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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recap Town Council Meeting - June 3rd, 2014


At last night’s Town Council meeting, it was a very quick meeting.  There were not a lot of agenda items but a lot of appointments.

Consent Agenda – The Council voted 7-0 to approve the Itinerant Vendor permits for both Adria Groh and Rock Dawg’s LLC.

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances the Council voted 7-0 to write off seven (7) mobile home permits totaling $2,794.39.  These mobile homes are no longer within the boundaries of Lisbon.  The Council also voted 7-0 to write off $9,368.80 of Personal Property because the town has exhausted all effort to collect this debt.

Under Other Business – The Finance Director provided a briefing on the Revenue and Expenses for the month of May.  Also, Mr. David Bowie was appointed Chairman of the Ethics Committee by Chairwoman Ward.

Under New Business – There was a discussion about the Public Works Garage and Mr. Olmstead provided a new brochure that is being used to explain the options.  I have included this brochure.

Also, Mr. Randy Smith, a resident of the town was awarded “Chef of the Year” by the American Culinary Federation.  This is not the first time Mr. Smith has received this award.  Most of you may not know who Randy Smith is but you might know him better as “Pinky D’s” food truck.  Congratulation, Randy!!!

Under Appointment – The following individuals were appointed:

Jessica Meakin – Library Governing Board
David Bowie – Ethic Panel
Thomas Whitney – Ethic Panel
Janet Tuttle – Appeals Board
Planning Board – Dan Nezol
Planning Board – Richard Long
Assessment Review Board – Richard Long
Civil Constable – Harry Darling and Harry Gorman

Also Richard Long resigned from the Appeal Board.

Larry Fillmore

Friday, May 30, 2014


7:00 P.M.

___Councilor Bickford
___ Councilor Brunelle
___ Councilor Garrison
___ Councilor Lunt
___Councilor Metivier
___ Councilor Pesce
___ Councilor Ward
Town Clerk reading of meeting rules
A. Adria Groh's applications for a new 6-month Itinerant Vendor Permit
B. Rock Dawg's LLC applications for a new Itinerant Vendor Permit, Victualer's License, and Use of Town Owned Property
 2014-90 ORDER − A. Minutes of May 20, 2014
B. Minutes of May 27, 2014
C. Itinerant Vendor Permit - Adria Groh
D. Itinerant Vendor Permit, Victualer's License, & Use of Town Owned Property Permit
E. Renewal Victualer's License for Billy Harris d/b/a Bill's Place
2014-91 ORDER − Review of Mobile Home & Personal Property Delinquencies
A. Finance Director's Report
B. Council Chairman's announcement of annual appointment of the Ethics Panel Chairman

2014-92 ORDER − Library Governing Board 3-year term expiring June 30, 2017
2014-93 ORDER − Ethics Panel 3-year term renewal expiring June 30, 2017
2014-94 ORDER − Ethics Panel 3-year term renewal expiring June 30, 2017
2014-95 ORDER − Appeals Board 3-year term renewal expiring June 30, 2017
2014-96 ORDER − Planning Board 3-year term renewal expiring June 30, 2017
2014-97 ORDER − Planning Board 2-year term expiring June 30, 2015
2014-98 ORDER − Assessment Review Board 3-year term renewal expiring June 30, 2017
2014-99 ORDER − Appeals Board Resignation - Richard Long
2014-100 ORDER − Civil Constable - Paul Potvin, Harry Darling, and Harry Gorman
2014-101 ORDER − 1 MRSA § 405 (6) (A) Board & Committee Interviews (If needed)
2014-102 ORDER − To Adjourn

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Will We Ever Learn, Is History About to Repeat Itself? Big Naval Screw UP in Norfolk, Va.

A photo of five U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers docked in Norfolk, Va., the world’s largest naval station, has gone viral on the Internet amid speculation the ships could be sitting ducks for a Pearl Harbor-type attack or were docked due to sequestration.
According to a U.S. Navy spokesman who spoke on background to WND/G2Bulletin, the first supposition is false while the second is partially true.

One website called it a “Big Mistake in Norfolk! Remember Pearl Harbor 1941″ and “an outrage of epic proportions.”
A caption at another website under a photo of the carriers said the Obama administration had ordered them into harbor for “routine” inspections and that heads of the Navy were flabbergasted by the presumed violation of protocol.
Further comments said that the lineup was the first since Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor  was attacked by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941.
“Well, it’s not Pearl Harbor,” the Navy spokesman said. “We are living in a different world now and having them lined up is not unprecedented. Who is going to attack us?” he asked.
“We have multiple carriers in (port) at any one time,” he added.
The photo was taken before Christmas 2012, not early February 2013, the Navy spokesman pointed out, and the ships were in port for the Christmas holiday.
“We try to get ships back to port on holiday,” he said.
The carriers docked together in Norfolk were the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS George H.W. Bush, USS Enterprise, USS Harry S. Truman and the USS Abraham Lincoln.
According to the Navy spokesman, the USS Enterprise has been retired and is in the process of being dismantled.
The Enterprise is 50 years old. Once dismantled, the nuclear fuel will be removed and it will be towed to Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest for scrap.
The Eisenhower was deployed in mid-February and is on its way to the Persian Gulf where it will relieve the USS John C. Stennis. It had been at Norfolk for two months to get its flight deck resurfaced.
The Navy spokesman said that at all times there has been a carrier task force on duty in the Persian Gulf, contrary to speculation that even the Stennis carrier group had been recalled due to sequestration.

If you can stand it, read more here:


Monday, December 12, 2011

Recap of December 6th Town Council Meeting


The last Town Council meeting was the inauguration of the newest members voted into office in our last election.  This event was done very well and all new members, minus Norma Wells, took their oath of office.  Lisa Ward was sworn in and took her place on the Town Council.

In a dramatic turn of events, Councilor LaRochelle was voted in as this year’s Chairman of the Town Council.  Apparently, puppet master Bowie did not have confidence enough in Pomelow for her to become Chairperson.  I totally agree with him since her screw-up with the Council Working Rules and her short temper with residents.  However, Bowie did allow her to remain as Vice Chair.  Congratulations Fern. 

The town received their annual audit presentation and passed with flying colors.  Keep in mind this was not a forensic audit.  Also the audit team does not review the Economic Community Development Department to ensure individuals receiving loans met the criteria for the type of loan received.

The Ethics Panel Chairman David Bowie gave the panel’s summary of findings and recommendation to the Town Council on whether or not there is a conflict of interest with Bowie.  You all know the results and my feelings.  No more needs to be said.

The Town Manager, who never provided on the town web site, the topics he was going to discuss.  It will be impossible to comply with the Councilor Working Rules if the citizens have no idea what is going to be discussed.  Is the new Chair going to force the Town Manager to post his agenda on the town web site or allow the people to address their comments during “Other Business”?  We shall see how Chairman LaRochelle will handle this problem.

Finally, there was two Agenda’s post on the town web site.  One was posted on Friday and the other one was posted on Monday.  It was amazing because Monday’s agenda did not have “Corrected Copy” on it so if you were not paying close attention one would never realize the changes.  A simple act such as putting “Corrected Copy” at the top of the agenda would have eliminated any confusion.  Instead of paralegal training, why not send our people for simple administrative procedures training.  When can the people expect simple administrative procedures to be followed in this town?

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Assumptions or Facts?

Dear Lisbon Residents,

Since when do we make decisions on Assumptions of Ethical Issues?    

As a lifelong Lisbon Falls resident I am repulsed of the recent Ethics panel's decision.

This sounds like something Mrs. Pomelow would do considering the fact that her dearly beloved husband continues to park his tractor trailer on Scotsdale Avenue in Direct Violation of Winter Parking Rules.

Is this another attempt to keep  Brooks' Budget in place?   No conflict of interest, no violation of winter parking rules by councilors.  The police don't do their jobs because they want to keep their budget in place.

Sooner or later the dike must break.


Mrs. Tugball

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lisbon's Ethics Panel Problem in 300 words or less,,

Lisbon's Ethics Panel Problem in 300 words or less

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the in depth articles about Councilor Bowie’s conflict of interest and the Ethics Panel’s findings. The following few words are an attempt to boil it all down into a easily digestible summary of some of the relevant facts.

   1.    Councilor Bowie’s wife being an employee of Police  Department creates many perceived and/or actual conflicts of interest  one of which is documented by a previous Ethics Panel finding.    (Fact)

   2.    The Lisbon Ethics Panel is not addressing the true conflicts created by the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Bowie and the Police Department. 

   3.    The  Ethics Panel is guiding the investigation to keep it away from the true conflicts. They are requiring the public to word the complaints in some unspecified form only known by the panel.  I believe (opinion) the panel knows what the problem is but doesn’t want to hear the complaint because they will have to render an uncomfortable decision that will anger the powers that be in Lisbon Government. 

   4.    The Town Council and Ethics Panel are attempting to insulate the Council from ethics scrutiny. I doubt  this was ever the intent of the framers of our Ethics Panel.

   5.    The Ethics Panel refuses to investigate this obvious conflict on their own. There is nothing written in the charter that prohibits them from initiating the investigation.

The  recent finding of the Ethics Panel is really just A Red Herring used to divert attention away for the most egregious conflicts.

The only way to fix  this  “Good Old Boys Network” is to  install new ethically minded people to the council next November.

Joe Hill

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lisbons Ethics Panel’s Duty

Does Lisbon Maine’s Ethics Panel have a hidden policy of ignoring blatant ethics violations when they involve the Lisbon Town Council?

Is there some written regulation that bars the panel from rooting out problems?

I have searched the Town Charter for sections that apply to the panel and can find no such regulation.

What possible reason then would the panel have for ignoring the obvious violation involving Councilor Bowie and his wife? Is there some unstated agreement between the Ethics Panel and the Lisbon Council?

What is the purpose of any Ethics Panel if not to bring possible ethics violations to light. Do we have an Ethics Panel for appearance sake only.

These are all valid  questions that we must ask ourselves and attempt to answer.

It may be time for us to seek outside intervention to help with this problem. Einstein said you cant solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem.

We need an Ethics Panel with teeth to oversee our governmental  actions. We don't need one that  protects the 1%  in charge from scrutiny and stands as a roadblock to correcting unethical behavior.

Joe Hill

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lisbon Maine's Ethics Panel

Intended Purpose of the Ethics Panel

The purpose and intent of Chapter 12 of our charter is to protect the integrity of Lisbon  Government against actual or reasonably perceived conflicts of interest without creating unnecessary barriers to public service. 

I'm sure the founders of our charter never intended sec. 12-4 (d) (Referral) to be used as a roadblock to eliminating unethical behavior. Nowhere in Chapter 12 does it say the Ethics Panel can only hear referrals. By its very nature it should be searching government for potential problems and advising the council on its findings.

Recently when our Ethics Panel used the charter to hide from its duties it became obvious that we have a much more serious problem than a simple conflict.We have a systemic problem. Our very system is being used to hinder the elimination of conflicts.

Hopefully this is due to ignorance of the actual intended purpose of the Ethics Panel. Possibly the members of the Panel are unaware that they have an obligation to the town to expose conflicts when ever and where ever they find them.

There comes a time in everyone's life, usually in their fourth or fifth decade, when they have to decide if they will stand up and make the morally right decision regardless of the social consequences or hang their head and slink off into obscurity. I believe that time has come for Lisbon's Ethics Panel. 

I hope the panel makes the right decision.

Joe Hill

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tyranny Lisbon Style: A Fine Performance

Editor's note:  Before reading the following article we thought it best to explain that Police Chief David T. Brooks is the TYRANT in Lisbon that we are explicitly referring to.  In all reality he is nothing.  Stand up to him. He has used his power of authority to rule Lisbon for HIS own benefit.  Using his "so called" power as Police Chief in a little community that really doesn't even need a police department as big as it is.  All in the name of making his own legacy.  Well whoop dee doo.  The town's financial situation is critical.  The state mandated monetary reserve is lower then suggested because of poor Town Management, mostly to keep the over funded Police Department going.  


[tir-uh-nee]  Show IPA
noun, plural -nies.
arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler.
oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.
undue severity or harshness.

  A Fine Performance

On Monday night Lisbon’s Ethics Panel gave a fine performance dancing around the most pertinent issues surrounding Councilor Bowie’s Conflict of Interest. 

    The following critically important facts were never addressed:

  •      A large portion of the Bowie family income is derived from the Police Department payroll. To say that it is possible to be unbiased under these circumstances is expecting too much from human nature.
  •     If  the Police budget and/or personnel ever need to be slashed can we really expect Mr. Bowie to have an open mind on the cuts.  Could YOU indirectly fire your own wife or spouse.
  •     As long as the Councilor’s wife is a Police employee there is potential leverage to obtain a favorable vote from at least one Councilor.

This  relationship is in clear violation of our Town’s Charter  Chapter 12 “Ethics and Conflicts” section  12-5. - Additional standards.

(A)----Standard of conduct. A public official, other than the town manager or the superintendent of schools, who is a municipal or school department employee shall not hold a supervisory position, or be senior in the chain-of-command, to an individual with whom he or she has a personal relationship or a financial involvement (other than the municipal or school system employment relationship), unless:

Councilor Bowie is obviously a senior in  Mrs. Bowie’s  “chain of command” and is covered by the above charter excerpt. And due to the lack of a higher municipal governing body they are also unable to fulfill any exempting requirement that would rectify this conflict.

I feel that instead of confronting this conflict the Ethics Panel decided to skirt the real issue and use the ethics guidelines to hide from an uncomfortable ethics decision. By doing this “end run” they have placed their own integrity in question.

We all know what needs to be done here. Lets put integrity back in Lisbon Town Government.

Joe Hill

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ethics Panel Hearing, Just The Facts


I left the hearing last night in shock.  When I arrived home I went over my letter to the panel, all the documentation to see how I failed the people of Lisbon.  I also went over the meeting in my head and came to the conclusion; I did not fail the people.

During the summation of the evidence gathered, Chief Brooks stated Mrs. Bowie never received any additional compensation for filling in as a dispatcher, or words to that effect.  However, I have an email stating Mrs. Bowie received overtime pay for filling in as a dispatcher.  This can be easily verified.  Since overtime pay is an additional compensation, if true, means Chief Brooks’ statement would be false. 

Also, Mr. Cunningham asked Councilor Bowie how he could be sure members of his audience were aware of Mrs. Bowie involvement in the Lisbon Communication Center, or words to that effect.  Councilor Bowie responded by saying because she worked for the County in the Communication Center, or words to that effect.  Mrs. Bowie’s job description is Administrative Assistant and not Communications Specialist.  These two positions require completely different skill sets which are far reaching making it impossible to connect the dots.  Asking anyone to know what each member of the audience does or does not know about any situation requires speculation and not facts.  It is the intent of the charter to eliminate any speculation.  Requiring Public Officials to divulge a possible/perception of a conflict of interest and/or financial interest prior to speaking on any subject matters ensures each member of the audience has the same level of knowledge and enables them to render a fair evaluation of the Public Official’s input. 

The Ethics Panel’s advisory recommendation is based solely on speculation and not on documented facts.   There were no additional facts presented during the summation of evidence.  I was compelled to provide documented proof and Chief Brooks and Councilor Bowie were allowed to speculate.  This was not a level playing field.

I thought the Ethics Panel would render a fair decision.  I am extremely disappointed in the Ethics Panel.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

The Facts For The Ethics Panel Hearing Regarding Councilor Michael Bowie

Laid out for ALL to see and draw their own conclusions from

Lisbon Ethics Panel
300 Lisbon Street
Lisbon, ME  04250

Dear Ethics Panel

I wish to bring to your attention Councilor Michael Bowie’s participation in the Androscoggin County Consolidation Communication Center project.  I believe Councilor Bowie’s action is a conflict of interest and malfeasance of office.

BACKGROUND:  In January 7, 2009, the Ethics Panel prepared and submitted to the Town Council an advisory recommendation. (See Enclosure 1)  In the Ethics Panel comments it states “The fact that a Councilor’s spouse is an employee of the town does present a conflict of interest regarding the spouse’s salary.  Councilor Bowie has abstained in the past, when the salary line was voted on.  The Panel’s recommendation supports this action as appropriate.”

On December 7, 2010, Council Bowie was the deciding vote on whether or not to hold a Public Hearing on Council Bowie’s recall.  I understand the error was discovered too late because the Public Hearing had been held but there is no way Councilor Bowie should have been allowed to vote on this motion.  (See Enclosure 2)

PRESENT:  On September 27, 2011, Councilor Bowie spoke to the entire Town Council on the issue of the Androscoggin County Consolidation Communication Center. (See Enclosure 3) 

On October 26, 2011, Councilor Bowie spoke at Chief Brooks’ presentation on the Androscoggin County Consolidation Communication Center before the Androscoggin County Commissioners.

On November 1, 2011, Councilor Bowie spoke to the Town Council pertaining to the Androscoggin County Consolidated Communication Center.  I called for a “Point of Order” and explained to the council Councilor Bowie’s wife involvement in the Lisbon Communication Center.   I provided a copy of Mrs. Bowie’s job description outlining her duties with the Communication Center to the Town Council.  (See Enclosure 4)  The Town Council totally ignored my point of order and allowed Councilor Bowie to speak on the Consolidation of Communication Center.  The video should be posted to the town web site.  I have no idea when the minutes of the meeting will be approved.

DISCUSSION:  These recent incidents of Councilor Bowie’s participation in the discussion of Androscoggin County Consolidation Communication Centers are a clear violation of Chapter 12 Section 12-2 Definitions.  The definition of Conflict of Interest:  “The term “Conflict of Interest” means a situation where a public official cannot participate in a matter because of a personal relationship, financial involvement, or other situation that would cause a reasonable person to believe that the public official cannot act in his or her official capacity without self-interest or bias.”  Councilor Bowie’s wife job description at Enclosure 4 outlines her involvement in the Dispatch and Communication Center of Lisbon.  Mrs. Bowie’s salary is directly determined by duties she performs in the Lisbon Police Department and since a large portion of her job description involves the Communication Center; a consolidation would increase her salary by taken on more responsibility or would decrease if the Lisbon Communication Center is consolidated with either the Androscoggin Sheriff’s Office or Lewiston/Auburn 911Center.  Councilor Bowie’s financial interest in this project constitutes a conflict of interest.

The definition of Participation in a matter states “The term “participation in a matter” means action by a public official to vote, decide, deliberate, influence or direct others regarding matters currently before, or anticipated as coming before, a municipal board, committee or commission or which involve the operation of municipal government or the school system.  As stated above, Council Bowie’s participation in any discussion pertaining to the Androscoggin County consolidation of Communication Centers is a direct violation of this section because Councilor Bowie’s wife’s involvement in the Lisbon dispatch and communication center.  Her duties determine her salary and therefore constitute a conflict of interest.

In accordance with Section 9-03 Conflict of Interest Councilor Bowie is guilty of malfeasance of office because prior to speaking out on September 27, 2011, October 26, 2011 and November 1, 2011, Councilor Bowie did not reveal his financial interest.  Paragraph 9.03 states “Any such person who willfully conceals said financial interest or that of his or her spouse, or willfully violates the requirements of this section shall be guilty of malfeasance in office or position and shall forfeit the same.”  Since Councilor Bowie made no attempt to explain his wife’s involvement in the Dispatch and Communication Center prior to speaking constitutes malfeasance of office.  I am sure everyone in the audience was aware Mrs. Bowie works for the Lisbon Police Department but I am sure no one understood Mrs. Bowie’s involvement in the Dispatch and Communication Center.  By not divulging this information to the audience first, Councilor Bowie committed malfeasance of office.   Once the Androscoggin County Commissioners make a final decision, Lisbon will have to enter into contractual agreements.

SUMMARY:  This is not the first time the Ethics Panel has had to make an advisory recommendation on conflict of interest pertaining to Councilor Bowie.  It would appear Councilor Bowie does not understand what constitutes a conflict of interest and malfeasance of office.  Respectfully, request the Ethics Panel render yet another Advisory Recommendation to the Lisbon Town Council pertaining to Council Bowie’s latest conflict of interest and malfeasance of office.

Respectfully, request a copy of the Ethics Panel’s Advisory Recommendation.

                        Thank you,

                        Larry A. Fillmore

Town of Lisbon Job Description-- Administrative Assistant (Denise Bowie) to the Chief of Police (David T. Brooks)

Shockingly the Ethics Panel found NO CONFLICT of INTEREST with Councilor Michael Bowie. All we can do now is present the FACTS to you for your own conclusions. Three panel members were present at last night's gathering, Chair David Bowie, Ross Cunningham, Michelle Swatsworth Turmelle. BUT the kicker is the chair interviewed and took statements alone previous to the meeting from Councilor Michael Bowie & Police Chief David T. Brooks. Not one other panel member was present for this questioning. Now does that seem a bit odd or what? 

Be sure to click on each of the following four pages of information to get the full facts.  Thanks for reading. 

Members of Ethic's Panel Lisbon Me. From Lisbon Web Site

Members of Ethic's Panel Lisbon Me.
David Bowie
Phone: 353-4735
Location:  Lisbon,  ME  04250
Tom Whitney
Phone: 353-5321
Location:  Lisbon Falls,  ME  04252
Ross Cunningham
Phone: 353-7685
Cellphone: 751-2417

Lisbon Falls,  ME  04252
Michelle Swatsworth-Turmelle
Phone: 353-8902
Location:  Lisbon Falls,  ME  04252
Mary Callahan
Phone: 353-4223
Cellphone: 409-8331
Location:  Lisbon,  ME  04250

Monday, November 14, 2011

So Bowie Could Be Eliminated and Brooks Could Be Terminated?

 Here's a great write up pertaining to Conflicts of Interest.  Keep In Mind Folks, that Mike Bowie is in a Conflict of Interest Investigation by Lisbon Ethics Panel currently.   Also this will bring the conflict of interest that the Androscoggin County Commissioners will have to deal with as Mrs. Bowie is Chief Brooks personal assistant and Head Dispatcher Communicator.  WOW!!!  No conflict of interest there huh!?!   No wonder Brooks could never catch the right criminals or find the missing $32,500 of the taxpayers money!!!

Lisbon council mulls adding code of ethics

By Darcie Moore, Times Record Staff
Monday, November 14, 2011 2:08 PM EST
LISBON — The Lisbon Town Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday to consider, among other ordinance changes, an amendment that establishes a code of ethics, as well as penalties for violation of the code of ethics.

According to the council’s agenda, councilors are scheduled to conduct a second reading of the proposed amendment to Chapter 12 of town ordinances: Ethics and Conflicts of Interest. As proposed, the amendment adds language to Section 12-1 that states, “The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to establish standards of ethical conduct for all councilors, Planning Board or committee members, members of appointed board or committees, and town employees by setting forth those acts or actions which are deemed to be in conflict, or which create the appearance of conflict, with the ethical standards of the town of Lisbon.”

The proposed new language also points to provisions in state statute that the municipal amendment would “incorporate into this Code of Ethics by reference to the extent applicable.”

New language proposed for section 12-7 titled “Effect of advisory opinion,” includes penalties for violation of the new code of ethics. For elected officials found to have violated the code by members of their respective council, board or committee, action could range from a letter of reprimand by the chairman to a “censure by a majority of the elected council, board or committee, to a request for resignation from the elected position by a majority of the elected board or committee.”

The same penalties would apply to appointed officials but, in addition, if the board or committee is appointed by the municipal officers, the municipal officers could remove an appointee for cause after notice and a public hearing.

Please continue reading here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Over $7000 dollars to prevent FOAA requests, does that even make any sense?

Over $7000 dollars to prevent FOAA requests,  does that even make any sense?

By: Peter Reuter
The Lisbon Reporter

Lisbon residents, you have to be smarter then to believe what your Town Manager Stephen G. Eldridge is trying to convince you of.  Does this even pass the “Strait Face Test”? 

If this TRULY is the case then the Town Attorney, Roger Therriault, has to be the most ruthless lawyer in the land.  Not only has he been the representative for Lisbon’s legal battles for too long, but he also has been a key player in the dynamics of the improprieties of  Town  Official’s conduct.
Case in point, he was in the Executive Chambers during the Town Council meeting of  February 17, 2009 when Police Chief David T. Brooks expounded about Janice Comber, Todd Comber, Roger Cote, The Lisbon Concerned Citizens, and The Lisbon Reporter.  Not only was ALL of it a LIE and a SHOW but it was entirely based on hearsay evidence presented to him by Debra Danuski.  It had no merit  and we can prove that her credibility is CRAP.  We have a very nicely composed letter from one of her children explaining in detail just what she did when she was in the NAVY. Basically, she abandoned her own  children and lied to the NAVY about her living arrangements.  But she in turn becomes such a kiss-ass and back stabber that she ran to Brooks with information that was overheard at a Lisbon School Board private retreat for their officials.

So as you can see this is getting more and more involved as the time passes.  Let’s back up to the current problem at hand.  The Town Manager.  Remember who was on the  Town Council that unanimously brought this “heathen” into the community?  Norma Wells, Charlie Smith, Dale Crafts, Mike Bowie, Fern LaRochelle, Janet Henry, and  Gina Mason.   Thirteen applicants applied for the job.  Remember  Police Chief David T. Brooks was the interim Town Manager at the time.  As John Jenkins, a great candidate, stated to many that he was not even interviewed for the position.  No, because  Stephen G. Eldridge had been basically fired on a technicality from Rumford and was working for Lewiston at the time all the while sucking up to the Maine Municipal Association who basically turned  him into their “golden boy” all for the likes of Lisbon.   What a great match-up, right?  WRONG.

So elections roll around in November of 2008, and Roger Cote upsets incumbent Charlie Smith by the largest margin (votes) ever recorded in Lisbon’s history.  And ‘Evil Eldridge’ touts in his latest monthly garbage report about how he welcomes and takes around each newly elected Town Councilor.  Ask Roger Cote what he got for an introduction?  ZILCH.  

No he got a verbal display of complete arrogance and stupidity by Lisbon’s Police Chief David T. Brooks.  And then he was sent in front of the Town’s Ethics Panel for conduct unbecoming a public official.  The Ethics Panel concluded that if anything was conducted in that fashion that it was done BEFORE he became an ELECTED Official of the Town of Lisbon.   And whom do you think was one of the biggest mouth pieces at the microphone that evening of  February 17, 2009 coming out to support Brooks and his LIES?  The one that is running for Roger Cote’s Town Council position, Lisa Ward.

Would you all like to see another viewing air of that meeting right here on The Lisbon Reporter?  It can happen very easily.  Isn’t this modern technology great or what?

Now here’s a little tidbit of history concerning  “The Lisbon Concerned Citizens” that is very important.  This group was formed by a bunch of citizens that meet  to discuss ways to improve and get out the information to the residents that was not being presented by the Town Officials, nor were letters written to the Sun Journal getting published.  SO this blog, The Lisbon Reporter was launched on July 8, 2008.  At our second meeting,  Todd Comber asked  Lori Pomelow, who was there with her husband David, if she would take notes for the group.  Which she did.  And those notes just so happened to end up in the hands of  Police Chief David T. Brooks for his presentation that he read verbatim many times during his more then two hour audition for Hollywood, as Councilor Cote told him. 

See a connection yet with the issues of Scottsdale Avenue? 

So residents it is up to you to get out and help make changes if you are not satisfied with the current management. 

It seems to me that $7000 for attorney fees as stated by ‘Evil Eldridge’ for Mr. Larry Fillmore’s FOAA requests is quite a bit excessive.

Could it be that there are some other litigating circumstances that the ‘Putz Eldridge’ is not disclosing to YOU, the taxpayer’s of his salary like he should?  He is using Mr. Fillmore as the ‘scapegoat’ when in fact there might be pending grievances filed by some of the Town’s working Unions?

Wake UP People!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lisbon, Are These The Best Of Times? Will We Make History?



I have sent an email to all members of the Town Council requesting the immediate removal of Councilor Bowie for violating the Town Councils own ruling back in 2009 pertaining to Bowie’s conflict of interest.  Bowie has been involved with the Lewiston/Auburn 911 project, the Communications Center Consolidation project and currently sits on the County Budget Committee.  All of these issues have a direct or indirect bearing on Bowie’s wife's employment and financial situation, since she works for the Lisbon Police Department.

A blind person can easily see this is another conflict of interest.  So the real question is “Will this Town Council have the guts, integrity, and the conscience to do the right thing and remove Bowie as a Councilor?”  Remember it has to be all six councilors voting to remove Bowie.  This is a big challenge for this council because at least four and possibly five are Bowie’s puppets.  This vote will show the true colors of our Councilors.  Anyone, who votes NOT to remove Bowie, will certainly not be someone with integrity or a conscience.  This vote should be a public vote so every resident can see the makeup of the council.

There is no question Bowie has violated the conflict of interest rule of our Charter and the advisory recommendations of the Ethics Panel in 2009 which were adopted by the Town Council, again.  Since, this is a violation of the Town Council’s ruling; it is the responsibility of the Council to police one of their own.

The citizens of Lisbon need to pay attention to the vote by the town council.  It will demonstrate who will place the best interest of the town ahead of personal feelings.  It will also point out the councilors who are part of the problem and not the solution.  This is a critical point for Lisbon and anyone who votes NOT to remove Bowie needs to be off this council the next time they come around for reelection. 

Will this council hide behind closed doors and cover this up or will they be honest with the citizens of Lisbon and put this to a vote in public?

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Open Letter To the Residents of Lisbon/Lisbon Falls and All other Taxpaying persons to the Town of Lisbon.

Another Conflict of Interest with Councilor Mike Bowie

By: Peter Reuter
The Lisbon Reporter

It is very apparent that YOUR form of Government representation is not working for the best interests of the majority of you, the taxpaying citizens.  There has previously been a suggestion regarding the conflict of interest that now Councilor Mike Bowie has, and Previously had as former Chairman of said council governing body.

You have been “hoodwinked , bamboozled, and LIED to by the likes of Gina Mason and her view on things  via Rosie colored glasses.  Tell me something please, How or What did that amount too?  Previous councilor, now State Legislator Dale Crafts has led and lied  like a rug laying on the living room floor about his efforts to help this community.  When in fact he is more of an embarrassment only second to Lisbon Police Chief David T. Brooks, and the LIES that he has told both under OATH and NOT.  Don’t worry  I have been reviewing plenty of evidence to substantiate these claims beyond any shadow of a doubt to a jury of our peers.  BUT will not share with a convoluted bunch of heathens like so Represent you on the current Town Council.  Many years of research and documentation has been gathered by Mr. Comber a previous resident.  He has graciously allowed me access to  it.  Thus I say to you all in doubt , PROVE ME WRONG.

You have heard from the Councilors about being able to police themselves and so on, and on, and on.  All but one of them speaks out of both sides of their mouths.  So why don’t you as citizens come out to tomorrow’s nights Town Council Meeting in droves like you have in the past when you have been directly hit in the pocket book, (remember last’s years tax billing errors when you filled the whole damned Town Office Building?) and speak during the Audience participation segment of the Town Council Agenda and ask the Councilors themselves to take action? 

Never mind sending this to the Ethics Panel.  They have previously met and made a Valid Recommendation about Councilor Mike Bowie’s Conflict of Interest.   If they didn’t have so much to hide why are they trying so hard to HIDE EVERYTHING?

Resident Larry Fillmore should be respected and commended for his valiant efforts to help bring this Conflict of Interest to light again.  But why do something that has already been done? 

You all voted for this Town Council form of government because you thought it would better represent the town.  Well, in fact it has  been a better representation for those few in the loop of ’corruption & cronyism‘.  You all laughed at the fact during the selectmen’s meeting that it was a joke as to who was going to fall asleep first, Ed Madden or Paul Chizmar.  And those two were utilized for their signatures for the dastardly dealings of Mike Bowie when he himself was a selectman.  The level of corruption trails back to Lane Curtis as Chair of Selectmen and Lisbon's first Chairman of newly formed Town Council for of Government.  There are many other player's involved here.

SO Lisbon Residents.  The power is in your hands.  Will you continue to sit at home and do nothing or will you come out and “show your faces” of  disapproval to the way things are being done in Lisbon?

Good Luck, you all will need a lot of it.  I truly wish you all the strength you may muster to attend tomorrow night’s council meeting and  help make a change in Lisbon.

My GOD, if you could get the current Economic Community Development Director Scott Benson to give such a fantastic presentation as with Moxie weekend,  one weekend out of 52, you would be the Economic Capital of Maine.  That’s right Moxie weekend is one weekend.  What happens during the other 51 weekends or weeks in Lisbon? 
See the light yet?

Thanks for reading.

Stonewalled By Lisbon's Management


On September 29th, 2011, I sent an email to Chairman David Bowie of the Town Ethics Panel requesting the Ethics Panel investigate a conflict of interest against Councilor Bowie for his discussion and participation in the Lewiston/Auburn 911 project and the Consolidation of the Communication Center project.  Chairman Bowie replied on the same day directing me to the procedures outlined in our Town Charter.  Since my email, I have also learned that Councilor Bowie sits on the County Budget Committee.

The procedure is for me to go to the Town Clerk and take out a petition and obtain 25 signatures before it can be reviewed by the Ethics Panel.  I went to the town office today at approximately 09:15 AM and requested the petition from the Town Clerk.

I was informed by the town clerk; she did not have a petition for this situation.  According to the town clerk, there is no such form/petition available and she would have to create one and get it approved by the council.  She also stated she would prepare the form/petition and once it was approved she would contact me to pick it up.

I believe this was a delaying tactic utilized by the town clerk because she had no clue what she should do because it involved a councilor.  I say this because in 2008 and 2009 Councilor Bowie was involved in the same thing.  Also, in 2009 the Ethics Panel made a recommendation on Councilor Bowie for the same issue; conflict of interestSo, why is there no form/petition available now?  If the procedure is outlined in the Town Charter why in the world would you have to create a form/petition now?

I want to apologize to our loyal citizens who were waiting for me to show at Rite Aid this morning.  I will be there as soon as the town office issues me the form/petition.  I have no idea when they will stop playing games with me.  I cannot guarantee I will have the form/petition with me at the Transfer Station tomorrow.  I will post it on the Lisbon Reporter once I have the correct documents for your signature.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

We Stand Corrected On The Use of the Word Sanctioned


I need to correct something I said in several of my articles.  When addressing issues pertaining to the Ethics Panel “sanctioning” Councilor Bowie in 2009 was incorrect.  The Ethics Panel is an Advisory Board and can only make recommendations.

In 2009, the Ethics Panel provided the Town Council with an advisory recommendation which the Town Council approved.  The Ethics Panel did not sanction Councilor Bowie; the Town Council took the recommendations of the Ethics Panel.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen