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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lisbon Icon, Graziano's Is Going, Going, Gone!!!

Thanks for the Memories, We Shall Never Forget!!!

Photos compliments of: "Megan"

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Benoit's Bakery & Wine Cellar





LISBON, ME 04250
TEL:  207-353-7552
HOURS:  6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Moxie parade applications are now available

Join the Moxie horse mobile and celebrate “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Moxie,” at the Moxie Festival parade on July 10, 2010 in Lisbon Falls.

Lisbon-  The Moxie Festival Committee is pleased to announce that the applications for the 2010 Moxie parade in Lisbon Falls on July 10 are now available.  There is no charge and completed applications must submitted by July 2, 2010. 

Entries will be judged on creativity, originality and how well they depict the theme, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Moxie.  Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Most Moxie, Most Humorous, Most Appealing, Most Creative and Best Overall.

The parade which attracts over 100 participants starts at 9 am and follows the two mile plus route that begins on Capital Avenue and Route 196 will end at the MTM Center on School Street in Lisbon Falls.
Since 1983, The Moxie Festival in Lisbon, Maine has been held on the second weekend in July.  The Festival now includes a three day Pow Wow; Friday night firework show; a Saturday parade, 5K race, and family fun carnival; and on Sunday, the Chief Worumbo Androscoggin canoe race.  Moxie was designated Maine’s official soft drink on May 20, 2005.

According to Lisbon Public Safety Officials, an estimated 40,000 people attend the three-day Moxie Festival.  The Town of Lisbon has approximately 9,300 residents.
To learn more visit the Moxie Festival website:
For parade rules click here

For parade application click here.
“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Moxie”

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lisbon Firefighters Continue To Be Busy

Lisbon Firefighters continue to be busy with fire calls during the past two weeks.  The Lisbon Fire Department responded to 38 calls for service during the month of January and have piled up another 11 calls during the month of February.  Again, members have responded to 2 working house fires and were called to 2 minor fires that did not require as much work.  So far this year members have responded to 49 calls that required over 1200 hours of staff hours. 
February 1 - Reported Structure Fire on Village Street - Malfunctioning Heater
February 2 - Vehicle Fire inside a Garage on Lisbon Road - Fire Out on Arrival
February 3 - Medical Assist - Burroughs Road in Bowdoin
February 4 - Smoke Detector Activation - Lisbon Road
February 6 - Chimney Fire - Post Road inn Bowdoin
February 7 - Fuel Spill - Millers variety on Lisbon Road
February 8 - Fire Alarm Activation - Campus Avenue
February 8 - Working Structure Fire on Route 9
February 14 - Furnace Malfunction - Lisbon Road
February 15 - Motor Vehicle Crash - Route 196 in Topsham
February 15 - Working Structure Fire - Meadow Road in Durham
 Lisbon Firefighters at Ridge Road Working Structure Fire
 Lisbon Firefighters completing ventilation at Working Structure Fire on Ridge Road
 Lisbon Firefighters standby as Lifeflight Helicopter lands at the scene of crash just over the Topsham Town Line.
Photos by: Jim Berube, Fire Dept. Photographer
Michael Robitaille
Deputy Chief
Lisbon FD

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lisbon Falls Dam

                 Water over the Dam

Hydro Electric Dam


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Asked, Explain the $2 million for 2 miles of trail and we got an answer

Lisbon's  Trail

Click to enlarge

1.  The 1.6 million dollar figure came from an cost estimate prepared by an engineering firm in 2008.  This cost put into perspective the materials and logistics of a project such as this as priced in 2008.  

2.  There are significant challenges to make this section work, including at least two railroad crossings, steep slopes, two bridges, one boardwalk and one concrete underpass under 196. And will be an exceptional trail that we think will generate significant return on  investment over the years with increased tourism into town and enhanced income for adjacent businesses. 

3.  This funding is through MaineDOT and is available only for these types of trail projects statewide.  In federal transportation legislation, a specific % of money is set aside for each state to invest in trails and biking/walking paths.  Lisbon is very fortunate to have championed this type of attention and now has the opportunity to make a significant enhancement to the Town of Lisbon.

4. This trail belongs to the people of Lisbon and represents the character and values that people in Lisbon share actively on the trail. 

Thanks for the question, its questions like these that help put a community project like this into a truer perspective.  Feel free to forward these notes to anyone who would need to hear them to make an informed choice this referendum.  Nov. 3rd is the last day to make your vote. 

volunteer with the Lisbon Trail Commission

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Information on Lisbon's Trail System

Submitted by  Justin                  Posted as submitted

Q: What is the Lisbon Trail System?

A: The Lisbon Trail System is the result of 10 years dedicated volunteer and community involvement.  The physical trail exists as one length and as many different features.  The 5 miles of trail feature local downtown trail heads, rural farm land, deeply wooded forest, exceptional river views and linked to area schools.

Sabatus River from trail in October.

 Q: Who are involved in building this trail system?

A: Local community support and local government as well as participants from away have built this trail system.   Lisbon citizens have always provided the key to the success of this trail. success being continued use and interest in maintenance as well as identifying enhancements.  Trail commission volunteers surveying participants have noticed over 50% of people using the trail are from out of town.  The Lisbon Trail Commission is a 7 person commission that holds public meetings every fourth Wednesday at the town offices, 7pm to 9pm.

Q: Where are the different sections of trail?

A: The most northerly terminus is located at the Webster St. bridge in Lisbon Village.  Continuing .5 miles south on Upland Rd. you reach Ricker Farm Trail.  At the corner of Upland and Mill rd. the Ricker Farm Trail traverses .75 miles of farm land dotted by 25 red maples.  After one road crossing and entering into the Lisbon Community School entrance you reach the Paper Mill Trail.  This highly used section of trail winds through deeply wooded forest along the Sabatuss River.  Exceptional river views are seen the entire length.  At the parking lot and boat launch this trail continues under the bridge and south along the Androscoggin River ending in Lisbon Falls.  Construction of this final section is possible with monies awarded by the Maine DOT.  A November 3rd Vote on Bond Question 1 will approve the acceptance of this money. 

Q: When will the entire Lisbon Trail System be completed?

A: It is feasible to have completed construction of all sections of trail within a few years.  The commission has received a
grant for 1.3 million to complete the trail and needs to raise $320,000 for match. Once this match is approved by Lisbon citizens, the trail can be completed.  It is possible to raise additional funds to decrease the amount Lisbon will match.  This opportunity will become available to us with the support of the Lisbon community.  

Q: Why has Lisbon been supportive of a trail that links every section of Lisbon? 

A: Many people use trails for recreation and to stay fit.  Many people use trails as a family meeting place.  Many people use the trail as a way to experience Lisbon's many characteristics unavailable by car. And some believe that it is a attraction to people from other areas or to people passing through town.  An attraction such as a trail serves to connect people to a community and what a community offers to them.  A trail is more than a road and more than place from A to B.  A trail is a place where you come back to time and time again to experience your life the way you like to see it, and you always welcome others to walk along with you.  

Another October trail photo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh Brooks? Hollywood Is Coming To Maine!

Submitted by: Todd Comber

Well Now!

This may not make sense to some readers, but most of you ought to be able to relate.
Seems not so long ago councilor Cote was "basically Ambushed", as one lawyer put it, by Lisbon's "so called" Finest, Police Chief David T. Brooks. (Those that need to catch up may learn more here.)

Roger Cote stood his ground by literally sitting in his seat and watched in, no doubt shock, embarrassment, anger and disbelief as 30 years of Police Experience came forth through the Verbal Diarrhea display exhibited by a $72,000.00/year salaried Town Employee.

Who has already retired from this Chief of Police position once

come to Mind?
Seems pretty clear.

Chief Brooks as a paid employee of the Town of Lisbon acted in Violation of Town Charter, by NOT handling his concerns with the Town Manager, Steve Eldridge, as proper procedure for dealing with Employee/Employer Relationships. In this Case, Roger Cote, Town Councilor/Employer; and Chief of Police David T. Brooks, Employee.

Anyone else noted that Town Attorney Roger Theriault has just evaporated. Remember last summer when he was at just about every Town Meeting.

I recently learned that Quirk Auto Group will be hosting Try Outs For an episode of "Deal or No Deal" you should put your coat back on and head Down River while the water is high.
"Now deal with it."

Since you again spent Town Monies that could have better served the residents.

Considering the following letter from a "dedicated" citizen,

YOU as Lisbon Police Chief, David T. Brooks Should Be Proud.

You've managed to Suck Monies out of this Community again this year!

A request from Faye Brown:

I recently wrote a little article about our town Gazebo and why it has stars and stripes. This season just before the 4th, beautiful new patriotic bunting was purchased for the the gazebo and the blue wagon near the Civil War Monument. Sadly, not everyone is very appreciative of this nice little area.

Idiots have burned the railings with cigarettes (no smoking is allowed in any of our town parks), and someone keeps stealing the hanging stars.

About a dozen have been stolen so far in the last few weeks. They used to just rip them out and throw them on the ground, but now they are stolen. At 10:45 P.M. after the fireworks, I hung the last of my extra stars so the gazebo would look nice for our Moxie weekend.

Several of them were stolen last week.

The town parks all close after sundown, so I would urge anyone seeing activity in any of our parks/cemeteries to call the police. I would also ask parents to notice if any of their 'little darlings' have 5" wooden white stars left around their premises.

If so, just drop them off at the barbershop steps- that would be nice.

Now to my request-

I am hoping that someone will be willing to make a bunch of new stars. I can give anyone a pattern star, and I will also provide a length of white composite or a board. I will not give in to these vandals!!

I want our gazebo to have those hanging stars. And a security camera would be nice too.
By the way, not one town citizen answered the call for more volunteers to work on the town gardens.

The town doesn't pay anyone to maintain the gardens, just to mow. Volunteering to take over just one small area would be a big help.

If anyone is interested, call Faye at 353-2728 0r 353-5771
FMI .Maybe next year the addition of several volunteer citizens AND the weather will be more helpful.

How about some Stars For Faye?

You should be thinking Colors!!!

Show some Froggn' Life!!

And Jump Into Action!

Brooks, Hollywood, and Deal or No Deal Auditions at Quirks