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Saturday, March 18, 2017

GOPDD: Watch: Illegal Alien Shows Up to Grab Welfare Check in Texas – Big Mistake


If you missed President Trump‘s recent speech at a rally in Nashville, Tennessee, then you missed a real barn burner. Unfortunately, President Trump announced that a liberal, Obama holdover Federal Judge in Hawaii has blocked his new immigration ban. However, he went on to state that he’s not pussy-footing around this time, and that he’ll fight this one all the way to the Supreme Court.


Friday, March 17, 2017

GOPDD: ICE Raids Net 61 Dangerous “Additional Crime” Illegals In Statewide Operation

Having lived for over thirty years in Nevada, most of it in the Reno area, it was a bit of welcome good news when I saw that ICE had been conducting raids to get some of the illegal trash in the state collected. They can’t pick it all up yet, as President Trump has adopted a policy of focusing on the most dangerous components. Still, that particularly unsavory segment of the illegal population has had a noticeable negative impact on the quality of life and they are those most in need of expulsion.