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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Moxie Man: WMTW: Hometown Maine: Lisbon

Now the Moxie Festival has a certain local mystique about itself just like the drink. You see, back along many years ago Frank Anicetti, "The Moxie Man", was inspired by the idea of having  a little gathering of sorts to promote this very distinctive flavored beverage that was originally concocted for use as a medicinal elixir.  A group of local dedicated volunteers agreed with the idea and just until a few years ago, the festival was put on by Frank and his loyal volunteers.  

Right smack on the corner of Routes 196 & 125 you will find a store named Kennebec Fruit Company, the home of the "Official" Moxie Museum.  Inside you will find the dedication to the drink through Frank's efforts with all things Moxie.  SO be certain to stop in say Hi, give it a try, and if it is still available you just have to have some Moxie Ice Cream, it is in limited supply but Oh, So Wicked Good on any day.  Have Fun and Good Luck Frank, family, and friends.

Lisbon Falls, Maine: Moxie Museum

Run by the Moxie Congress, loyal champions of a niche soft drink. Contains old marketing materials and packaging, memorabilia perpetuating the Moxie Mystique.
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It is where Stephen King went to high school, and host to Maine's three-day long Moxie Festival. In this Hometown Maine, WMTW News 8's Norm Karkos takes us to Lisbon