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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

LISBON October Conservation Commission Minutes

October Conservation Commission Minutes

Lisbon Conservation Commission Meeting Report
October 16, 2018, at Frank’s.

The Conservation Commission of October 16, 2018, was called to order at 6:00 pm.   Attending  were members Richard Nadeau, Alan Seamens and Richard Main,  Also attending was Alan Ward (Council Representative) and Mark Stevens(Staff Advisor.)  Annica McGuirk was excused.

We discussed four town properties:  Village/Lisbon Street, Summer Street Park, Gazebo Memorial Park and Capital Avenue Park.  The Village Street property is slated for cleanup and use as “green space” by Lisbon residents.  A portion of the recently awarded community block grant allots monies for the projected uses.

The Summer Street Park has had some cleanup of undergrowth to provide for parking and increased uasge.  At some point in the future, the tentative thoughts are to identify the park as “dog friendly.”

We decided that Gazebo Memorial Park really did not need replacement of the two invasive Norway Maple and, as a Commission, voted to recommend placement of urban friendly trees in another town space – location to be determined.

The members of the Commission also discussed future uses of the Capital Avenue Park.  Discussion of possible picnic tables (in addition to the one there), chairs or benches and an area for light recreation.  Handicap parking is also projected.

Members of the Commission also discussed possible use of municipal “brownfield” sites for municipal solar farms.  Richard will research other municipalities which have created solar farms and get specific information on cost, payback and result.  The Commission will invite a representative of the industry to the next meeting, November 19, at MTM Center.

A discussion followed about community composting programs.  Richard will check out programs in other municipalities and feasibility of creating such a program in Lisbon.  We are mindful that such a program is labor intensive and requires a large space for the materials.

The Commission hopes to encourage such programs which have a true benefit to the community and reduce tax costs.


Richard Main, Chairperson.

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