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Thursday, August 6, 2015


The question is do our elected officials have a duty to keep residents informed as to what is going on in their community?   Below is the Maine Revised Statute 401:

§401. Declaration of public policy; rules of construction.

The Legislature finds and declares that public proceedings exist to aid in the conduct of the people's business. It is the intent of the Legislature that their actions be taken openly and that the records of their actions be open to public inspection and their deliberations be conducted openly. It is further the intent of the Legislature that clandestine meetings, conferences or meetings held on private property without proper notice and ample opportunity for attendance by the public not be used to defeat the purposes of this subchapter. [1975, c. 758,  (RPR).]

This subchapter does not prohibit communications outside of public proceedings between members of a public body unless those communications are used to defeat the purposes of this subchapter. [2011, c. 320, Pt. B, §1 (NEW).]

This subchapter shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purposes and policies as contained in the declaration of legislative intent. [1975, c. 758,  (RPR).]

Under the Maine Revised Statute 405 on Executive Sessions, paragraph 1 states:

1.  Not to defeat purposes of subchapter.  An executive session may not be used to defeat the purposes of this subchapter as stated in section 401.

The Town Council continues to violate Maine Revised Statute 401 and 405.  On July 21, 2015 the Town Council went into Executive Session without identifying what they were discussing; only consulting with Attorney.  Once they came out of Executive Session they never explained to the people what was the problem or situation pertaining to the DEP Consent Agreement or the Revaluation Decision.  The two motions were to approve what was discussed in Executive Session and they voted to accept that motion.  The people have never been informed as to what the situation is or why they need to discuss them in Executive Session.  This is a clear violation of Maine Revised Statute 401 and paragraph 1 of Statute 405.

Now to cover this up, the Revaluation has been posted to the town web site under the Council Agendas and Minutes; Search Minutes 2012 to Present; Town Council Agendas; July 21, 2015 – Regular Town Council Meeting; and finally 2015-211 has been changed from black to blue indicating documents attached.  The DEP Consent Agreement has not been posted as of yet. 

If someone was to look at this agenda it would indicate the supporting documentation (Revaluation Decision) has always been there all along but that is not true.  This is the towns’ way of hiding documents and complying with transparency laws. 

The people have never been informed as to the details of what prompted the Executive Session.  I am not saying the specifics of what take place in Executive Session should be revealed to the people but the people have a right to know what is going on in their community.  It appears that the DEP Consent Agreement is going to cost the taxpayers over $17,000.00 tax dollars for the town not complying with the original agreement.  The people have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent.

These violations of Maine law are not covered under the “Home Rule” law and the state needs to come in and take action to protect the rights of the people.

Larry Fillmore 

Friday, July 31, 2015

GOPDD: [New post] Video: Who commits the most brutally violent crimes in America? You might be surprised.‏

A 45 caliber handgun and ammunition resting on a folded flag against the United States constitution.

 Who commits the most brutally violent crimes in America? You might be surprised.

"Liberals With Guns!" 


Sunday, June 14, 2015


Tuesday night will be another meeting of the Town Council.  One of the items on the agenda is the School Budget Referendum Timeline.  Part of the timeline is whether or not the Town Council has to waste more of the people valuable time by holding another Public Hearing on the new figures for the School Budget.

The Town Council has repeatedly demonstrated that everyone has an opportunity to speak at the Public Hearing but what they don’t tell you is that they are not going to listen to the wishes of the people.  Instead, it is going in one ear and out the other of some of the Councilors.  So, this is a complete waste of time. 

Lisbon is no longer a democratic form of government where the voice of the people has any meaning.  This is no longer a government of the people, by the people or for the people.  In fact, the Town Council has interpreted the Town Charter to mean, the Town Council has absolute power over everything in this town.  

 I fail to understand why the section of the Charter that deals with the Special Town Meeting is even a part of the Charter?   

The Town Council and Town Attorney have stated that the people cannot put in a petition calling for a Special Town Meeting on the School budget when it clearly states “ANY BUDGET APPROPRIATIONS”.  I believe the Charter Commission would not have included the section on Special Town Meetings if they were going to deny the people the right to vote on budget issues. 

You can tell the Town Council is turning into politicians because they speak out of both sides of their mouths.  The Town Council made a Charter change to reduce the number of signatures needed to gather on a petition as a solution to not allowing the people to vote on the Municipal budget.  Well, it seems they are going to have to change the Charter again to protect themselves.

The Town Council present and past have always changed the Charter to give themselves more power.  At the same time, they strip more and more of the power of the people.  This was always done by a vote of the people because the people are not involved in local government.  

 In November, there will be more Charter changes on the ballot that will strip the people of what little power they have remaining.  The only Charter change we need is to go back to the original Charters.  It was working well until Councilor Michael Bowie, Town Manager Stephen Eldridge and Town Attorney Roger Therriault made massive changes to give the Town Council more power.

Until the people decide to take back our local government, the people lose.

Larry Fillmore

Thursday, April 2, 2015

We Are All Flying on the Germanwings Plane

Crash Position

The pilot was locked out of the cockpit. 

That phrase finally revealed the full horror of the crash of Germanwings flight 9525. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz waited for the pilot to leave the cockpit, then locked the door to prevent his re-entry. After which Lubitz, for reasons unknown and perhaps unknowable, deliberately steered the jet into a harrowing 8-minute plunge ending in an explosive 434 mph impact with a rocky mountainside.
150 men, women and children met an immediate, unthinkably violent death.

Lubitz, in his single-minded madness, couldn't be stopped because anyone who could change the jet's disastrous course was locked out. 

It's hard to imagine the growing feelings of fear and helplessness that the passengers felt as the unforgiving landscape rushed up to meet them.

Hard ... but not impossible.

Because America is in trouble. We feel the descent in the pits of our stomachs. We hear the shake and rattle of structures stressed beyond their limits. We don't know where we're going anymore, but do know it isn't good. And above all, we feel helpless because Barack Obama has locked us out.

He locked the American people out of his decision to seize the national healthcare system. Locked us out when we wanted to know why the IRS was attacking conservatives. He locked us out of having a say in his decision to tear up our immigration laws, and to give over a trillion dollars in benefits to those who broke those laws.

Obama locked out those who advised against premature troop withdrawals.
Locked out the intelligence agencies who issued warnings about the growing threat of ISIS.  He locked out anyone who could have interfered with his release of five Taliban terror chiefs in return for one U.S.
military deserter.

And, of course, Barack Obama has now locked out Congress, the American people, and our allies as he strikes a secret deal with Iran to determine the timeline (not prevention) of their acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Was Andreas Lubitz depressed, insane, or abysmally evil when he decided to lock that cockpit door and listen to no voices other than those in his head?
Did he somehow believe himself to be doing the right thing?

The voice recordings from the doomed aircraft reveal that as the jet began its rapid descent, the passengers were quiet. There was probably some nervous laughter, confusion, a bit of comforting chatter with seatmates, followed by a brief period in which anxiety had not yet metastasized into terror.

It was only near the end of the 8-minute plunge that everyone finally understood what was really happening. Only near the end when they began to scream. 

Like those passengers, a growing number of Americans feel a helpless dread as they come to the inescapable conclusion that our nation's decline is an act of choice rather than of chance. The choice of one man who is in full control of our 8-year plunge.

A man who has locked everyone out.

Submitted by: 'Friends of Flight"

Sunday, March 29, 2015


The war started in the 7th century and lasted through the 17th.  I would contend it never stopped but historically the facts below are correct. This is why I choke when I hear someone say we will defeat or contain these Islamic terrorists in a few years or even 30 years as recently stated by Leon Panetta.

If the latest batch of murders, beheadings, and killing of innocent Christians has shocked you, maybe you should read this compilation of historical facts about the hatred of Muslims.


This is all factually (and historically) correct - and verifiable:

In 732 AD the Muslim Army which was moving on Paris was defeated and turned back at Tours, France, by Charles Martell. In 1571 AD the Muslim Army/ Navy was defeated by the Italians and Austrians as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack southern Europe in the Battle of Lapanto.

In 1683 AD the Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, was finally defeated in the Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian Armies.
This crap has been going on for 1,400 years and half of the politicians don't even know it.

If these battles had not been won we might be speaking Arabic and Christianity could be non-existent; Judaism certainly would be, and let us not forget that Hitler was an admirer of Islam and that the Mufti of Jerusalem was Hitler's guest in Berlin and raised Bosnian Muslim SS Divisions: the 13th and 21st Waffen SS Divisions who killed Jews, Russians, Gypsies, and any other "Sub-Humans".
A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality that they imagine that America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to themselves.
Pause a moment, reflect back. These events are actual events from history. They really happened!  Do you remember?
1.   In 1968, Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male.
2.   In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by Muslim males.
3.   In 1972 a Pan Am 747 was hijacked and eventually diverted to Cairo where a fuse was lit on final approach. It was blown up shortly after landing by Muslim males.
4.   In 1973 a Pan Am 707 was destroyed in Rome, with 33 people killed, when it was attacked with grenades by Muslim males.
5.   In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim males.
6.   During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by Muslim males.
7.   In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by Muslim males.
8.   In 1985, the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70-year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by Muslim males.
9.   In 1985, TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by Muslim males.
10.               In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by Muslim males.
11.               In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by Muslim males.
12.               In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslim males.
13.               On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take down the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by Muslim males.
14.               In 2002, the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against Muslim males.
15.               In 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by - you guessed it was a Muslim male. (Plus two other American journalists were just beheaded).
16.               In 2013, Boston Marathon Bombing 4 Innocent people including a child killed, 264 injured by Muslim males.
No, I really don't see a pattern here to justify profiling, do you?

So, to ensure we Americans never offend anyone, particularly fanatics intent on killing us, airport security screeners will no longer be allowed to profile certain people.

So, ask yourself "Just how stupid are we???"

Absolutely No Profiling! They must conduct random searches of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper identification, secret agents who are members of the President's security detail, 85-year old, Congressmen with metal hips, and Medal of Honor winner and former Governor Joe Foss, but leave Muslim Males, alone lest they be guilty of profiling.

Ask yourself "Just how stupid are we?  "Have the American people completely lost their minds or just their Power of Reason???

Let's send this to as many people as we can so that the Gloria Alreds and other stupid attorneys, along with Federal Justices, that want to thwart common sense, feel ashamed of themselves -- if  they have any such sense. As the writer of the award winning story  'Forrest Gump' so aptly put it, 'Stupid Is As Stupid Does'.

Each opportunity that you have to send this to a friend or media outlet... Do It!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

WE THE PEOPLE ARE PAWNS IN A MATRIX! WND Exclusive: Exposed: Secret memo reveals Pollard sentence a sham

Declassified document hints Israel spy serving life for bogus reason

Jonathan Pollard
NEW YORK – With little fanfare and no news media coverage, a dramatic, potentially game-changing development in the Jonathan Pollard spy case quietly occurred three months ago.
Jonathan Pollard is currently serving his 30th year of an unprecedented life sentence in a U.S. prison for espionage on behalf of an ally, Israel.
After years of failed efforts petitioning the government and the court system to gain access to the classified material used to sentence their client, Pollards’ security-cleared attorneys finally won an appeal for declassification last fall.
As a result of the appeal, key sections of a 28-year-old classified document that was the central justification for Pollard’s unprecedentedly harsh sentence were declassified and released Nov. 13, 2014.
The 49-page document in question is a memorandum that was submitted to the sentencing judge in 1987 by then-Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger.
The document was obtained and reviewed by WND.
Pollard, who worked as a civilian intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy, was arrested in 1985 and indicted in 1987 on one count of passing classified information to an ally, Israel. He gave up his right to a trial and entered into a plea agreement, which was intended to spare both Israel and the U.S. the embarrassment and damage that a lengthy trial might incur. Despite the government’s acknowledgment that Pollard fulfilled all the terms of his plea agreement, the government reneged. He was sentenced to life despite the plea deal.
Pollard is the only person in U.S. history to receive a life sentence for spying for an ally. The median sentence for the offense is two to four years.
His sentence is generally acknowledged to have been driven by Weinberger’s memorandum, a document that was never disclosed to the public nor to any of Pollard’s security-cleared attorneys from the time that he was sentenced in 1987.
According to U.S. government representations of the memo for nearly three decades, the document was alleged to demonstrate that Pollard was the spy responsible for the greatest harm to U.S. national security up to the time of his sentencing. The government has persisted in this characterization of the document despite a number of other documents which have been brought to public attention and which appear to contradict the government’s claims. The material includes the victim impact statement and a recently declassified 1987 CIA damage assessment of the case. And now, the new declassifications of the Weinberger document itself.
Since his formal sentencing in 1987, the U.S. government has repeatedly cited the secret Weinberger document as its main basis to oppose either parole or presidential pardon for Pollard.
Last July, at Pollard’s first parole hearing after 29 years in prison, the government again cited the Weinberger declaration, claiming it contained sufficient evidence to warrant a denial of parole. Neither Pollard’s security-cleared attorneys nor the parole commission itself were allowed to view the document.
At the parole hearing, the government relied upon the document to claim Pollard’s case represented “the greatest compromise of U.S. national security to that date” – a charge which the parole board accepted without viewing the document. Numerous former U.S. officials who viewed the document have since stated categorically that representation is false.
Pollard’s spy activities listed
About 20 percent of the memo is still classified, while many of the section heads of the still secretive sections can now be seen in the declassified version.
According to the document, as reviewed by WND, the crux of Pollard’s spy activities described in the declassified sections affected the U.S. relationships with Middle Eastern countries.
It states that Pollard provided Israel with information on Soviet weaponry and radar systems, information of vital import to the Jewish state’s security since at the time almost all of the technology used by Israel’s enemies was Soviet-made.
The document notes Pollard “provided information on Soviet built air-to-air missile systems and Middle East air orders of battle,” even while allowing “[s]ince Israel depends for its national security on control of Middle East air space, much of this information was considered vital, and, as Col. Sella [of the Israeli Air Force] remarked, was not previously possessed by Israel.”
The memo states Pollard provided information concerning the fighting capabilities of Israel’s Mideast adversaries, with many of the specific examples still classified.
In one newly declassified section, the document reveals Pollard provided Israel with information on the Libyan air force. This data resulted in enabling an Israeli airstrike on Palestine Liberation Organization headquarters in Tunisia by helping the Israelis avoid confrontation with Libyan air defenses.
The Libyan case provides a glimmer into what Weinberger viewed as harmful to U.S. national security. Weinberger wrote in the memo the strike harmed U.S. regional interests because of the resultant damage and loss of life – 62 Palestinians and 27 Tunisians were killed in raid. Weinberger called those deaths a “detriment” to the U.S.
He further complained the Israeli airstrike may damage relations with Libya, which the Defense Secretary said he viewed as an “honest broker” for U.S. He said Libya was helpful when it volunteered, with U.S. assistance, to provide sanctuary to Yasser Arafat’s PLO – which at the time was regarded by Israel as an enemy terrorist organization – when Arafat’s group was exiled from Lebanon in 1982.
Weinberger further claimed Pollard caused “harm” to the U.S. intelligence community by sharing with Israel intelligence that the U.S. did not believe was in its interests to provide to the Jewish state.
States the document: “Defendant not only provided classified information to Israel, which Israel was not authorized to receive, but in doing so, he furnished original source documents, which had not been ‘sanitized,’ thus substantially compounding the harm.”
Weinberger is implying Israel was not supposed to receive full intelligence on some issues and Pollard undermined that policy. Weinberger himself signed the 1983 U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding that established strategic military and intelligence cooperation between the U.S. and Israel on regional threats.
Attorneys petition Obama
In an oped published at WND today, Pollard’s pro bono attorneys, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman, stated, “The recent disclosures … show that the government has been dishonestly hiding behind the mask of ‘classified information’ to materially mischaracterize the nature and extent of the harm caused by Mr. Pollard.”
Lauer and Semmelman contend, “The newly disclosed material shows that any harm that may have been caused by Mr. Pollard was in the form of short-term disruption in foreign relations between the United States and certain Arab countries. That is not at all the same thing as harm to U.S. national security.”
In light of the new disclosures and the strong support from American officials who have long questioned Pollard’s “grossly disproportionate” life sentence, the attorneys urge President Obama to commute Pollard’s sentence immediately.
Obama “has the solemn duty to uphold the law of the land by finally putting a stop to this ongoing travesty. There are no more excuses. The president should exercise his constitutional power and grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard,” they state in the WND oped.
Weinberger contradicts own memo, Senior U.S. officials demand ‘justice’
Weinberger’s memorandum has been the U.S. government’s main basis for Pollard’s continued incarceration. Yet stunningly, even Weinberger, before his death in 2006, recanted. Weinberger stated in a 2002 interview that the Pollard case was “a very minor matter, but made very important. … It was made far bigger than its actual importance.”
Weinberger was one of the central figures accused in the Iran-Contra affair of trading arms to Iran for hostages. He was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice but was pardoned before trial by President George H. W. Bush, who was Reagan’s vice president during the scandal.
Since Pollard’s sentencing, a number of former Reagan Administration officials who worked with Weinberger have charged that he was biased against Israel and this affected his handling of the Pollard case.
Robert C. “Bud” McFarlane served as U.S. national security adviser and worked closely with Secretary Weinberger.
In a letter dated Feb. 9, 2012, McFarlane wrote, “The affidavit filed by former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger was surely inspired in large part by his deeply held animus toward the state of Israel. His extreme bias against Israel was manifested in recurrent episodes of strong criticism and unbalanced reasoning when decisions involving Israel were being made.”
McFarlane went on to say the “imprisonment of Mr. Pollard for more than 26 years is more than excessive,” and “a great injustice.”
Dr. Lawrence J. Korb served as assistant secretary of Defense under Weinberger and worked closely with him from 1981 to 1985 (a period that includes Mr. Pollard’s arrest). In a declaration filed Dec. 20, 2013, in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Korb stated that “the severity of Mr. Pollard’s sentence appears to be the result of Mr. Weinberger’s almost visceral dislike of the impact that Israel has on U.S. foreign policy.”
Korb went on to state, “I fully support Mr. Pollard’s application for release on parole.”
In a letter dated July 5, 2012, R. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, wrote of Pollard that he supports his release and that it is time to “free him.” Woolsey has repeatedly contended in his public statements on the case that “anti-Semitism” is a factor in the on-going incarceration of Pollard, and he has repeatedly urged the administration in the pages of the Walls Street Journal and other newspapers to “Forget that Pollard is a Jew … pretend he’s a Greek- or Korean- or Filipino-American and free him!”
The day after the new Weinberger declassifications were released last fall, eight senior U.S. officials, fully versed in the classified material of the case wrote a strongly worded letter to Obama decrying the parole commission’s denial of parole to Pollard.
The officials include Woolsey, MacFarlane, Korb, former White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum and other former heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In their Nov. 14, 2014, letter they slam the alleged “lie” that was used to deny Pollard parole.
The officials write, “The allegation that Pollard’s espionage ‘was the greatest compromise of U.S. security to that date’ is false; and not supported by any evidence in the public record or the classified file. Yet it was this fiction that the Parole Commission cited to deny parole.”
The officials continue by noting that the government relied on a “stale, largely discredited, 28-year-old classified memorandum written by former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger” in making its decision.
“Mr. Weinberger himself discounted his original damage assessment of the Pollard case in a 2002 interview … [and] the unreliability of the 1987 Weinberger document was known to and ignored by the Parole Commission,” the officials wrote.
Perhaps the most damning part of their letter to Obama, who when visiting Israel in March of 2013 and stated there he would ensure Pollard received a fair parole hearing, was the close of their appeal to the president: “Denying a man his freedom based on a claim of damage that is patently false while ignoring exculpatory documentary evidence and hiding behind a veil of secret evidence is neither fair nor just, and it simply is not the American way. …
“We therefore strongly urge you, Mr. President, to tolerate no further delay in rectifying an injustice that has gone on for far too long. We urge you to act expeditiously to commute Mr. Pollard’s life sentence to the [more than] 29 years which he has already served.”


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Press Conference Tomorrow 8/14 9:30AM - Hall of Flags, Augusta State House‏

Press Conference: The Constitutions Get a “Watchful Eye” in Maine
WHERE: The State Capitol, Hall of Flags
WHEN: Thursday, August 14, 2014; 9:30 – 11 AM

Wayne Leach, Phillip Merletti, and Jack McCarthy, members of the Constitution Coalition of
Maine, announce the formation of We The People of Maine, Inc., a permanent non-political,
non-profit organization, formed of, by and for the People of Maine, whose sole purpose will be
to scrutinize government behavior at every level, and hold elected officials accountable to the
Rule of Law, from the State and Federal Constitutions and statutes down to local Charters and

The Constitution Coalition has determined that the overwhelming majority of our elected and
appointed officers are unaware of the principles, prohibitions, restrictions and mandates of our
Constitutions; the Rule of Law is being replaced by the Rule of Whim and Man; our
Constitutions are hanging by a thread; and, the People are the only sure reliance for the
preservation of their liberty.

Citizens of Maine join the citizens of Connecticut and New York who have established We The
People of Connecticut, Inc. and We The People of New York, Inc. People everywhere are
realizing that, by the authority of our Constitutions, the People structure and regulate their
government, and that the task of defending the Constitutions is the People's alone.

The We the People of Maine corporation is established to assist the Free People of this State to
institute a culture and environment where all elected officials will be expected to exercise and
embrace a sufficient reverence and enduring respect for the People and their Charters of
Freedom, with the knowledge that a critical mass of People – well educated about their Rights
and the means to secure them – are watching what they are doing in their official capacities,
and are able to hold them peacefully, but directly accountable, without undue reliance on the
electoral process, and regardless of their political party.

Press kits will be available.
CONTACT: Wayne Leach,; (207) 872-8998

Visit Maine Patriots at:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

GOPTDD: RED ALERT !! We The People Will Not Forget These Bad Senators Who Voted Against The US Constitution ..

By Amy Elizabeth  
Harry Reid has been issued a Red Card by Game Changer PAC.
Even with a Congressional approval rating below 10%, over 90% of incumbents get reelected.  It takes 10 times the effort In order to remove an incumbent from office than it takes for them to hold on to their office and win reelection.
Albert Einstein once said:”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  
Harry Reid is a major part of the problem in Washington D.C. and since he contributed to the problems in our government via not following his oath of office, hyper-partisanship, rule and law violations, or gross hypocrisy; AND he refuses to change his thinking and/or actions; AND as Mr. Einstein said we can not fix the problems using the same thinking that caused them…  We are left with no choice but  to work to remove this bad player from the game in government.
Please Donate NOW to assist us in our efforts to EJECT Harry Reid from Congress so that the people of his district can finally get the representation the need and deserve.
Dianne Feinstein has been issued a Red Card by Game Changer PAC.

Even with a Congressional approval rating below 10%, over 90% of incumbents get reelected. It takes 10 times the effort In order to remove an incumbent from office than it takes for them to hold on to their office and win reelection.
Albert Einstein once said:”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Dianne Feinstein is part of the problem in Washington D.C. and since she has contributed to the problems in our government via not following her oath of office, hyper-partisanship, rule and/or law violations, or gross hypocrisy; AND She refuses to change her thinking and/or actions; AND as Mr. Einstein said we can not fix the problems using the same thinking that caused them… We are left with no choice but to work to remove this bad player from the game in government.
Please Donate NOW to assist us in our efforts to EJECT Dianne Feinstein from Congress so that the people of her district can finally get the representation the need and deserve.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Bundy Ranch Documentary 


URGENT!! ALERT!! A Call For Help At The Bundy Ranch

Message from Jack Kimball (NH)
The situation at the Bundy Ranch is getting worse. We have an additional team heading to the Bundy Rach that will arrive tomorrow. We also have a small team from our CT friends that will arrive at the Ranch around the same time. Many more are needed. Spread the word. Also, you must watch this video that just came out. It’s called the Bundy Ranch Documentary. It features our very own Jerry DeLemus and Alex Bieniect. Make it go viral!”
Bundy Ranch Documentary (11:17), View HERE.
“Important Summary Regarding Why the Bundy Ranch Event is happening
Some of you on the facebook page clearly do NOT have accurate information regarding Mr. Bundy and why this standoff has occurred so here is the best summary of the facts, to date. First of all, the Bundy’s owned their Ranch since 1870. They have lived their with their family for several generations. Back then and through the 1930′s the Bundy family, along with some 52 other cattle ranchers, used the expansive land surrounding them, for the grazing of their cattle herds. This they did for FREE as they were all tax payers and were entitled to the use of Public land. Then came the Bureau of land Management in the early 1940′s. That’s when the Fed’s took over control of the land. Once that happened, they established “grazing fees” to compensate for the use of the land. Bundy’s family actually paid those grazing fees for quite sometime until Mr. Bundy figured out their scheme. Then in 1993 he stopped paying the gazing fees and offerred to pay them to his own County. They refused to accept the fees. The reason he did this is that the BLM began increasing the grazing fees along with coming up with EPA issues like protecting the dessert tortoise. Thus they began restricting the grazing land and forcing the Cattlemen out. They used the Cattlemens own grazing fees to buy them out for a pittance of what the Ranches were worth. They were very successful at this in that they eliminated 52 or the 53 Cattle Ranchers that were originally there. Mr. Bundy is the last man standing. The reason 1993 is significant is that Agenda 21 was signed onto by George H W Bush in Rio in 1992 and soon later, bill Clinton began an agressive campaign to adhere to this UN plan to eliminate human beings from the majority of the open land in the West. Barak Obama has now put Agenda 21 in warp speed. The we find out that Harry Reid and his son have a sweetheart deal with a Chinese Company to come in and build a solar panel faciltiy on that very land. That’s why the strong armed effort was made to eliminate Mr. Bundy and his family. So, don’t believe the MSM BS. This is, and has been, an insideous effort to steal a man property and force him off his land. If you haven’t figured this out by now then you really have to begin paying attention. The fight for our Nations Liberty has began at the Bundy Ranch. Brave NH Patriots are there to defend Mr. Bundy and his family. They know what may happen to them and they are willing to pay that price. How about all of you?”

"Those who do not listen to mainstream media are uninformed, those who do are misinformed."

Stand Up!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

TUMAB:Bundy Ranch...Follow The Money‏

Published on Apr 16, 2014
Gary Franchi reporting for the Next News Network:
“Since the Bundy Ranch story broke last week and culminated in a tense standoff with Federal agents on Saturday resulting in the release of the Bundy Ranch cattle we have been following the money. On the 10th we reported the Militia arrived in the area and cited a former BLM volunteer and Nevada Land Broker who revealed to us the true value of the land and the parties interested in it. In our on-going investigation into the money behind the Bundy Ranch Land Grab we present former BLM Volunteer Rusty Hill’s Records Research detailing his first hand experience in the Bunkerville area, its value to the Military Industrial complex – and most notably the corporations that bear Harry Reid’s own name in Bunkerville,- bordering USA lands and the Bundy Ranch.
So why do they want this land? Water, access to land, privacy and mineral rights – notably Magnesium Dolomite with one of its military applications as solid rocket fuel found in Tomahawk cruise missiles – friends it is much more than Chinese solar power.
In this investigation we provide the historical context to the lands around the Bundy Ranch, the mineral value of the land and it’s application in weapons manufacturing.
But here is where it get’s interesting. Using the public records from Clark County we disclose irregularities and anomalies in the public record of the sale prices of land surrounding the Bundy Ranch owned by the BLM, Cedar Development Corp, Zion Bank Corp, Bunkerville Compound LLC, AND Reid Bunkerville LLC who you will discover “paid nothing for the land”
This research reveals the highly suspicious activity surrounding the Bureau of land management, Cedar Development Corp, Zion Bank Corp and Reid Bunkerville LLC.
Due to the use of government force to remove Bundy “trespass cattle” and the lands that Reid Bunkerville LLC received at ZERO cost we can draw a line to their desire to run him off his land for their own gain – an American whose family settled that land over 100 years ago.
It’s time for a congressional investigation.”
Bundy Ranch: The Land and its Masters Revealed, vie

Bundy Ranch: The Land and its Masters Revealed (sync fixed)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Roy Pottter: The Real Story, Bundy Ranch Breakdown: ALERT Sheriff Gillespie Seeks Slaughter

"I am putting this up WAY out of chronological order because of its importance. LVPD Sheriff Gillespie said that the BLM would pull out and release the cattle back to Mr. Bundy within an hour of his (Gillespie's) speech to the crowd. It did not happen as he promised. Worse, an MRAD and a LVPD SWAT team were only one exit away. Why? After the discovery of the MRAP and the SWAT Team, Gillespie claimed they were to keep the peace. But, if the cattle were released according to the promise of Gillespie, no need to "keep the peace" would have existed. Therefore, Brand and I conclude that a more sinister and deadly trap was being set to end the lives of many people, especially BLM officers, and to use the massacre as an excuse to implement far more stringent and tyrannical controls over the American People. Gillespie sits on the board of the despicable Southern Poverty Law Center and the DHS. This was a highly sophisticated manipulation to kill as many as possible and blame it on the liberty/conservative movement."

Bad Moon Rising in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch

"The assault upon the American experiment may have already gone too far to be resolved by peaceful means. Our nation's Founders pointed muskets and placed improvised explosive ordnance in defense of their God-given Liberty. Harsh actions to even consider: They killed people--sometimes coating supporters of the enemy in tar and feathers and setting them afire.

Were they murderers? No they were not. It is right and just for a free people to wage just war against any and all who would strip them of their God-given Liberty, and to destroy that enemy whether in uniform or in civilian attire.

Our nation's Founders understood this. Horrible to consider that the time may soon come where American Patriots may once again arrive at a point in history where they will have no choice but to fight for to defend their God-given Liberty.

Patrick Henry is famous for his words, 'Give me Liberty or give me death!'

I will not go into what exactly we did or planned tactically at the Bundy Ranch or plans we may or may not have if the Federal government returns to the ranch, but I will tell you that we will stand with the Bundy family and defend them under Constitutional Authority.

Are there any Americans today who would put their lives, and treasure on the line for their Liberty? Honestly, I think not enough at this time, and we had better work fast to educate people because IMO time is running very short. Our enemy is here and he's/she's occupying every party of our government like it or not.

Very shortly after arriving at the Bundy Ranch it was brought to my attention that Harry Reids son had interest in the area and I mentioned it in some of my previous posts, and you are all now hearing various reports that point to him and his daddy as possible reasons of why what is happening is happening there presently, but IMO there is much more going on than just the land grab, and I will go into that in a moment.

First I want you to understand exactly what we are talking about, We are talking about desert land--land that the average person when driving through with their air conditioning blowing full blast would not stop at unless forced to. Over 120 years ago however Mr. Bundy's family not only decided to stop in this area but when they pulled into the area via wagon train decided to work the land and become beef producers which is what the newer generation of Bundy's still do today, NOTE: for those of you who may be unaware this land is not owned by the federal government but rather the State of Nevada, and Mr. Bundy HAS offered to pay grazing fees to but they declined payment.

I have said all along that Obama is most likely going make some kind of move and create problems before the midterms because he's aware that if Conservatives take both houses he will stand a very good chance of being not only impeached, but he could (and should) face criminal charges including but not limited to treason..etc.
If I am correct in my assessment the next step in their plans will be to try to spread us Patriots thin using MANY fronts and we need to keep this in mind as we move forward. What I mean by this is watch out for several issues to start around the same time in different areas of the country in an effort to not allow all of us to converge on one certain area.

If we stay focused on DC however then their plans will fail if this indeed becomes the case, and we need to act against an all out tyrannical government.
It is not illegal for Americans to prepare for war in the event that a tyrannical government attacks us or tries to take over our country, and that is exactly what we plan to do." (PaineAviation)

NaturalNews: BLM Caught Selling Off American Land To Foreign Interests,‏ Plus More

People should be outraged at this "Jackboot Operation" by their so called United States Government.

Perhaps this is the way that the POLITICIANS have planned to pay off the Huge Foreign Debt by such egregious acts against the American Working Class.  Everyone, Stand Up! 

Call or Write all of your 'Political Pundits' and demand that they uphold their sworn Oath of Allegiance to The Constitution of the United States of America.

How to contact your United States Senator, click here.

To find  your United States House of Representative, click here.

And use this site to contact your own State's Elected Officials, click here.

Won't You Stand Up and Take Action? If not for you, how about for you children and grandchildren and Their Future?

Dear Lisbon Reporter and NaturalNews readers,
The  story of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada has exploded far beyond one family's disagreement with the BLM.
Now the truth is coming out about how the BLM has been seizing land in order to auction off huge chunks of America to foreign interests.
I've learned that a very important press conference is being held at the Bundy Ranch today (Monday) concerning the massive federal land theft from numerous western states.
Here's my story on why this is the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution:
Learn more about what's really going on from journalist Greg Hunter:
... and listen to this secret audio recording to hear history in the making as BLM Special Agent in Charge Dan Love and GMN journalist Pete Santilli threaten each other with arrest:

On a lighter note, did you know that common mustard is an anti-cancer superfood?

If you compute, you pollute! Learn more about the dark legacy of e-waste:

more news continues below...
Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: Why did polio, smallpox and whooping cough decline over the last century if vaccines weren’t the reason? RSB and Dr. Buttar reveal the toxicological truth! Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

NaturalNews: History Was Made Today: Feds Surrender To American Citizens at Bundy Ranch Showdown‏ Plus More

Dear Lisbon Reporter and NaturalNews readers,
We have extraordinary news for you today:
The feds (BLM) have surrendered to We the People over the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada. Just hours ago, the feds announced a full retreat as a band of citizens stood against them in protest of federally-engineered cattle theft and an armed siege of an innocent rancher:

Hours earlier, the U.S. government ordered the FAA to erect a "No Fly Zone" over the Bundy Ranch, almost as if they were staging a war in Iraq! See the astonishing photo of the bovine concentration campsthe BLM had erected:

The situation had been rapidly escalating into America's "Tiananmen Square" incident, where bloodshed seemed imminent:

The lamestream media, meanwhile, pretended nothing was happening! On orders from Washington, every major media outlet willfully ignored this historic event and all but refused to cover it:

Finally today, the new replacement for resigning Kathleen Sebelius at HHS is none other than a pro-GMO, Bill & Melinda Gates operative wih ties to GMOs, Common Core and vaccine campaigns:

more news continues below...

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Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 1-3PM EDT: Why did the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) back down in its efforts to confiscate Bundy's cattle and block access to grazing in Nevada? We may have just witnessed the very reason why the Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment. Welcome to the new media. Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

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Alternative media upstages lamestream media in world-class coverage of historic Bundy Ranch showdown
(NaturalNews) One of the most extraordinary stories in the history of American journalism took place this last week, and the mainstream (liberal) media was AWOL the entire time. An historical showdown between heavily armed federal agents (BLM) and armed...

The People vs. BLM: Liberty defeats govt. tyranny as feds release all cattle at Bundy Ranch
(NaturalNews) Breaking news: The BLM, now in a full retreat against the Citizens of the United States of America, has announced a stand down and has begun releasing the Bundy family's cattle from ...

Smear campaign unleashed against Obamacare cancer victims who speak out
(NaturalNews) As the November elections draw nearer and Obamacare continues to ravage American families -- even as President Obama scrambles to try to delay the most controversial portions of the law -- more and more people are speaking out against it...

Legislators argue against new Obama Administration poultry regulations that would put Americans' health at risk
(NaturalNews) A coalition of legislators is urging the Obama Administration to abandon plans it made for overhauling the regulatory process guiding commercial poultry production, essentially making it easier for large-scale producers to skirt the law...

Exercising outdoors may help boost its positive health effects in children
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Center for Food Safety sues to force USDA to explain why it approved genetically modified alfalfa
(NaturalNews) A food safety organization has filed suit in federal court in a bid to force the U.S. Department of Agriculture to hand over documents in court that could explain why the federal agency approved GM alfalfa despite several concerns...

Improve the health of your liver naturally
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U.S. govt. bans air traffic over Bundy Ranch in desperate blackout effort to hide secret BLM 'bovine concentration camps'
(NaturalNews) Desperate to halt all journalism efforts near the Bundy Ranch and "control the narrative" of lies and disinfo, the U.S. government has now banned air traffic over the ranch, preventing journalists from taking any more video of the BLM's...

Armed govt. siege of Bundy ranch rapidly escalating into America's Tiananmen Square showdown
(NaturalNews) In 1989, members of China's Democracy Movement staged a massive protest in Tiananmen Square. In response, the communist Chinese government commanded near-total control over the nation's media while dispatching heavily armed soldiers and...

Sylvia Burwell, replacement for resigning Kathleen Sebelius, ran Common Core, Bill Gates vaccines and GMOs in Africa
(NaturalNews) Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Secretary who oversaw the disastrously botched Obamacare website and rollout, has finally resigned. In line with the sheer delusion being invoked to try to call Obamacare a "success," even this resignation is being...

Pharmacists caught paying AIDS patients to skip their meds
(NaturalNews) A pharmacy in New York's Bronx borough was shut down by state anti-fraud officers recently after it was discovered that the pharmacists working there had paid off poor AIDS patients to not take their medicines. The trio, which also...