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Thursday, July 10, 2014



This Friday, July 11, 2014 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the Lisbon Fire Department will be having their second annual Toll Booth, Stuff the Boot, fund drive at various points along heavily traveled Route 196 through Lisbon.

At the 2013 Toll Booth at the intersection of Route 196 and Route 9 vehicles heading west, Topsham to Lewiston, were at times backed up past School Street and down the hill to the bowling alley.

This is the time people are heading home from work, hot and tired, or families are heading out for the weekend or vacation.

Waiting while traffic moves slowly forward does not put one in one of the best of moods.

Per Lisbon Fire Chief Sean Galipeau, the monies collected at the Toll Booths are given back to the town; as scholarships for students wishing to make fire fighting a career choice, sponsoring Lisbon Junior Athletic League teams, contributing to the Town's annual Christmas Basket fund drive, and more.

All good causes and intentions. 

The Lisbon Falls Fire Department car wash at the Lisbon Falls station has always been popular and a safe way to raise monies.

I have had my car washed there many times, hope to again this year, and urge others to also.

I have to wonder if stopping traffic, on a busy highway, on a hot day, when workers are anxious to get home, or families, maybe some with small children, are heading out for the week-end or vacation, is really the smartest thing to do.

I am urging those wishing to avoid traffic delays at that day and time to seek alternate routes.

Apologies to Ryan Guay, a firefighter dear to my heart, and to all firefighters, everywhere. You put your lives on the line every time you go out on a call.

May God Always Watch Over You.

Dot Fitzgerald

A concerned Lisbon Citizen

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Much Do You Make And What Credentials Are Required For Your Job?


It is truly amazing what information the town provides to the people in the 2012-2013 Annual Report.  I fully understand that it is too late to do anything about the information provided and there is no way to change it.  However, it goes to show just how free they are with our tax dollars and the lengths they go to cover it up until it is too late to stop this excessive spending.  Below, I have listed the salaries of our Department Heads so we can see if we are getting our monies worth.          DEPARTMENT HEADS SALARIES

Assessor – No salary listed        Code Enforcement Officer - $49,521.23
Economic Director - $25,283.82        Moxie Aide -$3,000.00
Finance Director - $64,590.55        Fire Department - $64,315.76
Library Director - $47,771.22        Parks - $43,467.44
Police Department - $72,159.70    PW Operations Manager - $69,058.85
Recreation Director - $49,545.44    Sewer Operational Manager - $66,586.14
Town Clerk - $53,868.68            Town Engineer - $78,298.33
Town Manager - $91,266.36        Water Department - $61,383.76

 Lisbon 'Contracted' Town Assessor William Van Tuenin

The first one that comes to mind for me is that Mr. William Van Tuenin is not listed anywhere in the salaries section.  Why is that?  We all know that he has been doing a reevaluation of the town for the past four years as well as being the Town Assessor.  You and I both know he is not doing this for free; so what is his salary?

 Lisbon Fire Chief Sean Galipeau

Next, let’s look at the Fire Chief.  In 2002, Chief Galipeau was hired with several conditions.  One of these conditions was that he “Continue progress towards an Associate’s Degree”It is now, 2014 and Chief Galipeau has not completed his Associate’s Degree.   Are you kidding me, 12 years and he does not have his Associate’s Degree.  Doesn’t this constitute a breach of contract? 

 Lisbon Engineer E. Ryan Leighton

When Stephen Eldridge was Town Manager, he added Public Works, Sewer and Solid Waste to the duties of the Town Engineer.  The Operational Managers of both Public Works and the Sewer Department continued to be paid at the rate they were being paid.  This consolidation was to save the taxpayers some money, however, the only thing it did was added 8% to Ryan Leighton’s pocket.

So let’s take a look at Mr. Ryan Leighton, our Town Engineer.  First, and most important is that Mr. Leighton is not recognized as a License Professional Engineer by the state.  What does this mean to Lisbon; well every project over $100,000.00 the town has to pay a real engineer to come in and supervise the project.  This means we are paying for two (2) engineers at the same time.

Next, he is listed as the Superintendent of Sewers but he is not qualified to operate the Treatment Plant.  He is a Grade Level 2 and the Treatment Plant requires a Grade Level 4.  So what does this mean?  Ryan Leighton cannot sign required documents by the Department of Environmental Protection Agency.  These documents are signed by the Operational Manager. 

Our Town Engineer is not qualified as a License Professional Engineer and not qualified to operate the Treatment Plant and he receives a salary of $78,298.33 with absolutely no credentials.  How much do you make and what credentials are required for your job?

More fraud, waste and abuse at its best!

Larry Fillmore

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chief Brooks' Latest Performance - Part III‏


During Chief Brooks’ performance in which he presented to the Council his budget this year, he is asking the taxpayers to foot the bill for a Voter Radio System and eleven (11) mobile radios at a combined cost of $61,000.00.

This is extremely weird because if you remember correctly Chief Galipeau received a grant in January 11, 2011 for $14,690.00 for the following:
  1. A Repeater Station (SHSP)
  2. Two Control Stations
  3. Batteries
  4. Program/Install Radios
  5. Re-program Existing Radios
  6. TIA Compliant Tower System

Remember, the town installed a tower up on Route 9 because it was the highest point in the town.  This enabled the Police/Fire Departments to have communications throughout the town.  Chief Galipeau’s grant covered both Fire and Police. 

Now this bedroom community of Lisbon has all of this communications equipment and a communication center and they are unable to communicate.  If a Police Officer has all these radios, how is he going to hold his assault rifle?  It is totally ridiculous for Chief Brooks to force the taxpayers to spend $61,000.00 for more communications equipment.  Chief Brooks wants eleven (11) radios for whom?; according to him there are only one or two police officers on duty at any given time.  So where are the other nine radios going? Everyone today has a cell phone to communicate with.  

So exactly what is the purpose of the Communication Center?  If the Communication Center cannot communicate with the Police and Fire Department why are we paying $500,000.00 annual for it?  Think about how large Lisbon is and how relatively structure free, and then tell me again why we need to spend $61,000.00 of our tax dollars for the purchase of more radios to communicate with. 
Someone needs to remind Chief Brooks that this is not Detroit.
Let’s see if I can recap, our officers whether Police or Fire have cell phones, at least one mobile phone, vehicle radios, and a communication center.  Next, tell me again why Chief Brooks needs $61,000.00 of my tax dollars for yet another means to communicate with the town officers?

More fraud, waste and abuse of our tax dollars!

More to come!

Larry Fillmore

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Recap Special Town Council meeting/workshop April 8th‏


At last night’s special Town Council meeting, the council deliberated for approximately an hour.  When they came out of Executive Session, Councilor Bickford made a motion to remove Steve Warren from the Trails Commission.  The motion was seconded and the vote was 6-1 with Councilor Pesce voting NO.

Then the Council moved into a workshop and we listened to three departmental presentations.  The first was the Library which the Finance Director covered for the Library Director in her absence.

Next was a performance by Chief Brooks on the needs of the Police Department.  Chief Brooks wants the taxpayers to pay for two cruisers and one Animal Control vehicle.  Chief Brooks also wants a Document Imaging Unit; Voter Radio System and Mobile Radios.  These items qualify for the use of Federal Forfeiture Funds but Chief Brooks wants the taxpayers to pay for these items. 

The town is currently committed to $28,700.00 in previous Leased to Purchase police vehicles.  These are the same vehicles the Council approved and allotted tax dollars for the outright purchase of the same vehicles.

There was a lengthy discussion pertaining to Shelter Fees.  These fees are based on population.  The Council had numerous questions Chief Brooks could not answer so they asked Chief Brooks to find out the answers before a decision would be made on which shelter to use.

Chief Brooks also wants the taxpayers to set aside $20,000.00 for future costs in the Communication Center.

Finally, Chief Galipeau provided a briefing on the Fire Department which included an increase $9,469.00.

More to follow!

Larry Fillmore

Friday, March 21, 2014

How Much Does A "Hot" Dog Cost The Taxpayers' Of Lisbon?


Lisbon Fire Chief Sean Galipeau, Police Chief David T. Brooks at a recent Town Council Meeting.

On or about 1130 hours March 21, 2014, I witnessed the Lisbon’s Fire Command vehicle traveling along Lisbon Street.  I could not see how many people were in the vehicle.  I then proceeded to my grandson’s eye doctor’s office to see if I could get his glasses fixed.  After, I leave his eye doctor’s office, I took my two grand kids to lunch at Simones Hot Dog Stand at 99 Chestnut Street in Lewiston.  Upon arrival at approximately 1200 hours, I was shocked to see Lisbon’s Fire Command vehicle parked in front of Simones.

Upon entering Simones, I observed Chief Sean Galipeau sitting with an unknown female companion.  Mr. Richard Mains was talking to Chief Galipeau at the time.  Chief Galipeau and his female companion finished their lunch and proceeded to the town owned Fire Command vehicle.  I personally observed this unknown female companion get into the town owned vehicle and they drove off.  I had people tell me that Chief Galipeau carries his friend's kids and his kids to school every morning but I have never witnessed this because I do not get up that early.

Why are the taxpayers paying for a vehicle, gas and maintenance for Chief Galipeau to utilize for his personal use? 

Are the taxpayers' paying for the liability insurance on this vehicle and does it cover unknown female companions?  This is a gross violation of town policy on the utilization of town owned vehicles. 

It is not right whether a person is on duty or not to utilize a town owned vehicle for his personal use.  Chief Galipeau was not in uniform at the time so I am going to assume he was off-duty.  When Chief Galipeau is off duty, I am sure that he has appointed another qualified Officer to fill in for him.  Chief Galipeau has got to be held accountable for his action and a tighter control has to be implemented to eliminate town employees using town owned vehicles for their personal use at taxpayers’ expense.

How many more town employees are doing this; how long has this has been going on and how much has it cost the taxpayers?

Larry Fillmore

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Recap Town Council Workshop and Meeting‏ February 4, 2014


Last night’s Town Council workshop and meeting was another tension free meeting.  It is so rewarding to attend Council meetings without being lied to or talked down to.  These last few workshops and meetings are very refreshing because this Council listens to the people and provides answers to our questions.  This is a concept the residents have not had in over six years.  It is very rewarding to be part of the process and I can see transparency coming back to Lisbon.

The Workshop was conducted first and Mr. Richard Metivier from Eaton Peabody Consulting gave a presentation on what his company can offer in our search for a new Town Manager.  This was the third and final organization to provide a presentation to the Council.  Mr. Metivier outlined the process to the Council.  Now, the Council has to choose between Maine Municipal Association; Municipal Resources and Eaton Peabody Consulting.  Remember that Mr. Eldridge was the poster boy for the Maine Municipal Association and we do not need a repeat of that situation.

The normal Council meeting took place at 7:00 PM.  There were three Public Hearings on Renewal Pawnbroker Establishment License – Double Diamond Pawn; Mass Gathering Permit - #1 Flea Market and the 2014-2015 Capital Improvement Budget. No one spoke during any of these Public Hearings.

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances there were discussions on both the 2014-2015 Capital Improvement Budget and Energy Savings Performance Contract.  During the Capital Improvement Budget, both Mr. Fellows and Mrs. Maloy participated in the discussion.  In the end, the Council voted 7-0 to accept the 2014-2015 Capital Improvement Budget.  Also, there was a small discussion on the Energy Savings Performance Contract among the Councilors about approving the contract to Siemen Industry.  It appears if there is no savings to be gained; the Taxpayers will have to pay for the analysis which will cost between $35,000.00 to $40,000.00.  However, the Council believes there are plenty of savings to be found.  The Council voted 7-0 to award the contract to Siemen Industry.

Under Other Business, Chief Galipeau, Fire Chief, gave a presentation of the history of the Lisbon Fire Department and what vehicles are currently in the Fire Department Inventory.  There was a small discussion on if the town should go to one fire station or keep two stations.  Chief Galipeau said he would love to discuss this with Council anytime the Council was ready.  He also said the Lisbon Falls station is in a poor situation and that something needs to be done to eliminate that situation.

Mrs. Paula Gibbs, reporter for the Sun Journal, left in the middle of Chief Galipeau’s presentation.

Next, Chief Brooks, Police Chief, gave a presentation on the makeup of the Police Department.  This included a breakdown of the manpower and cited several officers which had received recognition in the past year.

During Council Response to New Business, Chairwoman Ward provided an update on the negotiations between the Town and the Department of Environment Protection (DEP).  The fine has been reduced by a few thousand dollars which is good and the DEP has agreed that the town can pay the fine by paying for a project benefiting the town.  Of course, the DEP has to approve the project first.

But the best event took place at the end of the meeting.  Mr. Dale Olmstead was sworn in as the Interim Town Manager.  This is a very good thing for the town and an excellent way to end the meeting. 

Welcome aboard Dale Olmstead!!!!!!!!!

Larry Fillmore

Friday, January 31, 2014

Lisbon Town Council Workshop Agenda & Regular Meeting Agenda February 4, 2014

6:00 P.M.


___Councilor Bickford
___ Councilor Brunelle
___ Councilor Garrison
___ Councilor Lunt
___Councilor Metivier
___ Councilor Pesce
___ Councilor Ward

• Eaton Peabody - Richard Metivier




___Councilor Bickford
___ Councilor Brunelle
___ Councilor Garrison
___ Councilor Lunt
___Councilor Metivier
___ Councilor Pesce
___ Councilor Ward

Town Clerk reading of meeting rules


A. Renewal Pawnbroker Establishment License - Daniel Miller, Jr. d/b/a Double Diamond Pawn
B. Mass Gathering Permit - Stanley Costello d/b/a #1 Flea Market
C. 2014-2015 Capital Improvement Budget



2014-21 ORDER −
A. Renewal Pawnbroker Establishment License - Daniel Miller, Jr. d/b/a Double Diamond Pawn
B. Mass Gathering Permit - Stanley Costello d/b/a #1 Flea Market
C. Minutes of January 16, 2014 Workshop
D. Minutes of January 21, 2014 Workshop
E. Minutes of January 21, 2014
F. Minutes of January 28, 2014 Workshop
G. Minutes of January 28, 2014

2014-22 ORDER −
2014-2015 Capital Improvement Budget
2014-23 ORDER −
Energy Savings Performance Contract

A. Fire Department Presentation by Chief Galipeau
B. Police Department Presentation by Chief Brooks




2014-24 ORDER −
Interim Town Manager



2014-25 ORDER −
To Adjourn

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Points for informational contact in Lisbon

 Town Manager
Stephen Eldridge
353-3000 Ext 102

Fire Department
Chief Sean Galipeau
353-3000 Ext 121

Police Department
Chief David Brooks

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lisbon, A Great Place to do Business For the "Good Ole Boys"!

                 HOW DID WE GET INTO THIS POSITION????

In 2007, Interim Town Manager, David T. Brooks, interviewed candidates for the office of Town Manager.  It was his recommendation to the town council that brought Stephen Eldridge to Lisbon.  It is a documented fact what Mr. Eldridge did to the town of Rumford and yet our town council decided Mr. Eldridge was a perfect fit for this community.  So let’s take a look at what Mr. Eldridge has done for this community:

  •  When Mr. Eldridge took over there was over three (3) million dollars in our Undesignated Fund and now there is barely enough to cover the requirement of our Charter which is just over one (1) million dollars.  The Undesignated Fund is for emergencies and could be called our surplus.

  • Since they can no longer touch the Undesignated Fund our taxes have been raised every year. 

So, what did we get in return? 

      1.    Our Transfer Station is closed on Thursday.

      2.     We have an Engineer who is drawing the pay of a Licensed Professional Engineer and is not qualified.  Every job that costs over $100,000 the town has to hire a real Licensed Professional Engineer to perform the duties because ours is not qualified.  If he is not qualified, why are we paying him over $70,000 tax dollars?

     3. We have a Fire Chief making over $60,000 tax dollars and      does not have the credentials for the job.

     4. We have an Administrative Assistant making over $40,000 tax dollars which is $10,000 more than the other Administrative Assistants and the Department Head has stated she does not perform BUT half of the tasks required by her Job Description.  The Department Head has not rewritten her Job Description to account for what she actually does.  Why should anyone receive more compensation than they are entitled too?

     5. But the most outrageous salary is the Town Managers at over $90,000 with his extras.

As a result of his excess spending, the town of Lisbon is at a cross roads; where we either have to turn more money over to this individual or die just like Rumford.  You do realize that every department in the town has been forced to make cuts EXCEPT the Communications Center and the Police Department. 

The Communications Center has new furniture (which you paid for with tax dollars because they lied about a grant) and new equipment (again paid for by your tax dollars).  The Police Department gets all the very best of everything like the two 2014 Police Interceptors just purchased with our tax dollars because they could not accept 2013 vehicles.  Chief Brooks stated this is a small community and only one or two individuals are on duty but we have nine (9) operational vehicles.  All purchases for the Communications Center were charged against other lines of accounting to cover-up the purchases so no one will ever know how much money goes into these operations.

The Town of Lisbon is receiving quite a return on investment with this Town Manager.  Thank your Chief Brooks for the recommendation.

Larry Fillmore

Monday, July 15, 2013

Will Lisbon Follow This Lead?


In Friday night’s Lewiston Sun Journal ( there is an article about the Town of Rumford closing their Dispatch Center.  In an effort to control spending and limit mass tax increases, Rumford has elected to utilize the Oxford County Dispatch to provide emergency services to their resident.

With the cuts in Revenue Sharing and the slumping economy in Maine, it has become necessary to cut out redundant service in order to keep from raising taxes on residents.   Rumford was not a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and did not receive 911 calls directly.  Instead, all 911 calls came into the Oxford County Dispatch and then were relayed to Rumford Dispatch before anyone was dispatched to respond to the situation, much like Lisbon.  Any delay in response time, puts lives at risk.  By eliminating the middle man, there will be a quicker response time  providing a much better chance of survival.  Regardless of the delay time, whether it is a long or small period of time puts lives at risk.

It is too bad; the Town Council of Lisbon cannot see this.  Lisbon Town Council would rather raise taxes on it citizens than close its Dispatch Center saving approximately $266,000 tax dollars plus the cost of the equipment.  Maintenance and replacement of the equipment is going to cost approximately $250,000 tax dollars.  This savings would eliminate a need to raise taxes again this year.

However, it is more important to our Town Council to support Chief Brooks and his inflated ego than to do what is right for the citizens of Lisbon.  This is a sad state of affairs. 

Eliminating Lisbon's Communications Center would be a Positive Change for Lisbon.

Larry Fillmore

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Toll Booth" Bullying In Lisbon, A Personal Experience with Lisbon's "Toll Boot"!

The following article has been shared from

Dear Lisbon Maine Net:

This afternoon I was accosted by a hulking young man that came up to my car at the stop sign on route 9 and 196.  He didn’t grab me or threaten me with his voice but never the less the intimidation was there in his body language and overall manner. Give me money or I will not be happy with you was the obvious message being  given. What made the bullying even more frightening was that it seemed to be sanctioned by the Lisbon Officials.  I noticed that one of the turning lanes was blocked off and the traffic was funneled  single file  to make it impossible to escape the scrutiny of the  young men.

I am a firm supporter of the Lisbon Fire Department and have given them money every year for more years than I care to remember but I want to give them money on my own terms not out of fright.  Does Lisbon have the legal authority to restrict traffic flow and create a potentially hazardous condition to collect money?  Even if the money is for a good cause?  I don’t know.  Something tells me this thing wasn’t thought out very well by the town Manager.

I would sign my name but to be honest I am afraid.  I am afraid of repercussions from the Town.
I never thought I would say that but it is true.

Scared in Lisbon

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Duped or Screwed, You Make The Call!


                              WHOSE BEEN DUPED???????

It would appear that the Lisbon Town Council, and the Selectman from Durham and Sabattus have all been duped by Chief David T. Brooks and Town Manager Stephen Eldridge.  Many times the question has been asked “Are 911 calls directly received by the Lisbon Communication Center?”  The standard response by Stephen Eldridge is “911 calls are received by the Lisbon Communication Center directly from Lewiston”.

This statement is true but is not the correct answer to the question.  You see, ONLY Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) receives 911 calls.  The Androscoggin County Dispatch is a PSAP but the Lisbon Communication Center is NOT What this means is that all 911 calls received by the PSAP Androscoggin County Dispatch for Lisbon, Durham and Sabattus must be redirected, relayed or passed on to the Lisbon Communication Center depending on what term suits you.  This redirection wastes valuable time!  In a life or death situation where every second counts, this delay puts lives at risk. 

Androscoggin County Dispatch is able to dispatch First Responders immediately upon receipt of the 911 calls.  The Lisbon Communication Center cannot dispatch anyone until the 911 information has been passed along to them from the Androscoggin County Dispatch.  This delay maybe seconds, minutes or even hours but when every second counts in saving lives this is critical. 

In this economy is it important to ensure every tax dollar is spent effectively.   Chief Brooks offered a cut rate deal for these towns to join Lisbon in dispatching.  Chief Brooks could do this because the citizens of Lisbon are already paying approximately a half million dollars annually to operate this communication center and this cost is increasing every year.   However, it is important to weigh the cost savings against the cost of a life.

Chief David T. Brooks and Town Manager Stephen Eldridge are nothing more than “con men” or “honest used car salesmen” selling a product and that product is your life.  What is your life worth?


Larry Fillmore

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A True Patriot Selling Goods To Pay For Trip; CAFR1 - Yamaha Roadstar Silverado 1600cc put up to help fund DC Trip‏ Travel Expenses.


 Walter Burien -


The CAFR1 - Yamaha Roadstar Silverado 1600cc cruiser is being put up for sale at a discount to help fund the CAFR1 TO DC TRIP.

Details and pictures of the cruiser can be seen here -
Also at the bottom of the CAFR1 front page I put up a picture of the cruiser that is linked to the same page.

An Internet search will show the same selling on the high end at $10,500 and the low end $4,200. 

I have discounted for quick sale to $3,800 to help finance the DC trip from the proceeds of the sale.

If you know someone in AZ, CA, NM, UT, or CO who would like to purchase the CAFR1 cruiser at a good price, please bring this to their attention and if they are interested have them call me. If you have not yet and just want to pitch in for the CAFR1 to DC trip then please do so.

Thanks and truly yours,

Walter Burien -
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

PS: To get an idea of what I will be spending on the DC trip, note the following:
Just to get out the door I have to put 5 of my 9 pups up in a daycare kennels with a woman for 2.5 weeks I know in Pine, AZ who takes care of dogs from her home for 2.5 weeks. Can leave 4 at my home that will not get into a fight with each other. If I left all 9, I would come back to a bloody mess and 1 or 2 less pups. Normally they charge $35 per day per dog. I can probably negotiate $15 per x 5 = $75 a day x 17 days = $1275 She would have to turn down any other dogs and just take care of my 5.

I live six hours from the Phoenix Airport. Would drive my van down and leave it in long term parking $4 per day x 17 = $68 Gas back and forth from the airport in my van that gets about 12MPG is about $165. Airfare about 2 weeks in advance to DC, I can get for about $255 RT. Would get a compact Enterprise rental car for 17 days to use while in DC = $527 + insurance $102 = $629. Hotel stay cheapest I could find was $65 per day x 17 = $1105.  Miscellaneous for food, etc. at $25 per day x 17 = $425

The above is; 1275 + 68 + 165 + 255 + 629 + 1105 + 425 = $3922 (without DC tax on the DC items)

What I wanted to do is hire a local DC actuary to prepare a professional actuarial projection report for TRF fund management picking out one of the local governments close to DC. Then to reproduce about 100 copies and use as an example. They are not cheap. If I squeezed and negotiated at my best, probably I could get them to charge me $3,500 (they would want to charge 10K +) 

Printing of 100 reports at $4 per report = $400

So for the basics not considering unexpected / unknown: $3900 + actuary $3500 + 100 Reports $400 = $7,800

If I could, I would hire a DC  Press PR rep and try to get sponsorship for a room in the DC press club for a day reserved for a presentation to the Press (extra reports and press releases printed) I was hoping to raise a total of 10K for the trip. 

I put out the word out again on 02/14/13 to the CAFR1 National email group for funding, leaving the CAFR1 year end close extended from 02/14/13 to 02/20/13 as noted on the second article on the page and on the CAFR1 DNT page per the DC trip and in the last 48 hours $830 came in from six people.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More On Lisbon's "Creative" Book Keeping,,, Just Lie...


This town council is trying desperately to keep the truth from the taxpayers of Lisbon as to how the council is spending our tax dollars.  I do not know about you but if you are taking my money, I want to know how you are spending my tax dollars?  I do not mind paying my FAIR SHARE in taxes but when the town continues to raise my taxes and then does not provide any answers as to why, I become concerned. I am like most people and I have worked hard for my money and want to know my tax dollars are being spent correctly.

Can anyone tell me why certain residents have to pay Personal Property tax on their businesses and others (Good Old Boys) do not?  So for the ones who do not pay Personal Property tax; who has to make up the difference?  The two illegal garages on Route 9 are not paying Personal Property tax to Lisbon and yet the town wants to make these businesses legal without paying taxes.  There are a number of other businesses in town who are not paying Personal Property taxes.  Can you imagine how much your taxes would go down if everyone in Lisbon shared equally in paying taxes?  What really burns me is the town knows of these businesses and yet they do nothing to force them to pay their fair share of taxes. 

 Lisbon Police Chief David T. Brooks

It is budget season again.  I wonder how much money will be declared as grants (money received from other sources).  I requested a copy of the grants issued to the Police Department for the furniture in the Communications Center and come to find out there never was a grant instead they utilized taxpayers dollars to upgrade the furniture.  What is even worse than being lied too is the fact the town manager helped Chief Brooks sell this lie.  It is terrible to have to verify everything said by our town staff because they lie so much.  How can you trust anyone who lies to you?

 Lisbon Town Manager Stephen G. Eldridge

As long as Mr. Eldridge is the town manager, there will always be funds hidden throughout the budget in order to conceal the high operating cost of the Police and Fire Departments.  I have exposed this several times and it makes no difference to anyone.  Hiding funds in other departments is how management can justify the misappropriations of funds by the Police Department.  

Case in point, the actual cost for the Communication Centers furniture was charged to the Equipment, General Government/Town Buildings ($15,000) and Police Department Officer Reimbursement ($8,830.00).  Neither one of these line items are associated with the Communication Center.  So, not only did Mr. Eldridge use tax dollars not designed for the Communication Center but he also charged the furniture to different departments in order to cover-up the additional cost of the Communication Center.  This is clearly misappropriation of town funds and a violation of the law.   But who is going to charge Mr. Eldridge????     Certainly not Chief Brooks.

In both Part 1 and 2 of “How are our Tax dollars Being Spent?”, I have shown how the Town Council is not keeping the residents of Lisbon informed on matters pertaining to the use of our tax dollars and why the people are forced to pay higher taxes.  The town council is suppose to be the voice of the people and represent the citizens of Lisbon but instead they are marching to their own agenda or someone else's agenda.  On numerous occasions, the people have voiced their feelings to this town council only to be ignored.  This council is a disgrace to this community and the people they represent.

This community desires a form of government in which the voices of the people are heard and respected not ignored.  This town council is not working for the people and does not represent the wishes of the people so let’s change it. 

Larry Fillmore

Concerned Citizen

 Concerned taxpayer said...
Larry, changing to the Council form of government was Bowie's dream come true. He didn't have to bother with the tax-paying citizens. He collaborated with Brooks to increase police dept. spending ad nauseam. Of course his "missus" received raises along the way. We need an actual Police Chief," not a master manipulator/intimidator. You know, someone whose only concern is for peoples' well-being and having some guts when it counts. Brooks will never receive any awards for bravery or heroism. Let's get a real cop to run the department, not a "long in the tooth Barney Fife. At least all his cache as an intimidator has worn off thanks to TLR and it's fearless reporters. Things have always been whose ass you kiss and if you support their budget. After Brooks' lie about having a grant, he should be immediately discharged.
December 10, 2012 9:48 AM

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Are You Thankful For ...

 New Fire Pager Antenna on Route 9

 Well according to  Councilor Cote he is very thankful that he did not get elected to the Town Council. He says..."It is a job I would have done had the people truly wanted it.  Now I will  have more time to ride around the area in my four wheeler.   But  what I am most warm & fuzzy  thankful for this Thanksgiving Day 2012 is the fact that with this new fire pager antenna we now have the capabilities to keep track of the Fire Chief no matter who's bed he is sleeping in."

"Just a minute 'David' your hearing aide is showing"

Future Home of KKK Hose Company


Friday, October 12, 2012

Lisbon Liars Club Business Is Prevalent And Pronounced


On September 28, 2012, I submitted to the town a Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) requesting a copy of the grants received by the Police Department.  The FOAA read and I quote “Respectfully request a copy of the documentation awarding the town of Lisbon the grant for the furniture for the communication department and the new police antenna currently being installed.”

The response I receive floored me.  The town sent me a copy of the email from Chief Brooks to Mr. Eldridge and I quote “Steve, There were no grants for these projects.”  

 Lisbon Police Chief David T. Brooks and Lisbon Fire Chief Sean Galipeau

Now, I distinctly remember Mr. Eldridge telling the town what a fine job Chief Brooks had done in procuring these grants.  I also remember Chief Brooks stating from now on all grants will have to be matched.  I remember reading on page 4 of the proposed 2013 budget under 01-110 General Government/Contingency line item 5227 Grant Matches and I quote “Provides Grant Matching for PD Cruiser Video System $10,000 and furnishing to comply with Federal Grant Funding of equipment for Dispatching $15,000.” 

All of a sudden there never was a grant for the furniture or the police antenna and we learn that it is for the Fire Department use also.  So where is the money coming from to pay for the new furniture and the antenna?  You don’t suppose they hid the money in other parts of the budget and on August 21, 2012 transferred the funds from other accounts to pay for these projects do you?  I call this misappropriation of our tax dollars.  These people continue to provide false information to the people hoping no one will follow up on it and see what lies the people are being told.
 Lisbon Town Manager Stephen Eldridge

 Judge Judy

Judge Judy says you can always tell when a teenager is lying because their lips are moving.  I believe this is true of our town manager and others.  Mr. Eldridge has provided so much false information to the people it is unreal.  There is no wonder the town council no longer provides me answers to my questions.  They can rest assured I will verify everything they say.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recap Town Council Workshop - August 28th‏


At last night’s town council workshop, there were only two agenda items being discussed.  The first one pertained to the Fireworks Survey Results.  There was a lengthy discussion over the results of the survey.  The main concern I have with the survey is the numbers do not add up on any of their questions and without accurate data; I cannot understand how you can utilize it to make any decision.

 Lisbon Police Chief David T. Brooks and Fire Chief Sean Galipeau

According to Chief Brooks, there have been approximately 109 incidents which resulted in on one person being charged.  According to the Chief, this is an educational period and the police officers are using their discretion in enforcing the law.

But in this case it did not matter because the council flipped the results and did exactly what they wanted to do.  A prime example is the survey 37% of the people surveyed wanted to ban fireworks in Lisbon.  This was the majority of the people surveyed and the council recommended the use of fireworks in Lisbon only on three dates – July 4th, Moxie weekend Friday and Saturday and New Year’s Eve.  The council also recommended the use of fireworks only between 4:00 PM-0100 AM on the dates indicated and cannot be used within 100 feet of any town buildings. 

When it came to allowing the sale of fireworks in Lisbon; the majority of the survey said NO by 56.6% of the people surveyed.  The town council recommended allowing fireworks stores in Lisbon.  Council Mason said this is what you call “Capitalism”.  The town manager said there had been two organizations interested in opening fireworks stores in Lisbon.

 LtoR: Town Clerk Twila Lycette, Councilor Gina Mason, Town Manager Stephen G. Eldridge

The first reading for these changes will be ready for the town council meeting on September 18th.  Based on what took place, I cannot understand why the town wasted everyones time with a survey they were never going to utilize.  This is another fine example of the council listening to the wishes of the people.  This council does exactly what it wants to do and apparently do not care what the desires of the people are.

The second part of the meeting dealt with the question of whether or not to put the Water Department under the control of the town.   This was a direct result of Councilor Bickford’s survey.  This is a survey which I have included at the end of this article.  

 Councilor Roger Bickford

Councilor Bickford asked me if I was in favor of the proposal and I said “NO”.  I was never provided a survey to complete.  Apparently, this survey was only completed by a select few who met the criteria.  I personally believe it is being pushed because there are several people who disapprove of Paul Adams because he is not a “YES MAN”.

During Councilor Ward asking questions, Council Bowie said “Didn’t you read your email?” and Councilor Ward responded “I did read my emails but I did not memorize them.” or words to that effect. You can draw your own conclusions from that exchange.  Bill Bauer recommended a committee made up of members from the council and the water commissioners with a few at large members to try and improve relations and to find a way to educate the people on both sides of the issue before the November election.  The town council is going to place the question on the ballot.  Ken Wells shared Bill Bauer's concerns and had additional comments about why they were doing this.

I am going to add my comments on a separate article.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Town of Lisbon Municipal Government /Water Department Consolidation

Do the citizens of the Town of Lisbon wish to consolidate services and oversight of the Lisbon Water Dstrct with the Town of Lisbon municipal government. Consolidation with the town would include;

• Closing administrative offices located at 639 Lisbon Street

• Reducing the administrative staff at the water department

• Functional and supervisory oversight would be vested in the Town Manager

• Town Council would be the governing entity.

• Implementation of policy changes including: bidding and purchasing requirements, budgetary approval, and personnel policies, to be realigned in accordance with the municipal code.

This would achieve an annual savings of $115,892 with more savings gained by combined work forces and equipment. Currently the Town of Lisbon pays the Water District $292,000 for hydrant fees.

Circle one only.



Please forward to WDS, Town of Lisbon, 300 Lisbon Street, Lisbon, ME 04240

Councilor Roger Bickford, we thank you for you dedication in getting this survey circulated to a select couple hundred people. Considering there are several thousand more voters that might want to understand more and perhaps have a chance to express their own feelings. Why don't you support putting it on the November ballot if this is truly a viable option and not just another attempt of the town to get more money to control and needlessly waste.  That is of course,  if you truly want to help and stand on your own instead of being lead around!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lisbon Fireworks Workshop‏ July 17, 2012


Last Tuesday night, the town council coupled with the Community Policing Advisory Group tried to find a workable solution to the new fireworks law created by the Maine Legislature.  The Maine Legislature created a monster situation for each municipality to deal with without proper guidance or funding. 

The new fireworks law includes items snappers, sparklers, and Morning Glories.  Snappers, sparklers and Morning Glories have always been considered “Novelty Fireworks” and have been legal in the state of Maine for as long as I can remember.  One of my fondest memories growing up is sitting on a blanket in Freeport with my parents, brothers and sisters watching the fireworks.  My parents would light sparklers and we all would twirl them in the air.  I played with snappers all my life and I never hear of anyone ever being hurt or killed from snappers. 

Now, because some politicians voted to approve the new fireworks law, apparently without reading or paying attention to the language, municipalities are trying to find a way to abide by this law.  Keep in mind, Dale Crafts and Garrett Mason both voted for this new fireworks law.  

Garrett Mason

Dale Crafts

According to Chief Brooks, the State Attorney General has made an exception to the new law to allow small retailer to sell sparklers and Morning Glories.  Snappers are still illegal in the state of Maine and the State Attorney General has not made an exception for them.  According to this new law, everyone who uses fireworks MUST be 21 years old.  Can you imagine a 21 year old utilizing snappers?


Now we come to Lisbon and how does the community deal with this new fireworks law?  This is a nightmare for the town council to deal with and totally unenforceable by Lisbon Police Department.  To add to the problem, Chief Brooks informed the workshop that he did not believe any court would hear minor violations of the law.  Chief Brooks did say if someone continued to violate the law after being educated about the law; they would be cited.

Photo by: Sam T. Used under fair use act.
Lisbon Fire Chief "Superman" Sean Galipeau

The Fire Chief pointed out the fact the buildings are too close together in the downtown, village and housing area to shoot off fireworks.  This is  a simple safety issue putting people’s residences at risk.  It is simply a matter of time before a house catches on fire from a runaway fireworks.  According to Chief Brooks fireworks that fly are illegal according to the new law.

We still have not gotten into where and when you can utilize legal fireworks.  The law says you can shoot fireworks from 09:00 A. M. until 10:00P.M.   People on third shift will never get a chance to sleep.

I personally believe 09:00 A.M. is totally ridiculous and should be adjusted until 6:00P.M.  Four hours of fireworks is sufficient for any given day.  I do not believe fireworks should be totally banned in Lisbon because responsible individuals who abide by the law and respect their neighbors should be allowed the right to enjoy fireworks.  We have a few and always will have individuals who cannot be responsible and respectful and these few individuals should be punished.  I believe if the police concentrate on these few; we can make this new law work.  Of course, our Legislators have to take a closer look at the new law and make it enforceable and enjoyable for the people of Maine.  Kids should be allowed to utilize snappers, sparklers and Morning Glories with ADULT SUPERVISION.

Since our neighboring towns have prohibited the sale of fireworks, I personally believe Lisbon should ban the sale of fireworks.  Citizens of Lisbon need to be good neighbors and act responsible.  Once the Legislature has ironed out all the bugs in the new law and we have educated the people, then it would be a good time to reconsider the sale of fireworks in Lisbon but not before.

This article may sound more like my opinion than what took place at the workshop but trust me there was a great deal of discussion on fireworks.  Both the town council and the Community Policing Advisory Group are split on this issue.  I have provided, what I consider, the important information put out during the workshop. 

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lisbon Lawman's Legacy: His Way Or The Highway


On May 1, 2012 David T. Brooks presented his own feelings about the future of the Lisbon Communications Center. The entire presentation dealt with what Brooks wanted the councilors to know. But there were several simple facts which came out of this discussion.

  1. Brooks has been working on this proposal for eight years. In this eight year period, Brooks never gave any thought to what would happen if the Lisbon Communications Center were to be shut down. Instead of considering all aspects of the situation and coming up with a contingency plan for each scenario; he chooses to ignore the possibility of anyone not approving his proposal. This was very apparent by Brooks' continual repeating there is “NO PLAN”

     There is no plan because Brooks has never considered anything else. It is the Chief of Police’s responsibility to provide a contingency plan for each phase of his operation not the County Commissioners.

  2. The most simplistic action of all communications was not addressed by Brooks. The utilization of cell phones to communicate between Lisbon Departments was never considered by Brooks. 

  3. Utilizing “thumb drives” to update IMC, prepare logs or record data was never considered.

  4. Utilizing Duty Officers and Sergeants to check IMC, NCIC and checks and interstate inquiries were never considered. 

  5. The first responder on the scene could assess the situation and utilizing a preloaded cell phone call for any additional assistance.

  6. The bus driver who is busing our children to away events could utilize a cell phone to communicate any situation as necessary.

I commend Councilor Gina Mason for seeing right though Brooks' presentation. Councilor Mason asked how come the town could not utilize cell phones as a means of communications since we already are paying for them. Councilor Mason asked Chief Brooks numerous questions he was not prepared to answer. Councilor Mason had the courage to ask why he has not looked at alternative solutions.

It would appear that, it is Brooks’ way or the highway because Brooks has no contingency plans in place for any of the different aspects of the Police Department.  So for the past eight years, he is only concerned with what is best for Brooks and not this community. The dispatch situation affects all of the citizens of Lisbon because it deals with the response time in an emergency. In an emergency every second counts in determining life or death. The country has instituted a program called 911 in order to expedite the process in hopes of saving lives. 

 Our County Commissioners are trying to do the same by consolidating all the communications centers and eliminating redundancy within the process. A 911 emergency phone call goes to either Lewiston/Auburn 911 if received by land line or to the Maine State Police Barracks in Gray if received by cell phone. These calls are then relayed to the Lisbon Communications Center to dispatch Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). 

No 911 calls come DIRECTLY to the Lisbon Communication Center. Let me repeat that: No 911 calls come DIRECTLY to the Lisbon Communications Center. 
The County Commissioners are trying to improve this process by eliminating the middle step. By dispatching Police, Fire and EMS from the point the call is received will eliminate having to call the Lisbon Communications Center and speed up the response time. In an emergency, time is critical and every minute/second can make the difference between life or death. Streamlining the process and saving lives should be the number one priority of everyone.

Why would you NOT want to speed up the process in an attempt to save as many lives as possible?

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen