chair had recognized her.  This is a violation of Vice-Chair Pomelow’s council working rules on decorum.  Bowie had no right to override Chairman Lunt’s decision to allow Mrs. Fitzgerald to contribute to the discussion or to interrupt Mrs. Fitzgerald once she had the floor.

How is it Bowie can disregard the council working rules, town charter and the ethics panel and the Chair?  There are several possibilities:  (1) Bowie feels he is above these rules;   (2) Bowie is so sure the rest of the council will do nothing to stop him; (3) Bowie realizes it would take two Priests, a Nun, a Rabbi and the Pope to get enough votes to recall him since you need 30% of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election.  This has already been tried and failed; not because the voters who came out did not vote to recall him but because there was not 30% turnout.  This is the problem with the charter.  There is absolutely no way anyone can be recalled because the 30% is unrealistic and can never be obtained.

The only way a councilor can be removed by the council is with six (6) votes and because Bowie is the puppet master; this will never happen.  I have sent a letter to the Ethics Panel and will go to the town office and take out a petition to have this conflict of interest brought before the town’s Ethics Panel.  I will be in front of Rite Aid on Monday and at the Transfer Station on Tuesday until I get the 25 necessary signatures.  Citizens of Lisbon; please come out and support this petition. 

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Friday, June 17, 2011

Do As We Say, Councilors Rule Lisbon, Not As We Do ! ! !


The town of Lisbon Falls is home to Pomelow Transport Trucking Company.  (click highlighted to read more)


Motor Carrier (MC) Number: 423058
USDOT: 909770
Total Trucks: 1
Total Drivers: 1
Pomelow Transport is Carrier
Does Pomelow Transport transport Hazardous Material? No
Carrier Operation: Intrastate
Pomelow Transport in Transport Business since 10/6/2000



The town is really fortunate to have this business located right in the heart of Huston Park housing development. This trucking company has several tractor trailers (18 wheelers) parked on both Scottsdale Avenue and Dumas Street. In fact, on 4 June 2011, there were 4 tractor trailers parked at 10 Scottsdale Avenue. This is the residence of Town Councilor Lori Pomelow and her husband David. I contacted the Code Enforcement Officer to see if Mrs. Pomelow has approval to operate a business out of her residence. There was no Conditional Use application on file at the Code Enforcement Office. 


These tractor trailers roaming through Huston Park housing area are a safety issue. There are no sidewalks in the housing area so pedestrians have no place to walk because these rigs are so large. The housing area has a large population of kids playing; now school is out. These kids are put at risk because these tractor trailers cannot stop on a dime. We have been very fortunate no one has been hurt by these large vehicles.

The streets in this housing area are not paved to withstand the weight of these tractor trailers. In fact, Wing Street has been posted for years. Mrs. Pomelow, as a councilor, should be aware of the town ordinances even if someone has stolen the signs. These large vehicles come through the housing area fully loaded and park on these streets. Some of these streets are breaking up and will need repairing. Who do you think is going to pay for these repairs? I guarantee you it will not be the Pomelow Transport Trucking Company. It will be the Town of Lisbon.
 Editorial note:  Ah Larry,   Scotsdale Avenue has recently been rebuilt because of damage directly and officially attributed to be caused by the operation of tractor trailers on that street.  The Lisbon Taxpayers paid dearly to have it rebuilt.   It was all done under the guise and blessings of Lisbon Public Works Director at that time Buttons Beal and the Interim Town Manager, Lisbon Police Chief David T. Brooks and the then Town Council.  In Fact that property was basically a Junk Yard before Lori Pomelow ran for her seat as a Town Councilor.  It was only in the last few years, that it was cleaned up, so to speak, so that SHE could run as Town Councilor and not be embarrassed with the Mess.   GOD forbid they oblige by the rules or have  the decency for their neighbors or neighborhood. 

AND what about the current 'Imposter' as a Town Manager, Stephen Eldridge for letting this continue.  Says much about him now doesn't it?

I am truly amazed the Town of Lisbon allows a councilor to operate a business out of their residence. But what is even more disturbing is the fact none of these tractor trailers are ticketed by the Lisbon Police Department for violation of the Wing  Street posting. I hope they do not think these large rigs were helicoptered in. 

 Pomelow Transport has been in business since October 6, 2000 and no one has bothered to bring this out. I know many residents have made complaints about these tractor trailers being in the Huston Park housing area. 

These residents were assured by Police Chief David T. Brooks that he would look into it and take care of it.  

Does being a Town of Lisbon Councilor have special benefits which allow them to disregard the town ordnances? Are they protected by the Police Department or who?

I believe this needs to be addressed immediately and a stop put to councilors receiving special benefits which allow them to violate ours ordinances. No one should be able to put our children at risk needlessly in order to make a buck. Operating a business in a residential area requires an Application for Conditional Use approved by the Planning Board.

There is another councilor; Mrs. Gina Mason whose husband applied for Conditional Use to operate an excavation business from his residence and was approved by the Planning Board on March 24, 2011. This application for Conditional Use was approved by a vote of 4-0 without any conditions. How do you have an Application for Conditional Use be approved without any conditions? Does this mean the business can do anything it wants to do regardless of any town ordnances or state laws? 

But Larry, Gina was a councilor for 3 years and did nothing about it until very recently.  She must have been spending too much time with Rosie Bradley promoting stuff and Economically Developing the Worumbo Mill for Resale.  AND how many of those buildings have already been torn down?    Plane and Simple,  GINA MASON doesn't GET IT, never has and never will.  BUT she will be the first to tell you that she does.  In Fact so plane, she had to make up her own certificates of achievement and then find willing councilors to sign them at the last "ATTA BOY, er GIRL CEREMONY they all had for themselves.
This is yet another example of special benefits for Town of Lisbon Councilors.

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Council Chair Had Misgivings About Town Manager Over Bowie Recall

After several days of thought, I am forced to write to you with severe misgivings about your letter to the Ethics Committee dated November 15th (and emailed to the Council on the 17th).

(Letter from Town Manager,  Original was written on Town Letterhead.)
November 15, 2010

David Bowie, Chairman
Town of Lisbon, Ethics Committee
300 Lisbon Street
Lisbon, ME 04250

Dear David,

Twila Lycette, Town Clerk for the Town of Lisbon has received a petition that requests that Michael Bowie, Council Chairman, be recalled from his Council seat.  The petition reads to recall Michael Bowie from the office of Councilor for the following reasons:

 A. denying any councilor the right to place an item on the agenda (sec 2.04)

B. not consulting with the councilors when dealing with the town manager (charter, sec. 2.04)

C. improper influence and/or conflict of interest regarding use of town funds (chapter 12)
D. failure to properly preside over a town council meeting.

I am requesting that the Ethics Committee review this petition and offer an opinion on several criteria.
1.     That the reasons A – D are sufficient and valid to having a Councilor recalled.
2.    That the petition was misrepresented to the individuals who signed the petition.
 I have had 1 Councilor (not Michael Bowie) question the validity of the four reasons in the petition.   The Councilor has also questioned whether it is ethically appropriate to misrepresent the reasons for removal. I have sufficient evidence to prove that the petition was misrepresented to the signers.  If possible I request that the Ethic Committee provide their recommendation prior to the Town Council Meeting scheduled for December 7, 2010.


Stephen G. Eldridge
Town Manager
You write to Mr. David Bowie asking for the Committee's advice on the recall petition of Michael Bowie, yet we on the Council were never even informed that such a petition had been received by the Town or certified by the Town Clerk. We had a meeting on November 16, the day after you sent your letter, yet you failed to inform us of such a development. Additionally, from the letter, it appears that at least one unnamed Councilor has seen and been informed of this filing. I am personally hurt and frustrated by your failure to treat all Councilors as equals and provide us all with the information we need to do our jobs correctly. Why were we, the Council, not asked for our opinion before you took it upon yourself to make formal inquiries?
Secondly, the filing with the Ethics Committee is inappropriate as the Committee does not even have any jurisdiction in this matter. The ordinance empowering the Committee, Section 12-3 of the Lisbon Code, only authorizes the Committee to adjudicate disputes over Conflicts of Interest involving public officials and employees; it has no say on political matters involving private petitioners.
You ask that the Committee advise us on the merits of the reasons and their sufficiency, but the Charter merely states (Article VIII, Part 3) that a reason must be given, not that we as a Council or anyone else find that reason subjectively sufficient. A recall is a purely political device, not a judicial one such as impeachment. The voters could decide to recall a Councilor for any reason, even something as silly as disliking the color of his hat. It is not up to us to judge the voters, merely to count their votes.
Furthermore, advice from the Committee would be pointless, as we the Council have no discretion in this matter. If the petition is certified as legal by the Clerk, then we MUST schedule a date for an election within 30 days of that certification - any other action would be illegal under the Charter and Maine State law. If the Clerk does not certify the petition, it would be up to the petitioners to file an appeal. The only person with an opinion that would matter here would be the Town Attorney. Have you consulted with him on the matter?
I personally have had no involvement with the recall petition in any way, but I feel that your actions here are both inappropriate and ill-advised. We are the servants of the people, not their masters.
Mark Lunt
Town Councilor, Lisbon, ME
(The original letter is attached.)

Monday, October 11, 2010



Once again, Todd Comber is the voice of reason. His article on using the Ethics Committee hit the proverbial nail on the head.
Town council established an Ethics Committee as required by the Town of Lisbon Town Charter. It should be utilized.       More on that at another time.

There are altogether too few ‘voices of reason’ in government, be it local, State or Federal.

Wonder why? We all need to look to ourselves. When we read in the newspapers, or hear on the radio or television of things that are wrong, do we get involved? Do we write letters or call our elected officials? Or do we sit back and say to ourselves “What can I do? I’m just one person. Who will listen?” If 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 do it, than you are not “just one”. You are one of many. And that is how things get changed. That is how YOU can make a difference.

This does work. How?

On the local level, go to meetings, town council and school committee. Can’t hear the ones speaking? Call Town Manager Eldridge. I have asked members of the council and Eldridge countless times to speak up so they can be heard, both at the meeting and on TV. Short memories or don’t want you to hear what is being said?

If not able, watch meetings on television. All meetings are televised, or are supposed to be. If a meeting is not on TV, call Town Manager Eldridge and ask why it isn’t.

On the Federal level, names with addresses, phone numbers, both local and Washington, and e-mail addresses are published in local newspapers.

Question your elected and appointed officials. Again and again if necessary.

GET INVOLVED! I cannot say it often enough.

Todd Comber is a voice of one, but think about the many he has reached through The Lisbon Reporter.

Agree with him or not, your thoughts and opinions will always be published.

Thank You Todd for all your hard work. For persevering through good and not so good. Despite criticism and sometimes-downright hostility.

Keep up the good work Todd. I am one of many that appreciate you and all you have done, and are doing.

Dot Fitzgerald
A Lisbon Concerned Citizen.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lisbon, Why Don't You Use Your Ethics Panel?

By Todd Comber

At this time of despair with your local form of government and their recent actions or lack of actions;
  • 1. the convoluted management of your town by manager Stephen Eldridge
  • 2. the disdain actions by Chief of Police David T. Brooks 
  • 3. the community wide implications of what amounts to nothing more   than   'piss-poor' management by Town Government
  • 4. the immoral actions of current Town Council Chair Mike Bowie
Why don't you use what we, as the Lisbon Concerned Citizens, gave life to, the Ethics Panel?

 Let this governing body of residents hear all the pertinent information that should be made public and render the course of action that best suits the great people of Lisbon.  You have elected people to represent you on the Town Council that have also failed you because of their own self interests and unethical behavior.  Some like councilor Dale Crafts flip flops around the issues more than a fish out of water and avoids the responsibility to vote on issues that are controversial.  The self serving interests of some councilors has run your ship aground and though they are trying to get it back into the channel for safe passage,  remember, they themselves collectively are responsible for putting you there. 

The Ethics Panel should be allowed to handle such issues as presented recently and discussed at every cup of coffee in town, and formulate a plan of action to resolve the present problematic issues.  By doing so, would put your ship on the right course for a successful voyage into the troubled economic times that lay ahead of us all.  You have appointed some very good people to this panel and have only used them once.  They were used to render a decision on then newly elected Roger Cote's actions, and deemed that he had done nothing wrong as a councilor.   He was quickly brought in front of the Ethics Panel by a unanimous vote of the Town Councilors.   Just click on the Ethics archive here on the Lisbon Reporter for more clarification of that one.

The time is right for this to happen now, but you as citizens have the duty to see that it does.  Nothing will be done unless you want it to be.  The filing of petitions will eventually lead to the same outcome but, in my opinion, will not have the greatest impact.  By using what you have in place as your form of government watchdog, the Ethics Panel, that will instill confidence and rebuild the trust in the community that has been diminished recently by your Town Council form of governing body.

A petition is being circulated now but it's success will not bring the issues forth that you need to be made aware of.  By convening the Ethics Panel, all information will be made public as it should be and will not be swept under the rug.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lisbon's Lacking Integrity of Town Officials

Remember 2/17/09 Town Council meeting? If not you can click here for an edited version of the facts. And if you want all the facts, a dvd copy of the meeting can be provided through the Town Manager's Office, a fee will be charged. Or you can go to You Tube and search for Lisbon Maine.
A prominent Lisbon business obliged the public by making it readily available.
In short it was all based on "heresay" testimony from school committee member Deb Danuski. I can add more about her credibility later on.

Now that is great Police work, after all you have been here, what about 30 years, David T. Brooks?
What do we have here, 5 square miles of town geography, 22 officers listed on Lisbon Police Website. Do they all work here or are some assigned to your clandestine operations? Seems a bit overkill considering some Sheriff Departments in the state have more territory and less patrolmen to work with. Your reign of 'Intimidation and Fear' are ending.

And just previously you gave Councilor Cote and Crafts hell for not coming to see you personally about issues they had with your Traffic Enforcement Officers over Christmas. Click here for that one.

Council Working Rules (Page 6)

2. Staff.
Members of the administrative staff and employees of the Town shall observe the same rules of procedure and decorum applicable to the members of the Town Council. While the Chair shall have the authority to preserve decorum in meetings as far as staff members and Town employees are concerned, the Town Manager shall also be responsible for the orderly conduct and decorum of all Town employees under the Town Manager's direction and control.

The Town Manager shall take such disciplinary action as may be necessary to insure that such decorum is preserved at all times by Town employees in Town Council meetings. Staff members or the Town Manager desiring to address the Town Council or members of the public shall be recognized by the Chair, shall state their name for the record, and shall limit their remarks to the matter under discussion. All remarks and questions addressed to the Town Council shall be addressed to the Town Council as a whole and not to any individual member thereof. No staff member, other than the staff member having the floor, shall enter into any discussion either directly or indirectly without permission of the Chair.

I requested in writing, that the Council Chair and Town Manager to take action on the part of the Police Chief's actions on the night of February 17,2009. But nothing, NOTHING has been done except send out a letter of "hot air". Why? They are scared of the boogieman and his Official intimidation tactics. Or are they afraid of the Truth? Hell, Councilor Cote can't even get the support of one fellow councilor to sign on the dotted line to send this issue to the Ethics Panel.
What gives people? Do you need more proof that they can't even Police themselves?

Well, now it has been almost 6 months and things in town government are more screwed up then ever.
For the second year in a row, our town budget has been void of charter mandated requirements. And again the school budget is presented and hacked even more.

Sec. 86-31a. Budget and expense responsibility.
The responsibility of the entire town budget and expenses resides with the town manager. The town manager is solely accountable to the town council as identified in the Charter. Each department head is responsible and accountable for his or her departments budget and expenses regardless of expenditures initiated by those identified in section 86-41.
(T.M. of 12-4-2007, § 2007-218)

Sec. 86-4. Annual municipal budget.
(a) Line item budget.
The appropriate town officials shall submit their municipal budget estimates for consideration at the annual budget meeting with the appropriations made to each department broken down in specific amounts for the following categories of costs:
(1) Personnel services.
(2) Commodities.
(3) Capital expenditures.
(4) Contractual services.
(5) Debt service.
(b) Limitations on expenditures. The funds appropriated in each of the five budget categories shall be expended within each municipal department only for the category (a)(1)--(5) for which the funds were appropriated. Funds shall not be transferred to other categories without prior approval of the majority of the town council. The town council is authorized to make line item transfers for sums of $1,000.00 or greater from one line item to another after a joint public hearing with the advisory board and either approval by a majority of the advisory board or town meeting approval.
(c) Municipal departments. Each department of the municipal government shall be listed in a separate article on the warrant.
(Code 1983, § 2-402; T.M. of 5-17-1997, art. 7; T.M. of 4-3-2007, § 2007-39)

Sec. 86-5. School budget.
(a) The school department shall submit the school budget for consideration broken down into specific amounts for the following categories of costs for each department or agency within the school department:
(1) Personnel services.
(2) Contractual services.
(3) Commodities.
(4) Debt services.
(5) Capital expenditures.
(6) Statutory cost collection data/costs to comply with state or federal mandatory requests (itemized).
(b) The school committee is authorized to make line item transfers for sums of $1,000.00 or greater from one line item to another after a joint public hearing with the advisory board and either approval by a majority of the advisory board or town meeting approval.
(Code 1983, § 2-403; T.M. of 5-17-1997, art. 7; T.M. of 4-3-2007, § 2007-39)
State law references: School budgets, line item transfer, 20-A M.R.S.A. § 15618(4).

The school budget was presented with all requirements. Then we have the town budget voted on under now admitted intimidation and Police improprieties. Thank you for making the apology Detective Tapley. At least you have the 'balls' to admit your mistake and take responsibility for your actions. Unlike your boss.

Bowie and Police Budget Vote
First lets read what the Ethics Panel said. Click here to view it all.

Mr. Bowie gave a summary of the findings of the Ethics Panel concerning the conflict of interest concerning Councilor Michael Bowie. The panel looked into questions regarding Councilor Bowie voting on issues that would affect his wife Denise Bowie’s salary in her job as administrative assistant with the police department.

One of the reasons given by Councilors Cote and Henry for their request for a recommendation from the Ethics Panel was the difference in pay between the salaries of the Administrative Assistant positions in the police department and the public works department. Research done prior to the Ethics Panel meeting included input from former Councilor Charlie Smith, Councilor Mason, Attorney Roger Theriault, , and Councilor Bowie. The Panel researched past appropriations, the legal charter, and related articles in Maine law.

The Panel found there is a definite conflict of interest, which was not really in question. The recommendation is that Councilor Bowie should abstain from all discussion and voting on police salary items, which includes his wife’s salary. Councilor Bowie may discuss the rest of the police budget and vote on that. Mr. Bowie went on to say that Councilor Bowie did bring up this conflict of interest to the Council and that the Council did set up a procedure to accommodate that.

The problem arose when the Council did not follow their usual practice of voting on individual budgets one at a time during the last budget process. The Council took a single vote on the entire budget as an expedient measure. The Panel found while the procedure would have been “cleaner” with individual votes, there was no actual unfairness. The Panel found that Mrs. Bowie received the same treatment as other employees. Mr. Bowie went on to explain why there were such differences in salary between the police department and public works department. One reason is a difference in job description, and the other is that Councilor Bowie has seven years longevity. The panel found no evidence of salary differences based on any conflict of interest.
(Now this is what the town published, we believe it should say Mrs. Bowie has seven years...)

The recommendation of the Ethics Panel is that Councilor Bowie should abstain from voting on the Police Department budget line which contains his wife’s salary (currently line 100). Councilor Henry thanked the entire Ethics Panel for the great job they did. Mr. Bowie added that to counter any inappropriate assumptions he wanted to explain that he and Councilor Bowie are only very remotely related, being fifth cousins twice removed.

The following discussion took place during Councilor Communications: (Vote 2009-13A) Councilor Cote questioned what would become of the recommendation from the Ethics Panel. Councilor Bowie said it had always been his intent to separate the budget items so each line could be voted on, allowing him to abstain where necessary. After some discussion a motion was made by Councilor Cote and seconded by Councilor Larochelle to accept the recommendation of the Ethics Panel that Councilor Bowie should abstain from voting on the Police Department budget line which contains his wife’s salary (currently line 100). Order passed – Vote 6-0-1. (Abstained: Bowie)

Sec. 9. Conflicts

D. Participation.
An abstaining Councilor may but need not remain in the Town Council Chamber during debate or votes on that issue. An abstaining Councilor who wishes to be heard on the matter may join other members of the public and speak as a member of the public during that portion of the meeting when the public is being heard. In no case shall an abstaining Councilor participate in Council discussions or deliberations or otherwise act in an official capacity in the matter as to which the Councilor has abstained.

Here's a reminder of the town council's special meeting tomorrow night regarding the 2nd vote on the school's budget. Remember we don't even have a place for graduation ceremonies but our town equipment sans Public Works will all look great in the Moxie Parade. You ought to be proud. Particularly when the Fire departments old squad 3 is used to haul out the trash. At least stop by the town office for a few sacks next time.

Retire, no I think the good citizens of this community should band together and throw you out of town along with others.

Todd Comber
With absolutely no respect for you David T. Brooks.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lisbon Ethics Panel Convenes

The Lisbon Ethics Panel, Chairman David Bowie, Sandy Craig, and Michelle Swatsworth-Turmelle discussed the allegations made by Town Councilor Roger Cote regarding Police Chief David Brooks and his department. We have all heard what they were and it will be left at that. Much discussion was made as to what to do, what was said, and when did it occur.

L to R: Sandy Craig, David Bowie, Michelle Swatsworth-Turmelle

With about 20 people in attendance including several Police Officers, one in uniform standing guard by the closed doors to the Town Council meeting room, some audience members asked several questions pertaining to the issue at hand. Chairman David Bowie did a great job of holding attention to the matter at hand and did not get side tracked with audience comments.

After conversations with counsel at MMA and town lawyer Roger Theriault, they concurred that Mr. Cote was not a member of the Town Council when the allegations were made, therefore they have no legal grounds to do anything. David Bowie indicated that there were some possible actions that could be taken but were recommendations only. 1. Removal 2. Suspend 3. no action at all. But this would not be within the legal guidelines.

So he offered up these 5 actions that could be taken, however, they are recommendations only.

1. Assume no action to be taken, this may lead to division amongst the Town Councilors and could warrant the hiring of an outside facilitator to build a better working relationship.

2. Make the budget process more transparent, have it readily available to public access.
Record the meetings for record purposes only not for broadcast.

3. Existing language in Town Charter section 12-4 paragraph F allows the council to make any
changes, basically police themselves. But advise that the town needs to proceed extremely
judiciously and with good cause. Use the resources available.

4. Narrow the Code regarding Conflict of Interest and Ethics. Citing a place to start improving
what we have now. A good place to start would be

5. Structure public meetings so there are no surprises or ambush attacks made to unsuspecting
people. What happened at the February 17, 2009 Town Council meeting should never have been
allowed to happen. It is not good for the town. And it gives the perception of hiding something.

After about a 20 minute recess so that newspaper articles could be acquired and reviewed by the panel, they found nothing in the articles to warrant any postponement of the meeting as might have happened had they not obtained the information. After a brief discussion as to the merits of the articles it was then motioned, seconded and stated that there are no grounds to suspend or remove Mr. Cote from his position on the Lisbon Town Council.

Mr. Cote was offered a chance to comment on these happenings and said, "In time these accusations will come out but the legal system works very slowly and I plan to address these accusations more in the future."