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Monday, October 3, 2011

Stonewalled By Lisbon's Management


On September 29th, 2011, I sent an email to Chairman David Bowie of the Town Ethics Panel requesting the Ethics Panel investigate a conflict of interest against Councilor Bowie for his discussion and participation in the Lewiston/Auburn 911 project and the Consolidation of the Communication Center project.  Chairman Bowie replied on the same day directing me to the procedures outlined in our Town Charter.  Since my email, I have also learned that Councilor Bowie sits on the County Budget Committee.

The procedure is for me to go to the Town Clerk and take out a petition and obtain 25 signatures before it can be reviewed by the Ethics Panel.  I went to the town office today at approximately 09:15 AM and requested the petition from the Town Clerk.

I was informed by the town clerk; she did not have a petition for this situation.  According to the town clerk, there is no such form/petition available and she would have to create one and get it approved by the council.  She also stated she would prepare the form/petition and once it was approved she would contact me to pick it up.

I believe this was a delaying tactic utilized by the town clerk because she had no clue what she should do because it involved a councilor.  I say this because in 2008 and 2009 Councilor Bowie was involved in the same thing.  Also, in 2009 the Ethics Panel made a recommendation on Councilor Bowie for the same issue; conflict of interestSo, why is there no form/petition available now?  If the procedure is outlined in the Town Charter why in the world would you have to create a form/petition now?

I want to apologize to our loyal citizens who were waiting for me to show at Rite Aid this morning.  I will be there as soon as the town office issues me the form/petition.  I have no idea when they will stop playing games with me.  I cannot guarantee I will have the form/petition with me at the Transfer Station tomorrow.  I will post it on the Lisbon Reporter once I have the correct documents for your signature.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

1 comment:

Todd Comber said...

And she was just given a big award for being Clerk of the Year!!! Now that's funny stuff right there and I don't give a darn who you are, period.

Keep up the great work Larry Fillmore you at least have the ballz enough to do something and not stay hidden under a rock or let that PIG, David T. Brooks protect you.

Can only imagine if I was still apart of Lisbon. But it just wasn't meant to be.

You are doing a fantastic job with everything. My humble thank you.

Yeah I said this with absolutely no respect for you David T. Brooks.

Todd Comber
Far From Lisbon