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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recap Town Council Workshop - August 28th‏


At last night’s town council workshop, there were only two agenda items being discussed.  The first one pertained to the Fireworks Survey Results.  There was a lengthy discussion over the results of the survey.  The main concern I have with the survey is the numbers do not add up on any of their questions and without accurate data; I cannot understand how you can utilize it to make any decision.

 Lisbon Police Chief David T. Brooks and Fire Chief Sean Galipeau

According to Chief Brooks, there have been approximately 109 incidents which resulted in on one person being charged.  According to the Chief, this is an educational period and the police officers are using their discretion in enforcing the law.

But in this case it did not matter because the council flipped the results and did exactly what they wanted to do.  A prime example is the survey 37% of the people surveyed wanted to ban fireworks in Lisbon.  This was the majority of the people surveyed and the council recommended the use of fireworks in Lisbon only on three dates – July 4th, Moxie weekend Friday and Saturday and New Year’s Eve.  The council also recommended the use of fireworks only between 4:00 PM-0100 AM on the dates indicated and cannot be used within 100 feet of any town buildings. 

When it came to allowing the sale of fireworks in Lisbon; the majority of the survey said NO by 56.6% of the people surveyed.  The town council recommended allowing fireworks stores in Lisbon.  Council Mason said this is what you call “Capitalism”.  The town manager said there had been two organizations interested in opening fireworks stores in Lisbon.

 LtoR: Town Clerk Twila Lycette, Councilor Gina Mason, Town Manager Stephen G. Eldridge

The first reading for these changes will be ready for the town council meeting on September 18th.  Based on what took place, I cannot understand why the town wasted everyones time with a survey they were never going to utilize.  This is another fine example of the council listening to the wishes of the people.  This council does exactly what it wants to do and apparently do not care what the desires of the people are.

The second part of the meeting dealt with the question of whether or not to put the Water Department under the control of the town.   This was a direct result of Councilor Bickford’s survey.  This is a survey which I have included at the end of this article.  

 Councilor Roger Bickford

Councilor Bickford asked me if I was in favor of the proposal and I said “NO”.  I was never provided a survey to complete.  Apparently, this survey was only completed by a select few who met the criteria.  I personally believe it is being pushed because there are several people who disapprove of Paul Adams because he is not a “YES MAN”.

During Councilor Ward asking questions, Council Bowie said “Didn’t you read your email?” and Councilor Ward responded “I did read my emails but I did not memorize them.” or words to that effect. You can draw your own conclusions from that exchange.  Bill Bauer recommended a committee made up of members from the council and the water commissioners with a few at large members to try and improve relations and to find a way to educate the people on both sides of the issue before the November election.  The town council is going to place the question on the ballot.  Ken Wells shared Bill Bauer's concerns and had additional comments about why they were doing this.

I am going to add my comments on a separate article.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Town of Lisbon Municipal Government /Water Department Consolidation

Do the citizens of the Town of Lisbon wish to consolidate services and oversight of the Lisbon Water Dstrct with the Town of Lisbon municipal government. Consolidation with the town would include;

• Closing administrative offices located at 639 Lisbon Street

• Reducing the administrative staff at the water department

• Functional and supervisory oversight would be vested in the Town Manager

• Town Council would be the governing entity.

• Implementation of policy changes including: bidding and purchasing requirements, budgetary approval, and personnel policies, to be realigned in accordance with the municipal code.

This would achieve an annual savings of $115,892 with more savings gained by combined work forces and equipment. Currently the Town of Lisbon pays the Water District $292,000 for hydrant fees.

Circle one only.



Please forward to WDS, Town of Lisbon, 300 Lisbon Street, Lisbon, ME 04240

Councilor Roger Bickford, we thank you for you dedication in getting this survey circulated to a select couple hundred people. Considering there are several thousand more voters that might want to understand more and perhaps have a chance to express their own feelings. Why don't you support putting it on the November ballot if this is truly a viable option and not just another attempt of the town to get more money to control and needlessly waste.  That is of course,  if you truly want to help and stand on your own instead of being lead around!

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Anonymous said...

This is not a survey but propaganda to sway the reader when making a decision. A survey asks questions not give you information. By saying that if approved the town will be saving $ who in their right mind would say NO- but it doesn't tell the whole story does it????

It's like saying: Do you like ice cream?

> Ice cream has been linked to obesity

> Ice cream has been linked to high cholesterol

> Ice cream has been known to cause health problems

> If you eat ice cream you are putting your health at risk

Do you like ice cream? circle one