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Friday, September 22, 2017


Monday, September 4, 2017

L-A Rotary to Welcome Betsy Sibley October 12

Auburn - On Thursday, October 12, from noon to 1:00 p.m. at The Village Inn, 165 High Street, Auburn, Betsy Sibley, will be the featured guest speaker at the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club. Sibley is the Vice President of Marketing/ Business Development at Community Credit Union. She has been with the Credit Union for 5 years. She oversees the sales, marketing, advertising, community outreach, internal staff training and event planning for the Credit Union.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Thomas College, has been a licensed insurance agent since 2002 and has been working in the financial industry in various capacities since that time. Sibley is involved in the community serving as the Public Relations Committee Chair for the L-A Rotary Club, Secretary for the Turner Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club, the President of the Turner Parent Teacher Committee, Member of the Statewide Awareness Committee for the Maine Credit Union League as well as an Ambassador and Committee Member for the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce. Sibley has a passion for youth sports and volunteers as a coach for the Turner Athletic Association also.  Some achievements include earning the designation of Certified Insurance Counselor in 2008, being recognized with a Paul Harris Fellow award from Rotary in 2015 and being a 2015 graduate of the Androscoggin Leadership Development Institute.  Betsy was recently nominated in the “Creative Genius” category for Uplift LA’s 40 under 40.  Reservations are not required at the luncheon.  FMI on future Rotary speakers, contact President and Program Chair, Monica Millhime, 753.9040 or email  Events and other club information are posted at and

L-A Rotary to Welcome Roger Theriault October 5

Auburn - On Thursday, October 5, from noon to 1:00 p.m. at The Village Inn, 165 High Street, Auburn, Roger Theriault, will be the featured guest speaker at the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club.  Theriault was born in Lewiston.  He graduated from St. Dominic’s Regional High School in 1970. He attended the University of Maine, graduating in 1975 with his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education. In 1975 married his wife, Lorraine, and raised four children and now enjoying eight grandchildren.  In addition to teaching, Theriault owned an automotive business, and owned/operated the Civic Center. Following the sale of the Civic Center, and retired from teaching, Theriault began working for The Fortin Group. He graduated from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, and recently completed his apprenticeship and became a Licensed Funeral Director. Theriault is active in area hockey,  a member of the Knights of Columbus, attends Prince of Peace Parish, and enjoys golf, travel, and wine. He was recently inducted into the St. Dominic’s High School Hall of Fame for his athletic and academic achievements.  Reservations are not required at the luncheon.  FMI on future Rotary speakers, contact President and Program Chair, Monica Millhime, 753.9040 or email  Events and other club information are posted at and

L-A Rotary to Welcome Dr. Tara Coste October 19

Auburn - On Thursday, October 19, from noon to 1:00 p.m. at The Village Inn, 165 High Street, Auburn, Dr. Tara Coste, will be the featured guest speaker at the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club. Dr. Coste is a Leadership and Organizational Studies professor at the University of Southern Maine and teaches courses in communication, group dynamics, and research methods, among others. Her research focusses on deliberate creativity and innovation in multicultural, multinational environments, with a particular emphasis on work in larger corporate enterprises and communities in Africa and Asia.  Most recently, she is concentrating her attention on how ancestral belief systems drive modern behavior and The Montagu Project, the development of a multi-decade global leadership lab in South Africa. This work aims to refine the training processes that enhance creativity in teams and to provide professionals tools that will allow them to enhance their global leadership abilities. She has published numerous articles and presented her work at venues around the world. She is a Colleague of the Creative Education Foundation, a Visiting Scholar at Singapore Management University’s Wee Kim Wee Centre for Cultural Studies, and Past-President of the American Creativity Association.  Reservations are not required at the luncheon.  FMI on future Rotary speakers, contact President and Program Chair, Monica Millhime, 753.9040 or email  Events and other club information are posted at and

L-A Rotary to Welcome Marcel Gagne October 26

Auburn - On Thursday, October 26, from noon to 1:00 p.m. at The Village Inn, 165 High Street, Auburn, Marcel Gagne, will be the featured guest speaker at the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club. Gagne is a Business Ownership Conversion Specialist with the Cooperative Development Institute, a New England non-profit.  CDI assists and supports a Cooperative Economy with locally grown food, affordable housing/ownership, and business ownership solutions to existing businesses into co-ops through employee and community buy-outs. Business Ownership Services can assist with succession planning strategies, and/or business expansion solutions. CDI can also help with financial, feasibility, market, and business planning. He also has an extensive background in workforce development and worked in community & economic development for a decade with a nationally known organization, CEI. He has a training background in customer service, interviewing skills, supervisory implementation & coaching, as well as being a qualified Myers-Brigs’ Type Indicator facilitator. He also has a certification as a Continuous Improvement Practitioner through Bend the Curve. He is heavily involved in the Institute for Continuous Improvement (ICI) at the Univ. of So. Maine Lewiston/Auburn College and is serving as a technical advisor in an undergraduate Certificate Program on LEAN & Process Improvement.  Reservations are not required at the luncheon.  FMI on future Rotary speakers, contact President and Program Chair, Monica Millhime, 753.9040 or email  Events and other club information are posted at and


By Rick Wells
Swamp rat John McCain can’t seem to stay put in the US, perhaps because of the extreme levels to which he despises both our nation and its citizens. Even with his cancer he’s compelled to jet around the world at our expense running off at the mouth, disparaging us, our country and our President. It seems his feelings about America and his foreign conduct haven’t changed much since the 1970s.
As long as President Trump remains in office, Russia is still on the map, and the American people cling to the idea of self-governance, America is not the nation McCain feels it must be. He’s spreading that message to the world, badmouthing Trump’s America-first agenda to those who have gathered to plot the continuation of their worldwide pillaging rampage.
They are not people America needs to explain itself to. That didn’t stop the little rat McCain from continuing on his own America apology tour in his role as the uniparty’s anti-America heir to Hussein Obama. Songbird made his remarks on Saturday at the Ambrosetti Forum, which is described benignly as a major economic and policy conference.
It’s a gathering of the same elitist scum who are destroying Europe, getting together to plot their continued global pillaging and feeding upon the peasants of the world. Successfully exploiting and remaking the world into a pliable, obedient mass that is best suited for plunder doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, execution and constant review.
Stripping away the sovereignty of individual governments and subjecting them to a global slavery system isn’t easy and it’s not easy to keep the populations compliant. Schmucks like McCain give legitimacy to treason, defying your Constitution and plundering your own country. He told the elites he came to Italy “at a time when many are questioning whetherAmerica is still committed to remaining engaged in the world, to upholding our traditional alliances and standing up for the values we share.”
What values is McCain talking about? Honoring alliances with nations that are changing their composition and their populations in a suicidal globalist mass immigration scheme changes the nature of the alliance. It is he and his globalist comrades who change the nature of those agreements by gutting the contents within the national borders. Those remain the nations we allied with in name and geography only and no, we may not uphold those commitments. An Islamic, Arab France would not be the same nation we have embraced in the past.

McCain – doubts about America are the result of Trump’s actions and statements

Does McCain also question whether we remain committed to self-government as one of those values? That is not a commitment that McCain and these globalist parasites share but rather one they despise and are actively seeking to overcome. He said doubts as to our commitment have emerged as the result of the “actions and statements of our president.” McCain attacks our President because of his strength and commitment to America.
President Trump has made no secret of the fact that the Constitution is foremost in his approach to government and that American sovereignty, not globalist deal making and cross border governance by international fat cats, comes first. There should be no doubts as to President Trump’s commitment to our nation. But McCain is not in Italy to promote American sovereignty or supremacy. He’s attacking our Constitution and our nation in service to the rich and powerful.
He said, “It is true that there is a real debate underway now in my country about what kind of role America should play in the world. And frankly, I do not know how this debate will play out.” He added that “the future of the world will turn, to a large extent, on how this debate in America is resolved.”
McCain said he believes that bipartisan [establishment] majorities of Americans are in favor of alliances, trade, investment and globalization. Of course alliances, trade and investment are welcomed by all if they are in our best interest, his premise is dishonest. He slipped in globalization as if that is the only way the other things happen. The American people aren’t interested in being part of the global slavery pool. We’ve fought many wars to protect our independence and we’ll fight him and his globalist scum in another one if we are forced to.
He said, “It may not look that way on Twitter, but that is what opinion polls clearly show, time after time after time.” Those same polls showed Clinton would now be the criminal president. Twitter is the American people speaking to each other, not just the elites like him and the media lecturing, talking down to and brow-beating us and our President. Maybe McCain shouldn’t be so dismissive. Maybe he should shut up and stay in DC, or better yet, a shack in the Arizona desert.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


It sure would be nice in here in Lisbon we had transparency in our local government as promised by the current Administration.  Even the Home page of the town website states there is transparency in Lisbon.  I would like for the Administration to define their definition of “transparency” to the people of Lisbon.

I have been laid up for a while and wanted to review what was going on while I was not feeling so well.  I followed the instructions on the town website to review the Town Council meetings to catch-up.  However, when I did so, the Town Council meetings come up just fine but there is NO Sound.  I had to go back to June 27th to find a meeting with sound so you could hear them.  At this point, I must apologize for not being able to read lips.  So please tell me again how this is “Transparency in Local Government”?  The people cannot hear what being said at these meetings, is it still “Transparency”?

Now, I can explain the problem to you.  The problem is that once the town sends the meetings to Clerkbase; who updates the town website no one follows through to ensure it is posted right.  This is the problem with our current Administration.  They believe that once they send it to ClerkBase their responsibility is finished.

It is also amazing that every one of the School Board videos come out crystal clear and never has a problem.  It is only the Town Council meetings that have all the issues.  It has been that way for several years and no one can correct the situation. 

Can we still call this “Transparency in Local Government”?

Larry Fillmore

Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump to Pardon Sheriff Arpaio

Image Credits: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images.

By Jerome Corsi | Friday, August 18, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – has learned the White House counsel has prepared, at the request of President Trump, a pardon for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that is ready for Trump to sign.

The question is whether President Trump will sign the pardon now, before traveling to Phoenix for a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday, May 22 – or if President Trump will sign it at all.

On Monday, Aug. 14, Trump retweeted a Fox and Friends article headlined, “Trump ‘seriously considering’ a pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio” – a signal to Trump’s base that he did not intend to travel to Arizona for Tuesday’s rally without having first pardoned Arpaio – or even that Trump might use the Tuesday rally as the stage on which to sign the pardon with Arpaio present, on stage.

Not pardoning Arpaio prior to or during the Phoenix rally could set off a negative reaction among Trump’s base that remembers Sheriff Arpaio as an early and vocal Trump supporter who championed Trump’s rally call during the campaign to “Build That Wall!”

Either way, Trump’s decision will be controversial, especially given Arpaio’s history of enforcing immigration laws the Obama administration wanted ignored, and the divisiveness of the Charlottesville protests with the mainstream media attempting to portray Trump as a white supremacist.

On July 31, U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton found Arpaio guilty of misdemeanor criminal contempt in an opinion she could have written her opinion before the trial even started – an opinion that made clear her prejudice from the start that Arpaio was guilty of misdemeanor civil contempt guilty conviction.

Now at 85-years-old, Arpaio faces a misdemeanor criminal contempt sentence that could include up to six-months in jail.

For Arpaio supporters, this would be a sad end to a distinguished career that includes Arpaio’s service in the U.S. Army from 1950-1953, his service as a police officer in Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the years he spent working as a top federal drug enforcement officer in foreign countries and the United States.

Arpaio, a former DEA narcotics agent and head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Department of Justice, for Arizona.

Arpaio’s sentencing hearing is scheduled on October 5 – a hearing that will not be held if President Trump pardons Obama prior to that date.

Arpaio’s attorneys prepare federal ethics charge against District Judge

After filing on Monday, Aug. 14, with the U.S. District Court two motions – one asking for acquittal and the other asking for a new trial, lawyers for Arpaio are preparing to file after sentencing, a federal ethics charge against Judge Bolton.

Arpaio’s attorney, Mark Goldman, Goldman & Zillinger PLLC in Scottsdale, AZ, explained to in an exclusive telephone interview and follow-up email that the judge in the case, U.S. District Susan R. Bolton, was so biased against Arpaio that she could have written her opinion before the trial even started, stating her prejudice from the start that Arpaio was guilty of misdemeanor civil contempt guilty conviction.

“The court, in its findings of fact and conclusions of law totally ignored all of the overwhelming evidence at trial that exonerated the Sheriff,” Goldman told

“Most importantly, there was no testimony or other evidence produced that in any way proved that the order was ‘clear and definite’ which it must be in order to prove that the order could be disobeyed in the first place,” he continued.

“Not only did the government fail to prove that the order was clear and definite, we proved that it was not clear and definite,” Goldman insisted. “The government’s own star witness, Tim Casey, admitted under cross-examination that the order was ‘ambiguous.’ Just about every witness testified that the order was misunderstood at the time. No one testified that the order was clear and definite.”

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The Lisbon Reporter is back on line.  I had some medical issues that are clearing up.  I am about 80% back to normal.  By the way, what is normal?  I wish to thank my good friend for adding articles to the reporter and keeping it going.  It is nice to know that when you need friends; they are there to assist you.

The Reporter is not back 100% but it should be in a few days.  I want to thank all our dedicated fans.

Thank you for your patience.

Larry Fillmore

Monday, July 10, 2017


James Comey is about to be investigated for the exact same thing which he absolved Hillary Clinton of doing last summer
Zero Hedge - JULY 10, 2017 53 Comments


Amid the constant media outrage over everything Trump, Trump, Trump, some might have forgotten that in the political rollercoaster over the past 12 months, there were numerous other high-profile individuals involved, including not only former DOJ head Loretta Lynch, whose every interaction with the Clinton campaign is about to be probed under a Congressional microscope, but the man who some say started it all: former FBI Director James Comey.

First loved by the Democrats when he personally absolved Hillary Clinton of any sins regarding her (ab)use of her personal email server, then furiously loathed when he reopened the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton one week before the election, then finally getting into a feud with President Trump which cost his him job, Comey ultimately admitted to leaking at least one memo which contained personal recollections of his conversations with the president, in hopes of launching a special probe into the president’s alleged Russian collusion.

There was just one problem: according to a blockbuster report from The Hill, in addition to the leaked memos, Comey also leaked classified information in gross and direct violation of FBI rules and regulations. And just like that Comey finds himself in trouble. Only not just any trouble, but the virtually same trouble that Hillary Clinton was in in the summer of 2016… and which James Comey was tasked to investigate.

We’ll repeat the above because it bears repeating: in the purest definition of irony, James Comey is about to be investigated for the exact same thing which he absolved Hillary Clinton of doing last summer. Almost as if neither Comey nor Clinton were aware of – or willing to abide by – the security protocol of the agency they were in charge of.

CNN Introduces New News Anchor

Monday, July 3, 2017


It’s absurd to think pedophilia in the Church rears its ugly head here and there, now and then - it’s institutional
Jon Rappoport | - JULY 3, 2017 53 Comments

Reuters, June 29, from Sydney and Vatican City:

“A top adviser to Pope Francis was charged with multiple historical sex crimes in his native Australia on Thursday, bringing a worldwide abuse scandal to the heart of the Vatican.”

“Appointed Vatican economy minister by Francis, Cardinal George Pell is the highest-ranking Church official to face such accusations. He asserted his innocence and said the pontiff had given him leave of absence to return to Australia to defend himself.”
“But Pell, a former archbishop of Melbourne and Sydney, had come under pressure from an Australian government commission on institutional child abuse, and had himself been under investigation for at least a year.”

What are the chances Cardinal Pell survives this scandal? Already ill, will he conveniently die before the Australian investigation puts him through the wringer?

The intrigues of the Vatican are endless, and they always have been. The silent wars taking place between factions have taken many forms. In this case, Cardinal Pell was originally appointed by Pope Francis to clean up the financial mess (numerous scandals) in the Church, but Pell ran into roadblocks as he tried to push that agenda forward.

Whether Pell is innocent or guilty of pedophilia, it’s possible that power blocs within Vatican City decided to discredit him and sideline him, in order to maintain secrecy about the money crimes they’ve been committing—they ramped up the pedophile investigation in Australia to take Pell out of the picture.
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Black Girl Sues School Because She Had To Share Valedictorian With White Student

A black Mississippi high school graduate sued her school district this week after being forced to share valedictorian status with a white student who allegedly had a lower GPA.
Jasmine Shephard, a 2016 graduate of Cleveland High School, filed the lawsuit against her Mississippi school district, The Washington Post reported Friday.
From The Washington Post:
An African American woman has filed a federal lawsuit against a Mississippi school district, claiming a white student was named “co-valedictorian” with her daughter, despite the white student having a lower grade-point average.
The day before Jasmine Shepard graduated from Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Miss., in May 2016, the school awarded her and a white student the title “co-valedictorian,” according to the suit filed Tuesday in federal court in the Northern District of Mississippi. This was a first in the 110-year history of the school, the suit said, and the decision was made.
But wait, there is even more outrage. According to Shepard, during the graduation ceremony the school expected her to walk after the white student up to the podium. Shepard pitched a fit and the school then allowed her to walk first. All was still not good, because the white student made her speech before the black student.
“Prior to 2016, all of Cleveland High School’s valedictorians were white. As a result of the school official’s unprecedented action of making an African-American student share the valedictorian award with a white student, the defendants discriminated against, says the lawsuit.
The thing is, both the white student and the black student had the same GPA and that’s the reason why they shared valedictorian honors. The WaPo is completely aware of this fact and yet still chose to frame this as a racist hate crime:
An attorney for the Cleveland School District called the lawsuit “frivolous” and said the students “had identical grade point averages.”

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Napolitano: Fmr. Attorney General Lynch Could Face 5-10 Years in Prison

Senate probes improper communication between former AG and Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Adan Salazar | - June 26, 2017 4038 Comments

Image Credits: Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could be jailed for up to ten years if found guilty of misconduct, Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed Monday.

If emails exist between Lynch and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz improperly discussing the Clinton email investigation, the former attorney general could be charged with “misconduct in office,” a felony carrying five to ten years in jail, the Fox Business contributor stated.

“It is alleged, this document has not seen the light of day if it exists, that there are one or several emails between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Loretta Lynch concerning the behavior that Loretta Lynch will take to further the DNC interests while Mrs. Lynch was attorney general,” Napolitano stated. “That, if it happened, would be ‘misconduct in office.'”

“It’s a felony. Depending upon exactly what they charged her with, it could be five or 10 years in jail. It’s very serious. It’s the equivalent of obstruction of justice. It’s the same allegation they are making about the president.”

In a letter to Lynch last Thursday announcing a Senate probe into her conduct while in office, Sen. Chuck Grassley asked if she’d ever communicated with Schultz.

“During your time in the Justice Department, did you ever have communications with Rep. Wasserman Schultz, her staff, her associates, or any other current or former DNC officials about the Clinton email investigation?” 

Travel Ban Enforceable --- not a Muslim Ban

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sean Hannity Exposes Democratic Plan To Overthrow President Trump


Trump insider tells attorney general to “Cut the shit”
Kelen McBreen | - JUNE 22, 2017 148 Comments

Trump insider and Infowars contributor Roger Stone has created a lobbying group called The United States Cannabis Coalition (USCC) that hopes to convince President Trump to legalize marijuana nationwide.

The group’s goal as a non-profit is to “lobby the Trump administration from the top on down and mobilize millions of pro-cannabis voters to tell the President to keep his word.”

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has also joined the group, along with many other Republican, Democrat and third-party political strategists. Ventura published a book titled “The Marijuana Manifesto” in 2016 and has been a marijuana advocate for decades.

Facing an uphill battle with anti-marijuana Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who famously pronounced, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” Stone said Sessions needs to “Cut the shit.” Stone has previously discussed his concern with Sessions’ stance on marijuana, but says he supports him overall.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tensions Rise as Bill Cosby Jury Struggles to Reach Verdict

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

by BREITBART NEWS14 Jun 2017146

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — As deliberations in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial continue into a fourth day Thursday, nerves are frayed, patience is shot and no one is certain when it will all end.

Some jurors appeared angry, the judge sounded exasperated and accuser Andrea Constand’s mother broke down in tears Wednesday.

The sequestered jury has been at it for more than 27 hours since getting the case Monday, pausing a half-dozen times to revisit key evidence, including Cosby’s decade-old admissions that he fondled Constand after giving her pills.

Judge Steven O’Neill seemed vexed at times as the court staff struggled to answer the jury’s requests. One batch of requested testimony hadn’t even been transcribed yet.

But when jurors asked to stop for the day Wednesday night, O’Neill was effusive with praise — encouraging their diligence as they weigh charges that could put the 79-year-old Cosby in prison for the rest of his life.

“This is an incredible jury that has just acted with incredible dignity and fidelity,” O’Neill said. “I don’t have any higher praise. You have taken your task so seriously.”

Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. Each carries a maximum 10-year prison term, though the counts could be merged at sentencing if he is convicted.

The case has already helped demolish his nice-guy reputation as America’s Dad.

Cosby has wavered between stoic and smiling as he awaits his fate, but gave a brief thumbs-up as jurors listened to a court reporter reread his January 2005 police interview.

In it, he claimed Constand showed no ill effects from the 1 1/2 Benadryl pills he gave her to help her relax, and that she never objected to his behavior during the 2004 encounter at his suburban Philadelphia home.

Constand testified last week that she was paralyzed by the pills and unable to fight Cosby off. Her mother, Gianna Constand, pulled a cloth from her pocket to wipe away tears Wednesday as she listened to the testimony.

Cosby’s lawyers maintain Constand was a willing sexual partner.
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Emergency service units responded to the threat of a radioactive dirty bomb in Charleston, South Carolina Wednesday night
Mac Slavo - JUNE 15, 2017 223 Comments


Emergency service units responded to the threat of a radioactive dirty bomb in Charleston, South Carolina Wednesday night.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Bureau Of Investigation, local police and Hazardous Materials teams are reportedly searching for an explosive device possibly containing radioactive material that may have been smuggled onto the Maersk Memphis, a container ship currently moored at Charleston’s Wando terminal.

Officials with the Coast Guard say federal and state authorities are continuing to investigate a potential threat which was reported at the Wando Terminal Wednesday night.

Coast Guard officials say the FBI is investigating a report of a “dirty bomb” aboard a vessel.

A dirty bomb is composed of conventional explosives and radioactive material.

According to emergency officials, no radiation has been found at this time.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Disgusting Dark Side Of Chelsea Clinton


It was the Obama administration, not Trump, obstructing justice
Jamie White | - JUNE 8, 2017 9 Comments


Former FBI Director James Comey said that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to minimize the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails by not calling it an investigation.

“Probably the only other consideration that I guess I can talk about it in an open setting is that at one point, the attorney general had directed me not to call it an investigation, but instead to call it a ‘matter,’ which confused me and concerned me,” he said during his testimony to Congress Thursday.

Comey said her request helped him decide to put some distance between Obama’s Justice Department and Hillary’s email investigation until the investigation ended.

“That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude, ‘I have to step away from the department if we’re to close this case credibly,” he said.

Former President Bill Clinton’s unplanned tarmac meeting with Lynch “ultimately” convinced him to announce the result the FBI probe into Clinton’s emails, he said.

“That was the thing that capped it for me that I had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation, which meant both the FBI and the Justice Department,” Comey said.

Comey’s statements should come as no surprise considering that he believed that Lynch attempted to give Clinton “political cover” during the presidential campaign by trying to call the investigation a “security review.”

When asked about that report during an oversight hearing by the Senate Intelligence Committee in May, Comey simply responded: “The subject is classified.”

Friday, June 2, 2017


Griffin will “announce the true motivation” behind the photo shoot
Chuck Ross | Daily Caller - JUNE 2, 2017 354 Comments

Kathy Griffin is holding a press conference on Friday to complain about the “bullying from the Trump family that she has endured” following the release of a photo spread showing the comedian holding up a bloodied head of President Trump.
Lisa Bloom, the daughter of famed feminist litigator Gloria Allred and Griffin’s newly hired lawyer, made the shocking announcement on Twitter.

Proud to announce that I represent Kathy Griffin. We will be holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Here's the details.

Bloom says that she and Griffin will “announce the true motivation” behind the photo shoot.

Griffin has already suffered financially from the photo spread. CNN dropped her as a host for its New Years Eve broadcast. Squatty Potty, a company that sells toilet stools, also dumped Griffin.

Trump and several of his family members have responded to Griffin, though nothing they’ve said would seem to constitute “bullying,” as Bloom asserts.

Read more.

Mad Maxine

Monday, May 29, 2017

Breaking: At Least 3 Anti-Trump Leakers Have Been Identified. Here Is What We Know…


At least two separate news organizations are reporting that three distinct leakers have been identified at the White House and that President Donald Trump is expected to fire them when he returns from his first overseas trip. “CBS News has confirmed from two sources that three leakers of classified information at the White House have been identified and are expected to be … [Read more...]

Welfare Pissed After President Trump Requiring “Welfare-To-Work.” – The Free Ride Is Ending

by Leave a Comment

President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget will save $190 billion over the next ten years by requiring able-bodied adults to work to receive food stamps. President Trump wrote in his letter to Congress, “We must reform our welfare system so that it does not discourage able-bodied adults from working, which takes away scarce resources from those in real need. Work must be the … [Read more...]