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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Middle School Boys Soccer Results, 10/28/15, PWS vs Oak Hill‏

The PWS Greyhounds suffered their first loss of the season in a well fought home game against the Oak Hill Raiders ending 0-1.

With Oak Hill at 8-1-2 and Lisbon undefeated but with less wins under their belt both teams took the field boldly but uncertain of each other’s abilities. Fans were treated to non-stop excellent play as both teams battled for position but neither could get a shot past Oak Hills Sweeper #66 Max Hall nor Lisbon’s Keeper Levi Levesque as the first half ended scoreless for both teams. Play continued in the second half where it left off with an intense desire to win on both sides. Then with 10 minutes left, Oak Hill's #5 Reese Collins put in the sole goal of the game scoring 0-1. 

The [5-1-4] Greyhounds final game will be away versus Gardiner, Thursday, October 29.

—Coach Reeves  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Middle School Boys Soccer Results, 10/22/15, PWS vs Monmouth‏

The PWS Greyhounds could't have been more equally matched facing the Monmouth Mustangs on the opponents field ending in a 0-0 tie.
     Both teams battled for control of the ball over every bit of field but neither was able to take many shots on goal. Greyhound Striker Captain #10 Jack Tibbetts had the first opportunity to send one in on a PK during the first half but Mustang Goalie Ed Zuis was able to deflect it away. Likewise later in the second half it was Monmouth that was awarded a PK and as before the excellent shot was deflected by an exceptional goalie, this time Lisbon's own Levi Levesque.
     The [5-0-4] Greyhounds next game is scheduled to be away versus Gardiner, the date TBA.
—Coach Reeves

Truths in Life
1) Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Luck does not exist.
2) In this existence we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is ours.
3) We aren't defined by our circumstances but by our reactions to them. Crisis reveals character.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Middle School Boys Soccer Results, 10/21/15, PWS vs Winthrop & Richmond‏

The PWS Greyhounds in 2 days played 2 solid home games and displayed their undying resolve in their quest for victories, first defeating the Winthrop Ramblers 2-0 and then a 2-2 tie with the Richmond Bobcats.

Against the Ramblers, Lisbon played with intensity but it wasn’t until well into the second half that the first goal of the game was made by Striker Captain #10 Jack Tibbetts assisted by Left Wing #2 Zeke Spiro. Then just two minutes later Tibbetts scored again, this time assisted by Right Wing #12 DJ Douglass. Lisbon’s Halfbacks #11 Neil LaRochelle and #19 Hunter Burkhardt kept the middle energized while Sweeper #20 Seth Dyer kept Winthrop away from scoring and secured the shutout with a 2-0 game final.

Lisbon’s battle with Richmond was to be much more uphill as the game virtually started with 2 goals in Richmond favor within just 6 minutes of play off of desperate scrambling moves deep in Greyhound territory. Still, “determination” was the evident character of the ‘Hounds as they fought valiantly for a shooting position with Stopper Captain #15 Jacob George repelling numerous Bobcat attacks and Striker Captain #10 Jack Tibbetts taking the battle deep into Bobcat territory. It wasn’t until several minutes into the second half when the powerful foot of Lisbon’s Right Wing #12 DJ Douglass fired one past Richmond’s goalie. Next it was Lisbon’s Left Wing #2 Zeke Spiro who capitalized on a loose ball and sent in the shot that tied the game at 2-2.

The [5-0-3] Greyhounds play their third day in a row, this time away versus Monmouth, Thursday, October 22.
Submitted By:  Jim Reeves

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Middle School Boys Soccer Results,10/14/15, PWS vs Cony‏

The PWS Greyhounds displayed inexhaustible tenacity in a challenging home bout with the Cony Rams with a 2-2 final.

Ram offense struck first at 3 minutes into the match capitalizing on a hole in Lisbon’s defense. Lisbon’s talented and nimble Right Wing #12 DJ Douglass while drawing many defenders fired numerous shots on Cony’s goalie scoring one for Lisbon 13 minutes in. Pressure on the right was aggressive with Midfielders #8 Mason Booker and #14 Caleb Phillips working the ball forward iuntil one long ball centered in by Douglass was sent to the net by Striker Captain #10 Jack Tibbetts putting Lisbon in the lead just before the end of the half. The fierce battle continued in the second half with another Cony goal 5 minutes after the break and though ‘Hound attacks persisted on the Rams with daring plays by Rookies #18 Hunter Brissette and #17 Ethan Brown no more goals were scored and the game ended in a tie.

The [4-0-2] Greyhounds next game will be at home versus Winthrop, Tuesday, October 20.

—Coach Reeves  

Friday, October 9, 2015

The PWS Greyhounds demonstrated undying determination in a rigorous away bout with the Hale-Dale Bulldogs ending 2-1.

Bulldog offense struck first with their only goal 15 minutes in the game. Battle for control continued until Greyhound Right Wing #12 DJ Douglass placed Lisbon's first goal to tie it up just before the end of the half. Lisbon returned after the break fired up and the solid defense of Stopper Captain #15 Jacob George and Sweeper #20 Seth Dyer kept the Bulldog offense from scoring while midfielders like #9 Christian Richter advanced the ball on Hall-Dale's goal. Finally it was Douglass on a breakaway who scored for the win of the well fought game.

The [4-0-1] Greyhounds next game will be at home versus Cony, Wednesday, October 14.

—Coach Reeves  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The PW Sugg Greyhounds tallied their second season victory in a 2-1 match against Hall-Dale’s Bulldogs.

Both teams confidently took the field and battled for control when at 11 minutes into the half Lisbon’s Right Wing #12 DJ Douglass centered a low ball to the foot of Striker/Captain #10 Jack Tibbets setting the score at 1-0 which held to the end of the half. After the break it was the Douglass to Tibbets worked again putting the Bulldogs down by 2 until their #28 Sam MacFarland maneuvered through the Greyhound defense to score their sole goal just 5 minutes before the game’s end. Otherwise Hound defense was never better with aggressive play like that of Right Fullback #16 Hudson Coggeshall and Sweeper #20 Seth Dyer who kept Bulldog offense at a distance while rookie Halfback #18 Hunter Brissette kept the midfield energized.

The [2-0-1] Greyhounds next face Oakhill’s Raiders with an away game on Thursday, September 24.

—Coach Reeves

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Middle School Boys Soccer Results, 9/23/14, PWS vs Hale-Dale‏

The PWS Greyhounds' record slipped to [0-3] after a grueling match with the Hale-Dale Bulldogs. The Spirited Lisbon offense took control of the ball first working it past Hale-Dale's defense and #3 DJ Douglass making the first goal 5 minutes into the game. The Bulldogs responded with 2 goals of their own followed by Greyhound Douglass feeding #11 Noah Austin who even up the score. Again Hale-Dale responded with 2 goals and retook the lead. The half wouldn't end until another 'Hound #6 Nico Soucy put the score at half 3-4. After the break the Bulldogs continued to find holes in the Greyhound defense netting 6 more points while Lisbon's unrelenting offense scored 3 more of their own with Soucy making 1 and Austin  2 for his first hat-trick and the final point tally at 6-10. Lisbon's next game will be at Oak Hill, Thursday, September 25.—Coach Reeves

Truths in Life
1) Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Luck does not exist.
2) In this existence we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is ours.
3) We aren't defined by our circumstances but by our reactions to them. Crisis reveals character.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Middle School Boys Soccer Results, 10/10/13, PWS vs Hall-Dale‏

PW Sugg's Greyhounds had victory slip away late in the second half  
with the Hale-Dale Bulldogs fighting to the final whistle In Lisbon's  
closest game of the year ending 3-5.
Both teams took to the field confidently and determined to maintain  
control of the ball. Lisbon was the first to score off of a textbook  
center from Left Wing Noah Austin (8) to the foot of Right Wing Capt.  
Dylan George (5) who quickly put the ball past the Hale-Dale goalie  
five minutes into the game. Bulldog Jett Boyer (39) was able to  
respond with a single goal to tie things up before the end of the  
half. Again Lisbon fired one in five minutes into the second half,  
this time from Striker Jonah Sautter (15) only to have Eli Smith (12)  
send another in for Hall-Dale three minutes later. WIth eleven minutes  
left Sautter connected with Right Halfback Nick Austin (13) to once  
again take the lead. Though Lisbon was having one of their best games  
with defenders like Kayne Wentzheimer (11) and newcomer Alex Wells  
(18) excellently repelling numerous Bulldog attacks, in the end Hale- 
Dale would score three more times, twice from Boyer and the last from  
Johnny Wolfington (17) to clinch the rematch.
The [2-6Ú] 'Hounds next game will be a home game against Cony on  
Thursday, October 17.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lisbon Middle School softball score‏

Lisbon – 7

Lisbon hosted Richmond.  This was the second time these two teams went up against each other.   The entire team contributed to this win, displaying good positive attitudes and supporting each other on defense and offense.   This was a hard fought battle by both teams.  In the first inning Lisbon came out strong scoring the first three batters.  Richmond trailed the whole game.  Going into the 7th inning the score was Lisbon 7 Richmond 3.  Richmond managed to start a rally but Lisbon greyhounds defense stopped the rally and won the game.  

 Lisbon will play Cony middle school at home on Thursday May 9 at 4pm.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lisbon Middle School Girls Softball Score‏


The Lisbon middle school softball team improved their record to 4-1 as they traveled to Winthrop on Tuesday.  Offensively the team was up to bat 52 times with 31 runs, 11 hits and  13 RBi’s.  In the third inning Ali Sult had an in the park home run with one rbi, in the fourth inning Mallory Fairbanks had an in the park grand slam.  They only left 6 runners on base during the five innings played.  \

The team plays at home against Monmouth at 4 pm on Thursday May 2.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Softball score middle school‏

Hello,  This is Coach Kim Plourde. I am sending you the game summary for the PWS Lisbon Middle School softball team. This was the first game of the season. We were home against visiting Maranacook Middle School. Lisbon won 15-3 . Summary for Lisbon :  AB(at bat)-32, H(hits)-10, BB(base on balls)-10, K(strike outs)- 8. Ali Sult had a double and a triple while Shelby Plourde had a triple. Alysa Hall pitched for her first win with 9 strike outs, 4 walks and 4 hits. Behind the plate was a strong presence by catcher Jasmin Le. The team will go to Richmond on Thursday April 25 for the next game. 

This is Coach Kim Plourde sending the summary of the Middle school''s first game of the season at home against Maranacook.

PWS middle school Lisbon—15

Lisbon won 15-3 in the fifth inning.  Alysa Hall pitched for her first win of the season striking out 9 and walking 4 while giving up 4 hits.  Catcher Jasmin Le was strong behind the plate throwing out base runners stealing second. Ali Sult had two big hits one double and one triple, while Shelby Plourde also had a triple. The team had 32 at bats with 10 hits 10 walks and 8 strike outs.  The team came out strong offensively and now prepare to play Richmond on Thursday April 25.

Thank You for supporting our team!
Coach Kim Plourde