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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

FREE BEACON: Hillary Clinton Threatens to Shutter Half of All Schools


Hillary Clinton has the support of powerful teachers’ unions, but they may not like what she just said at an Iowa school on Tuesday. 
Speaking at Keota Junior-Senior High School in Keota, Iowa, Clinton said that underperforming schools would be closed under her administration.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

GOPDD: School falls apart after teachers told not to punish minority students because of white privilege

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Schools are becoming increasingly violent and controlled by gangs – even at the elementary level, due to political correctness. It is making life hell for the students who want to learn as well as their teachers. One school in Minnesota has become so bad a teacher sent an anonymous letter to a local newspaper reporter revealing the horrific conditions.

The teachers of the St. Paul school district are “scared” of some of their students and the dangerous environment in their classrooms, according to an anonymous teacher who sent a heartfelt message to a reporter from the local newspaper.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

GOPDD: Students flock to cafeteria after school gives up 120k in funding to drop Michelle O’s lunch program

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Dropping Michelle Obama’s failed food plan was the best business move Bozeman high school ever made!

The decision by officials at a high school in Montana to give up $117,000 in federal money and drop Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program has proved to be a popular and profitable success.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

GOPDD: VIRAL VIDEO: Pastor Gets Fed UP of Islam Indoctrination in his Kids’ Classroom and so DOES THIS…EPIC

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Pastor Greg Locke had enough of Islam indoctrination placed in the curriculum at Wilson County, Tennessee, schools.
Locke says that there is only “a half-page of watered down Christianity” in the curriculum of Wilson County, but 29 pages to explain Islam.


Monday, September 14, 2015

GOPDD: Tennessee Common Core School Standards Teach That Allah is the One True God

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In yet another example of how bad, how un-American, the Common Core curriculum is, in Tennessee it is teaching kids that Allah is the one true god.

Middle school parents in Tennessee are up in arms on learning that their children were instructed to recite and write, “Allah is the only god,” as part of a world history project.


Monday, August 17, 2015

A Citizen Writes: From my perspective‏



Superintendent Richard Green and the School Committee met the town council's ultimatum to lower their budget by $600,000.  In order to do that they, Mr. Green and the School Committee, propose to use some of the savings from the construction of the gymnasium bond so as to not

raise real estate taxes.


Evidently the majority of Lisbon residents see nothing wrong with that as they have voted not once,

but twice, that the school budget is too low.

Mr. Green has gone over and above, to find ways to keep costs down and still keep the quality of education and services for the Town of Lisbon and it's students. Yet some members of the Town Council are not happy.


It would appear that Councilors Pesce, Bickford, Metivier, Crafts and Brunelle want to see  your taxes and mine increase. If they get their way Mr. Green would have to make more cuts in the education of our students, cuts in services, and most likely cuts in sports and art programs.

The quality of education would go down, but most important, the morale of the students would be



The only way to resolve is this is that the town council agree to the proposed school budget at the next public hearing.   


The Lisbon High School gymnasium is almost completed, below the amount that was expected, at a cost savings to the people, and will be a wonderful addition to the town.



Dot Fitzgerald

A Very Concerned Lisbon Citizen

Sunday, July 12, 2015

***IMPORTANT*** Lisbon HS MELMAC Class of 2015 Survey‏

Dear Lisbon Graduates – Class of 2015:

Following is the second of four surveys required by The MELMAC Education Foundation.  You might recall, prior to graduation, we requested some information regarding your college, work or military aspirations, grants and scholarship information.  We need your input this summer, fall of 2015, and next summer, in order to maintain our grant monies to provide future collage visits, parent nights, scholarship and financial aid nights, etc.

Please use the self-addressed, stamped envelope included with the survey that was mailed to everyone this week.

We are requested all surveys be returned by July 25.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanking you in advance for your participation. 

Mrs. Millhime
Lisbon School Department – Community Resources / Grants

(Click on above to print each page of the form out if needed)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lisbon Junior Volunteers Celebrate Success‏


  Lisbon junior volunteers were treated to a pizza and a pool party on Thursday, June 4 to celebrate a year of contributing a record number of community service hours and their support to local charities during the 2014-15 school year.   Waiting for their pool time at the YMCA, Turner Street in Auburn pictured (l-r, front row): Erica Hill, Amelia Mooney, Abby Cunningham, Sarah Pitcher and Dustin Wood with chaperones (l-r, back row); Jim Millhime, Bobbi Hill and Laurie Pitcher. “It was such a pleasure hosting the Junior Volunteers’ celebration.  We are proud to be one of your sponsors, and we would love to continue the partnership next year,” shared Victoria Stanton, Director of Marketing and Advancement, Auburn-Lewiston YMCA.  Photo courtesy of Monica Millhime.

Lisbon – Members of the Lisbon School Department junior volunteer group celebrated the end of another successful year of contributing volunteer services in their schools and the greater community.  Students grades five through 12 are invited to join the volunteer program, modeled after the adult program, for the Lisbon School District.  Members of the Lisbon High School group contributed 3,917 hours; Philip W. Sugg Middle School students contributed 1,343 hours; and members of the youngest group of volunteers at Lisbon Community School volunteered 779 hours.  “The 2014-2015 school year was another great  year thanks to  amount of dedicated hours by all groups,” shares Monica Millhime, Community Resource and Volunteer Coordinator.    “The adult volunteers contributed 14,225 hours of service assisting in classrooms, chaperoning field trips, offering culinary assistance, photocopying, laminating, booklet binding and so much more, contributing to  total of 20,264 hours of volunteer time.  Since the program was introduced in  2004, 172,639 hours have been volunteered in the Lisbon School District.” 

Thanks to the community partnerships in education with Papa Gino’s and the YMCA in Auburn, students and their parents were treated to pizza and a pool party to celebrate their generous giving of volunteer services.   “Thanks to the galvanized efforts throughout the District by all junior volunteer members, students were able to contribute $1,050 to local non-profits this school year.  Donations were shared with the Lisbon Area Christian Outreach (L.A.C.O.), the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society and The Autism Society of Maine.  As their Advisor, I am extremely proud of our students’ commitment to make a difference in our community and provide assistance while maintaining good grades and serving as positive role models for their peers”, commented Millhime.

A moving tribute, flowers and a gift were presented to Millhime during the celebration for her dedication, passion and commitment to the hundreds of volunteers in the District.  Angela Shambarger, President of the parent groups at Lisbon Community School and Philip W. Sugg shared, “Not only do these Volunteer hours allow programs and work to be done that otherwise wouldn't happen, (not to mention the money saved) this magnitude of service to the community makes our community stronger by building social capital and develops our student volunteers into amazing young leaders with a sense of pride and compassion for their town and its citizens. Monica makes this happen. THANK YOU Monica.”

“Since 2004, The Lisbon School Department has been aligned with the prestigious National Presidential Volunteer Service Award Program,” commented Millhime.  Recipients receive a letter from the President of the United State, an award certificate and a National Volunteer Service pin.  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, it speaks volumes on a student’s college and/or job application to have received this award.”  Lisbon Community School students receiving the National Presidential Volunteer Service Award and volunteer certificates of appreciation were :  Gold award,  Erica Hill;.   Silver awards, Benjamin Shambarger, Lily Morse, Abby Cunningham, Grace Braley, Sarah Pitcher, Ethan Brown, Sophia McFadden, Madyson Ramsay and Ainslie Albert.  Students receiving the certificate of appreciation, Khalil Addison, Hunter Brissette, Sarah Charest, Caleb Coburn, Amanda Dall, Paige Garrison, Sierra Minnehan, Amelia Mooney, Caleb Phillips, Jennifer St. Pierre, Addisen Turcotte and Matthew Wilson.

Philip W. Sugg Middle School students receiving the Presidential Awards  included the following Gold awards,  Emily Chapman, Morgan Roy, Joey Frederick and Geoffrey Shambarger.  Receiving the silver award, Haylee Casey and Leigha Walls.  Bronze awards were presented to Amber Soucy, Elise Smith, Oceana Assignon and Charlee Cox.  Certificates of appreciation were presented to Alexandra Conley, Kane Strout, Jordyn Maloy, Sierra Martin, Carolyn Shane, and Derek Wilson.

Lisbon High School students receiving Presidential Service Awards included:  Gold awards, Natalie Thomsen and Dustin Wood.  Silver awards were earned by Joey Frederick, Benjamin LeClair, Amanda Mason, and Johnny Yim.  Bronze awards were presented to Alyssa Briglio, Silas Crosby, Jacob LeClair, Spenser Thebeau, Eric Yim, Lillian Johnston, Taylor Plourde, Loren Grant, Jordan McCain, Amanda Hazelton, Connor Craig, Jack Caron, Monica Austin, Tiffany Hursh and Adam Desjardins.  

Certificates of appreciation were shared with Lily Wade, Kaitlyn Hill, Charles Sult, Alyssa Finlay, Jake Angelico, Joseph Dunbar, Jared Williams, Hannah Martel, Dylan Brawn, Alexandra Sult, Kipri Steele, Hayley Wheeler, Christopher Normand, Jasmin Le, Kaylin Le, Kate Philbrick, Cody Richard, Hailey Kaherl, and Joseph Couillard.

FMI on events and opportunities to volunteer and become a community partnerships in education with Lisbon Schools call 754.0021 or email  Visit Community Resource News in Lisbon Schools on Facebook for the latest news and events. 

Editor's note:  We THANK YOU  Monica for EVERYTHING that you have done for the youths and parents in OUR community by keeping the readers informed of school happenings. The many "hats" that you wear in your daily duties is beyond amazing.  Having your position cut back or eliminated will definitely have a "drastic" impact for Lisbon's citizens.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dastardly Actions At Lisbon's Town Office Are Heading To Another Day In Court

Will Lisbon Taxpayers Be Forced To pay both sides of This Law Suit?

On May 30th the following people,

Kasie Kolbe -- Dean Willey--- Marcey Crosskill--- Nicole Sautter
Norman Albert ---Angela Shambarger--- James Harriman ---Michelle Houston and Lorrie Potvin

 formed a "Petitioners Committee" and started to collect petition signatures to hold a "Special Town Meeting" in an attempt to override the Town Council's reduction in the proposed school budget . The Committee collected  and submitted over 700 signatures to the Town Clerk.
(Click on the above to enlarge)

On June 3rd the petition was certified as being "insufficient" (rejected) for the following reasons:

*** Because it was not filed within the 15 days period following the legal adoption of the  budget. 

***And because a Special Town Meeting to reconsider a school budget approved by the Council and voters would not be consistent with the Statutory and Charter requirements for adoption of school budgets. 

It has been rumored that the Committee's  next step is to sue the Town using School Department money to pay for the legal representation.  I hope this isn't true.  If School Department money is used to sue the Town  we will have a situation in which the Residents of Lisbon will be paying money to sue themselves. 

I feel the above named committee has every right in the world to sue the town  if they are paying the bill. But Lisbon Residents shouldn't be required to pay for both sides of  the lawsuit.

Joe Hill

The Lisbon Reporter posts informational articles submitted to the Editor. These are the opinions of citizens. The purpose of the Lisbon Reporter is to keep the citizens of Lisbon informed as to what is happening in Lisbon, Maine.

Lisbon HS Students of the Qtr. 4‏


Lisbon High School (LHS) administrators and staff are pleased to recognize students for their excellent overall performance.  Family members of the most recent student of the quarter awards were invited to attend the recognition. 
Pictured (l-r): Freshman,  Ben LeClair, son of Carol and Nathan LeClair of Lisbon; Sophomore, Silas Crosby, son of Theresa and Esau Crosby of Lisbon Falls; Junior, Darren Elwell, son of Wendy and Robert Elwell of Lisbon Falls; and Senior, Victoria Swan (not available for photo), daughter of Joddi-Lynn and Timothy Swan of LisbonPhoto courtesy of Jonathan Carsley.

Lisbon – Lisbon High School, Principal Nicholas Gannon, announced the Students of the 4th Quarter during a school-wide assembly on Monday, June 1st.   Parents, grandparents, and siblings of the recipients were invited to the attend the assembly to congratulate students.  Students are nominated by staff members for their community service, academics, co-curricular activities, sports participation, good citizenship and overall positive reflection of the student body. 

Awards this Quarter were presented to Senior, Victoria Swan“Victoria is self-motivated and interested in learning, not just for grades alone, but for the pleasure of understanding something new,” shares Principal Gannon.  “As Jobs for Maine’s Graduates president, she has been a strong leader throughout the year She is dedicated to our Career Association focused on leadership, community service and future aspirations in and out of the classroom.  Victoria challenges herself by taking upper level and independent study courses.  She is well respected by her peers, is a team player on and off the court/field, being a valuable member of both the field hockey and basketball teams.” 

The Junior Student of the Quarter was awarded to Darren Elwell.  “Darren consistently works hard and committed himself to Science Olympiad this year putting in many productive hours into his events.  He assisted others on the team with their engineering projects,” shared Gannon.  “Darren is a self-motivated team player and is polite, courteous and respectful to his peers and our staff.” 

Silas Crosby was named the Sophomore Student of Quarter 4.  “Silas is one of the hardest working students in his class.  He has tutored peers struggling with math providing patience, understanding and reassurance,” commented Gannon.  “Silas is a member of the cross country and track teams.  He has been a member of the Community Service Junior Volunteer group since 2011.  He served as Vice President of the group this year and earned the National Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  Silas is a person who is a quality helper, a connected teammate, an involved student, and the potential to be a future community leader.”

Freshman Student of Quarter 4 was Benjamin LeClair.  “Ben is a likeable, friendly, polite and respectful person to his peers and teachers,” comments Gannon.  “He takes Honors level classes, plays baseball, is a valuable member of the Science Olympiad team and is a member of the Community Service Junior Volunteer group.  He was also awarded the National Presidential Volunteer Service Award for his volunteering in school and the community.  Ben is focused, hard-working and committed.”

Students are presented with a plaque, school supplies, a library pass and gift certificates from Lisbon’s partners in education, Dunkin’ Donuts and the YMCA in Auburn. 

FMI on programs and events in Lisbon Schools call 754.001 or email Visit the Community Resource News in Lisbon Schools on FaceBook for all the updates on events and programs in Lisbon Schools.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lisbon's Loren Grant Awarded LA Rotary Scholarship‏

Loren Grant, a member of Lisbon High School’s Class of 2015 and the Junior Volunteer Community Service Club, was one of the seven area students awarded a $1,000 Scholarships from members of the Lewiston- Auburn Rotary Club on Tuesday, May 19 at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston.  Attending the event with Grant  pictured at left, Lorraine Bard, LHS Secretary and Loren’s mother, Pamela Grant.  Photo courtesy of Monica Millhime.

 Lewiston – Members of the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary District 7790 presented seven $1,000 scholarship awards during the Club’s Annual Awards Banquet held at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston on May 19.  “Every year, the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club raises thousands of dollars to donate to graduating high school seniors and worthy community organizations,” shared Rotary Club President, Christine Wilson.    “To raise these funds, we carry out several fundraising activities including an annual auction, the Balloon Festival, and more.  Thanks to our fundraising efforts, the members of the Lewiston -Auburn Rotary Club presented $18,900 to very deserving students and community organizations during the annual event.  
Monique Roy, Vocational Service Chair, with assistance from John Belisle of the Ways and Means Committee presented checks for $1,000 Scholarships to seven students in the Class of 2015 from area schools.  Recipients were Jessica Boulet, St. Dominic Academy; Summer Emery, Poland Regional High School; Abbey Dodge, Oak Hill High School; Loren Grant, Lisbon High School; Lucas Rushton, Lewiston High School; Emma Fournier, Leavitt Area High School; Brandon Bernier, Edward Little High School.  

Shawn Wright, Community Service Chair with assistance from President Wilson presented the Community Donations.   Nine civic organizations were awarded donations and recognized for their service to the community:  Trinity Jubilee Center, $500; Great Falls Balloon Festival, $600; Shelter Box, $1,000; Veteran’s Inc., $1,000; SEARCH (Seek Elderly Alone Renew Courage and Hope), $1,000; 21st Century Club, $1,300; Good Shepherd Food Bank, $1,500; Tree Street Youth, $2,500; Sandcastle Clinical and Educational Services, $2,500.  

Peter Kowalski, Foundation Committee Chair presented a Paul Harris Fellow Award to Rotarian, Betsy Sibley.

Six area businesses were nominated for the Ethics in Business Award:  Austin Associates, Butler Brothers, Community Credit Union, John D. Crafts, Inc., Maine Source Homes and Northeast Charter and Tour Company.  Hillary Dow and John Belisle presented Northeast Charter and Tour with the 2015 Award.

The Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club has been serving the Lewiston-Auburn community since it was chartered in 1917.  The Club’s main objective is service – in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world.  The fellowship group is committed to helping local organizations and those looking to pursue a higher education.  Internationally, the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club has helped to build a library in the Philippines and is currently exploring a project with an orphanage in Haiti.   

The principle motto of Rotary is “Service Above Self” and the object of the Club and all Rotary Clubs is to encourage and foster this ideal as a basis of worthy enterprise.  

Lewiston Auburn Rotary Club meets Thursdays at noon at the Ramada Inn, Lewiston.  Guests are always welcomed. 

Lisbon Students Benefit from Bowdoin Common Good Grant‏


PWS students (pictured l-r) Haylee Casey and Charlie Cox use the library booth to work on a class project with assistance from Librarian, Tim Gaudet.  Kane Strout and Geoffrey Shambarger enjoy the comfort of the saucer chairs during their independent studies. Library resources and furniture were provided by the Bowdoin College Common Good Grant.   Photo courtesy of Monica Millhime.

Lisbon - The award of the Bowdoin College Common Good Grant at Philip W. Sugg Middle School’s library in Lisbon has provided three new databases, America the Beautiful, Lands and Peoples, and the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.   In addition to the much needed digital resources, the grant provided a furniture upgrade of a large booth table and two blue saucer chairs for collaborative learning.  Students utilize the library with an increased sense of pride while enjoying the new resources in comfort for classroom work, research projects, pleasure reading, and after-school meetings. 

Philip W. Sugg Middle School Librarian Tim Gaudet has seen tremendous growth in circulation, online research and library usage because of the resources provided by the Common Good Grant. Library circulation has increased from 3,000 books annually to over 5,000.  Classroom instruction has become more popular in the library in collaboration between teachers and library staff. The attractive furniture provides a sitting area that promotes collaboration amongst peers and between teachers and students. The online resources were integrated into multiple research projects with orientation and training provided by the librarian to students and staff. The middle school students admire the new up- to-date setting provided by the Common Good Grant.
FMI on other events and programs, community partnerships and volunteer opportunities in Lisbon Schools, please call 754.0021 or email  Find the latest updates posted on FaceBook at Community Resource News in Lisbon School.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lisbon HS Construction Tour‏

Touring LHS Construction Site

Lisbon - Jobs For Maine’s Graduates and other Lisbon High School students participated in a guided tour on Thursday, May 14th of the new gym’s construction site at 2 Sugg Drive in Lisbon Falls.   Students were guided through the many working pieces of a project.  

Denis Landry and Scott Cristina of Landry and French Construction shared why many skills are needed in the construction field. Landry told students that when hiring potential employees he is most concerned with attitude, work ethic and the ability to work as a team member. Emphasis was also put on the job market as many jobs like masonry, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing are in high demand as the baby boomer generation retires. 

Learning a skill and understanding how to problem solve can get you far in this vast and growing industry. Landry also mentioned about the enormous change in technology within the field. Many aspects of the field have a technological component to them. Surveying with GPS, structural engineering, supervision and site inspection all require technological skills. Cristina also pointed out that many women are in the field as project managers, engineers, welders, and electricians. 

The students left with a greater appreciation of their new gym and with the understanding of the necessary work skills within the construction field.  FMI on other events, programs, partnerships in education, and volunteer opportunities call 754.0021 or email  Like us on FaceBook at Community Resource News in Lisbon Schools.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BDN: U.S. News & World Report lists 17 Maine high schools among nation’s best

Could Lisbon Make This List Someday?
Perhaps With People Working Together Instead of Against  It Could Happen!

 By Nick McCrea, BDN Staff
BANGOR, Maine — Seventeen Maine schools appear on the 2015 U.S. News and World Report’s list of best high schools in the country, five of which didn’t make the list last year.
Brewer High School, which didn’t make the 2014 list, jumped to 669 in the national rankings and No. 5 in Maine. Other schools that earned a new spot on the list include Boothbay Region High School, Gorham High School, Sanford High School and Madawaska Middle/High School.
“This is the first time anyone recalls Brewer High School being ranked in Maine’s top five,” Brewer Superintendent Jay McIntire said in a Tuesday email sent to school officials. “This is another great honor for the City of Brewer, for Principal [David] Wall, and the many teachers, other employees, students, and families that make ours an up-and-coming high school in Maine, and now recognized nationally.”
 Continue reading here.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Lisbon Honors Community Partners & Volunteers

Lisbon School Department Superintendent, Administrators, Teachers and Staff honored its Volunteers and Community Partners for contributing 20,264 hours of assistance during the 2014-15 school year.  Since 2004, 1,194 volunteers have been trained by Community Resource/Volunteer Coordinator, Monica Millhime. The outstanding volunteer for the school year was Lisa Caron who contributed  2,010 hours of community volunteer assistance.  Caron is a member of the Lisbon Adult Volunteer program and has served as treasurer of the Parent Action Group at Philip W. Sugg Middle School (PWS) and the Lisbon Community School (LCS).   “Lisa began assisting as a Lisbon Volunteer when the two Lisbon elementary schools merged in 2004.  She is an exceptional volunteer and a dear friend,” shares Millhime.  Lisa was honored with top honors with The National Presidential Awards in 2005 and 2014 with 332 hours and 2,445 hours respectfully.  “We are extremely fortunate in Lisbon with the number of hard working people who enjoy giving back to their community and schools,” shares Millhime.   Pictured (l-r) Lisa Caron, Lisbon’s Volunteer of the year,  and her daughter, Paula.  The dynamic mother/daughter duo both were awarded The National Presidential Volunteer Service Award.   Photo courtesy of Steve Sharp.

Lisbon – On Thursday, May 7, the Lisbon School Department honored their Community Partners and Volunteers for their assistance of 20,264  hours of community service during the 2014-2015 school year.   Celebrating the milestone of achieving over 1,000 trained volunteers in the Lisbon School District volunteers, community partners, administrators and staff enjoyed a night filled with pizza, fun and celebration.   

Superintendent of Schools, Richard Green, welcomed close to 100 guests in attendance and commended their dedication and willingness to assist Lisbon students, teachers and staff.  In an effort to keep the night on a positive note, despite the current budget issues within the town and the school department, the Appreciation Committee invited guests to participate in a movie trivia contest of the ever-popular video, Shut Up and Dance

  Guests were given a worksheet to identify the 88 different movie clips and a chance to win a prize at the end of the night.  The excitement built throughout the evening with a number of door prizes and the anticipation of who would be receiving the top National Presidential Awards. 

“Since 2004, the Lisbon School Department has been aligned with the prestigious National Presidential Volunteer Service Award Program,” commented Monica Millhime, Lisbon’s Volunteer and Resource Coordinator.  “The program recognizes adult volunteers achieving over 100 hours of service.  Recipients receive a letter from the President of the United States, an award certificate and a National Volunteer Service pin.  Volunteers and community partners contributing up to 100 hours and partnership opportunities in Lisbon received a Lisbon School Department Certificate of Appreciation,” said Millhime  “Lisbon volunteers pride themselves on viewing their volunteer services as a central part of their lives.  

Each and every time a volunteer assists with a project, whether it is in the classroom, tutoring, working on yearbook assignments, assisting as a reading buddy, chaperoning on a field trip, working from home on a special project, baking, or assisting in the office, our volunteers are making a difference in our schools for the benefit of our students, shares Millhime.    “We have generations within families who all volunteer.  Our program continues to grow in surrounding communities with a number of people joining our volunteer program.  Over the last 11 years, the galvanized force of 1,194 Lisbon Volunteers donated 172,639 volunteer hours,”  shares Millhime.
A standing ovation was given to Lisa Caron, for contributing 2,010 hours of service to the Lisbon Schools and greater community and to Millhime for her outstanding dedication to the volunteer program.  “Our volunteers donate their time not for the awards, but to make a difference in our community and set an example for others,” commented Millhime.  A total of 42 volunteers earned The National Presidential Volunteer Service Awards.  

In addition to Caron, the Gold Presidential Awards was earned by Trisha Thebeau, Shauna Walls and Deb Weddle.  Silver Presidential Awards for contributing 250 to 499 hours were earned by Roland Grondin, Angela Shambarger, Heather Parker, Carol LeClair, Christina Gagne, Annette Wilson, and Emma Wilson.  Suzanne Miller, Kathi Yergin, Sue Bornstein, Jeff Miller, Donna Rimiller, Nichole Sautter, Paula Caron, Jennifer Libby, Lorraine Bard, Doug Sautter, Carol Day, George Caron, Jonathan Carsley, Dean Willey, Jim Millhime, Amy Dudar, Amy Austin, Scott Wilson, Kelly Wade, Candace Barrett, Ron Hood, Pearl Scribner, Paul Barrett, Jonathan Pollack, Aspen Mikella, Amanda McDonough, Donna Thiele, and Gary Hauger all earned the Bronze award for contributing over 100 hours.  

Certificates of appreciation were awarded to Chuck Cox, Meghan Craig, Heather Cronin, Connie Fowler, Janice Grondin, Hillary Kuhl, Kymberlee Piela, Mike Piela, Shannon Rich, Greg Shambarger, Sara Thiele, Cathy Williams, Glen Williams and Jerry Yergin.  
Certificates of appreciation were awarded to media partners Great Falls TV, Sun Journal, Times Record, Twin City Times, Turner Publishing, Lisbon Reporter,  WCSH, WGME, and WMTW. 

 Community partnership certificates of appreciation were awarded to the Town of Lisbon, Lisbon Library, Lisbon Federal Credit Union (George Roy and Selma Basic); LCS PTO, PWS PAG, LHS PAG, Lisbon Music Boosters, Lisbon Athletic Boosters, Sam’s, Steve Sharp Photography, Topsham Grange, Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake, Lisbon Police Department, Town of Lisbon Transfer Station (Marcel Obie), Lisbon Fire Department, and the YMCA.   

A special thanks to Arby’s Restaurants, Benoit’s Bakery,  Chummy’s Mid Town Diner, Greater Portland Landmarks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Lisbon House of Pizza, Portland Dine Around, Tangles Hair Salon and Thatcher’s Restaurant for their support of gifts and certificates for the banquet.  
“Lisbon School Department is extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people willing to assist in our school district.  The amount of time they contribute truly makes an impact in our community,” shares Superintendent Green. 
FMI on the Lisbon volunteer and partnership program call 754-0021 or email Visit Community Resource News in Lisbon Schools on Facebook for the latest news and projects planned throughout the Lisbon School District.

[Watch] An Unlikely Hero Saves The Day After A School Bus Driver Faints Behind The Wheel

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lisbon LCS Talent Show May 1‏


 Members of the Talent Show ensemble at Lisbon Community School take a break from rehearsal to strike a pose for the traveling Greyhound Pride camera.  The eighth annual show is scheduled for Friday, May 1.  The event is open to the public.  Pictured (left to right)  Back row: Laurie Cincotta, Ehric Kettelhut, McKenzie Ventry, Emily Leavitt, Alivia Weikel, Addisen Turcotte, Erica Hill, Abaigeal Lucas, Journey Deming, Grace Braley, Megan Belanger, Miranda Saucier, Amelia Mooney, Ann Morrill, Donna Rimiller.  Middle row:  Paige Garrison, Wyatt Perron, Sean Moore, Caroline White, Katie Tibbetts, Sarah Pitcher, Amanda Dall, Sophia McFadden, Sarah Charest, Reese McAtee.  Front row:  Benjamin Shambarger, Aidan Laviolette, Madyson Ramsey, Ethan Brown, Elijah Martin, Caleb Phillips, Annika Golino, Kristen Lane, Lillian Barbay, Ainslie Albert, Vanessa Brown, Abby Cunningham.  Photo courtesy of Monica Millhime.

Lisbon- Stars will be shining on the stage at Lisbon Community School (LCS) on Friday, May 1 as members of the fifth grade classes present the annual Talent Show.  Drama Coach, Laurie Cincotta, is proud to announce the upcoming production thanks to the generosity of local sponsors, the LCS PTO and Coca Cola.  Donna Rimiller, Assistant Drama Coach, worked with Cincotta and students along with Henry Eichman, Angel Tibbetts, Ann Morrill, Betty Fogg and Monica Millhime.  “A special thanks to our fifth grade teachers and students,” shares Cincotta.  “Thanks to their assistance, along with the support from numerous LCS Parents, Candace Barrett, Jonathan Carsley, Amanda Eustis, the LCS Secretaries,  Administration, Custodians and the anonymous donation of refreshment goodies from the Candy Men, our eighth year production is bound to be a huge success.”   

Seventeen acts are scheduled for the evening. Abby Cunningham and Ehric Kettlehut will serve as the MCs for the first half of the program.   The opening act will feature teachers, Melissa Martin and Sarah Morris, History of Hip Hop Dance; followed by performances by Benjamin Shambarger with his violin playing Everything is Awesome; Ainslie Albert singing Roar by Alex G; Sophia McFadden performing Caisson March on her trombone; Lillian Barbay singing Impossible by Shontelle;  Amelia Mooney on flute will perform Sawmill Creek; Addisen Turcotte will be dancing to Summer Cheering Mix; Vanessa Brown and Sarah Charest will perform a duet singing White Horse by Taylor Swift; Emily Leavitt and Alivia Weiket will perform a skit to the Duck Song.  Students will join together with a group song of I Lived by One Republic, followed by a brief intermission.  Erica Hill and Miranda Saucier will serve as MCs introducing the remaining talent routines starting with Grace Braley and Annika Golino dancing to Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper; Abaigeal Lucas, Sarah Pitcher and Caroline White will sing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran; Aidan Laviolette and Elijah Martin will join voices in performing Eye of the Tiger by Survivor; Katherine Tibbetts will dance her way through It’s Always You by Every Witch Way; Journey Deming and Kristen Lane with perform Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts; Reese McAtee, Amelia Mooney and Acadia Rugullies with dance to the Christina Perri song Human.  A grand final will feature the entire cast performing Centuries by Fall Out Boys.  Scenery for the event was designed by Victoria Worden with assistance from students Megan Belanger, Ethan Brown, Amanda Dall, Paige Garrison, Sophia McFadden, Sean Moore, Wyatt Perron, Caleb Phillips, Madyson Ramsey and McKenzie Ventry.

Curtain time is 6 p.m. in the LCS Cafetorium, 33 Mill Street in Lisbon.    The event is open to the public and donations are welcomed at the door.  FMI contact Laurie Cincotta Visit Community Resource News in Lisbon Schools on FaceBook for the latest programs and events.  FMI on community partnership and volunteer opportunities call 754.0021 or email