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Friday, December 15, 2017


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Training Partners Support St. Mary’s Medical Assistant Program

Photo caption:  Pictured (l-r):  front row – Marie Blessing, Audrey Condon, Dancile Nshimirimana, Francis Nguyen, Kassandra Hebert, Katie Hamilton, Darcy Goyette, Mary Ann Gowell, instructor.  Second row – Jessica Biron, Dinah Morris, Tracy Crossman, Sandra Barnich, Trisha Newcomb, Justine Gray, Lori Adkins, Melissa Dalton, Kelsa Brennan, Kayla Caron, Patti Saarinen, WIOA Site Coordinator WMCA – Lewiston CareerCenter.  Third row – Paula Bolduc, Julian Kirouac, Brittany Wilkins, Miranda Hutchinson, Cathy Stairs, WMCA Employment & Training Specialist.
Lewiston – St. Mary’s Health System, 96 Campus Avenue, held a celebration ceremony on Tuesday, November 28 at the facility recognizing  19 local students for completion of their Medical Assistant classes.  Instructor, Mariann Gowell,  welcomed administrators, staff, family, friends, and community partners for the presentation of certificates.   Brittany Blais, St. Mary’s Talent Acquisition Partner & Human Resources, also shared remarks and thanked partners for making the program possible.
Students successfully completed a fast paced, condensed curriculum offering training to assist physicians with the clinical responsibilities of a medical office. The program included 140 hours of classroom/lab training with routine lab procedures, phlebotomy, EKG, diagnostic testing, etc.  Following the classwork, students are completing the final weeks of an Externship schedule of 160 hours.  Many of the students also earned a WorkReady certificate covering the topics of effective workplace communication techniques, resume and interviewing skills, conflict resolution, teamwork, and other important soft skills. This St. Mary’s employer driven project was made possible through the collaborative support and grant funding provided by Western Maine Community Action, Bureau of Employment Services/Competitive Skills Scholarship Program, and Gray/New Gloucester Adult Education.  The combined curriculum empowers students with the skills and knowledge essential to the specific job field.  “This graduation class is not only the result of the students’ dedication but also a prime example of train-to-work where business, education, and workforce development collaborate,” shares Patti Saarinen, WIOA Site Coordinator WMCA – Lewiston CareerCenter.  “The integration of education and training is a best-practice model for success.” 
"St. Mary’s Health System is proud of the success of the students that have completed this course,” shares Brittany Blais at St. Mary’s.  “This program was designed and executed in collaboration with Western Maine Community Action, Maine Department of Labor, and Gray-New Gloucester Adult Education after we recognized a need in our system for Medical Assistants.  It was a wonderful opportunity that will hopefully fulfill our need for qualified medical assistants and allow these students an opportunity to grow professionally in a rewarding career.  We are very appreciative of the efforts that all parties contributed to make this successful and wish the best of luck to these students." 
Monica M. Millhime
Employment & Training Business Specialist


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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Reporting Unit: 20689           Lisbon, Maine
"Town of Lisbon
State Ref ,State Hse Dist 56, & Annual Municipal & Ref Election "
November 7, 2017
                Wards/Districts 1 & 2
QUESTION 1: Act to Allow Slot Machines in York County
Yes             427
No              1,632
Blanks          24

QUESTION 2: Act to Enhance Affordable Health Care
Yes             1,012
No              1,050
Blanks          21

QUESTION 3:  Act to Authorize a General Fund to Improve Highways/Bridges
Yes             1,326
No              729
Blanks          28

QUESTION 4: An Amendment to the Constitution Reducing Volatility in State Penson Funding
Yes             1,064
No              925
Blanks          94

Special State House District 56
Gaiason, Scott          868
Mason, Richard G                1,180
Blanks          28

For Council Member At Large (Vote for One) 3 Year Term
Fernand Marcel Larochelle               1,684
Blanks          393

For School Committee (Vote for One) 3 Year Term
Kimberly Labbe-Poisson          567
Richard James Nadeau            469
Ross Hunter Cunningham          731
Blanks          310

For Water Commission (Vote for One) 3 Year Term
Arthur George McLean            527
Roger Stanley Bickford          1,229
Blanks          321

Question 1: School Project - Energy Effiency Upgrades
Yes             1,263
No              770
Blanks          44

Question 2: Wastewater Collection & Treatment System Bond
Yes             1,350
No              683
Blanks          44

State Ballots Cast:             2,083

Registered Voters:              6,619           31.47%


Lisbon Town Clerk
300 Lisbon Street
Lisbon, ME  04250


We have been given a deadline for sending our updated Form 7s to MEMA by close of business on Thursday. 

Along with municipal costs, there is the potential for private individual damages that have gone unreported despite State and Counties attempting to get the word out to private citizens.  If you know of private citizens who have sustained damages to their primary residence and/or vehicle, please have them contact this office by 2 PM Thursday so that we can also record their damages.  With the campaign to have residents call 2-1-1 Maine to report their damages, only 26 statewide have called in and only 2 reported personal property damages.  Only 1 call was received for Androscoggin County (town of Lisbon). 

Please call or email the information to:

Joanne G. Potvin, Director
Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency
2 College Street
Lewiston, ME  04240-7101
Tel:  207-784-0147
FAX:  207-795-8938



Friday, November 3, 2017


DHHS:  “…..current SNAP recipients may qualify assistance with replacing lost food; …..if they qualify, the benefit would be equal to the total of their losses but  cannot exceed their monthly benefit; …..a press release has been issues with information on how SNAP recipients can contact them for replacement benefits – the link is: or recipients can contact the Office of Family Independence at 1-855-797-4357 for more information or for assistance in obtaining a voucher; …..”
IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Maine  Emergency Management Agency News Release of 11/02/17 at 5 PM“ …..The State of Maine is pursuing a Federal Disaster Declaration, however, NO Federal assistance is available at this time; MEMA and the County EMAs are just starting the process of assessing damages and needs, primarily in the area of public works costs for emergency debris removal and disposal; …..individuals who have sustained property damage should document those damages through photos and receipts and file a claim with their homeowner’s insurance; …..those without insurance and financial means to fix the damages should contact their municipal General Assistance Officer to determine what assistance may be available; …..SNAP benefit recipients may be able to obtain a voucher to replace lost food from the freezer/refrigerator – they should contact the Office of Family Independence at 1-855-797-4357 or visit the website for more information; …..individuals with food losses who are not SNAP benefit recipients should check in with their municipal General Assistance Officer for assistance  that may be available – local food pantries, Community Action Programs and Good Shepherd Foodbank may be able to provide some food replacement assistance to those who meet certain income guidelines; …..individuals may also contact 2-1-1 Maine to obtain referrals for assistance; … who experienced losses and need assistance should contact USDA Farm Service Agency at 207-990-9140. 
Citizens who have experienced damages as a result of the Oct. 29 Wind Storm are encouraged to report those damages to 2-1-1 Maine.  This information is to assess damages and will be provided to the individual’s town to enable them to learn who has storm-related damages.   Callers will be asked a series of questions.  They should continue to file claims with their homeowners or auto insurance.  By reporting this damage, they are not applying for assistance; …..”
To Municipal Officials – would you please post this paragraph of information in a conspicuous location at your Town Office/City Hall in order to make residents aware of this information?  Thank you!


Joanne G. Potvin, Director
Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency
2 College Street
Lewiston, ME  04240-7101