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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I submitted a request to name the “internal access way” in front of the Public Works garage through the Transfer Station and back to Capital Avenue as “Ricker Circle”.  This request was denied by the town because of following reasons:

1       This is NOT a road/street; it is an internal access way.

2        The town ordinance requires two addresses on the same road/street.

Come to find out, the Public Works building and the Transfer Station have the same address (14 Capital Avenue).  How can this be when there are two different buildings, two different phone numbers and two different internal access ways? 

In 1988, Maine voters approved the statewide deployment of Enhanced 9-1-1 service.  In 1994, the Emergency Services Communication Bureau was created as an agency within the Maine Department of Public Safety to oversee the development and implementation of statewide Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) service.  See the page taken from E9-1-1 guidelines.
(Click on above information to print for easier reading)

Now, I know that the Town Manager, Diane Barnes and Chairman Pesce are going to say that the town does not have to comply because this is just a guideline.  But the first line of the second paragraph says it all.  I quote “To provide the location of a caller, a telephone number must be linked to a physical address that clearly identifies the location of that telephone.”  The whole purpose of E9-1-1 is to provide an exact location for First Responders in an emergency. 

Having the Public Works building and the Transfer Station having two different buildings; two different telephone numbers and two different internal access ways, defeats the purpose and the intent of E9-1-1.  This is a minor problem that could be resolved in short order, provided the Town Manager and the Town Council can get over themselves and do what is right for the residents of Lisbon. 

Compliance with E9-1-1 will not cost the taxpayers any money.

The “internal access way” is the official traffic pattern for the entire town to utilize to get to the Transfer Station.  This situation has been over looked for years and now is the time to correct this problem and eliminate two problem areas that have now surfaced.

The town leadership has now been notified of the deplorable situation leading to the Transfer Station and the non-compliance with E9-1-1.  This notification now makes the Town liable.

Larry Fillmore

Monday, September 30, 2013

Lisbon's Councilors To Ponder Plight Of Proper Use Of Forfeited Funds Tuesday Night

HOW TO SPEND $71,750.78 FORFEITURE FUNDS???????????

On Tuesday night, the Town Council will be asked by Lisbon Police  Chief David T. Brooks; What to do with $71,750.78 the community received in forfeiture funds from the U.S. Treasury Department?  These funds were turned over to the town because our police department did their jobs, nothing more.  As Chief Brooks’ indicated the Federal people took control of the case immediately. 

 (click on to enlarge)


Now the town council has three options:

1.       To utilize these funds as the council sees fit.
2.       To give these funds to the Police Department to use as they see fit.
3.       To give these funds to the Police Department in return for $71,750.78 of tax dollars which was approved by the council for such things as the purchase of two cruisers at $48,816.00?

So let’s review each option.  Option 1 is by far the best option because it allows the council to take care of some urgent needs of the community such as:

1.       Repair roads
2.       Resolve the boiler issue at MTM Center before winter
3.       Replace more windows at MTM Center before winter
4.       Restore service on Thursday at the dump
5.       Restore services that were cut at the library

These suggestions are not ranked by priority but are excellent opportunities where this $71,750.78 would benefit the whole community.

Option 2 is by far the worst option.  The Town Council approved a budget for the Police Department of $1,297,864.00.  This is over a million dollars to cover the operations of the Police Department.  This is a small community with many residents on a fixed income.  I dare say that the Lisbon Police Department is the most costly per capita in the state of Maine.

Option 3 is a viable option.  According to Chief Brooks’ the correct protocol is to provide forfeiture funds to the police department to utilize for things such as vehicles.  Since the taxpayers have already budgeted for the vehicles with tax dollars then these tax dollars should be returned to the community and Chief Brooks should use the forfeitured funds to cover whatever he wants.  The taxpayers should not have to pay twice for whatever Chief Brooks wants to spend this $71,750.78 on.  The taxpayers should be reimbursed their tax dollars to be spent for such things as outlined in Option 1. 

This is an excellent opportunity to see if Chief Brooks is a team player and will put the needs of the community ahead of his own needs.  It is about time the community came first in this town and that goes for the town council too.  This community has a lot of needs that this $71,750.78 could eliminate or at least reduce greatly.  So now it is up to the Town Council to see if they are going to use this windfall for the good of the community or the good of Chief Brooks.  Citizens need to watch closely to how each councilor’s votes on this issue.

Let’s see if Chief Brooks is a team player and puts the community’s needs first.  But more important is to see which councilors support their friend or put their community first.

Larry Fillmore

Lisbon Town Council Agenda For Tuesday October 1, 2013

                                         TOWN COUNCIL MEETING
                                       TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2013
                                           LISBON TOWN OFFICE
                                                      7:00 P.M.



___Councilor Bickford
___ Councilor Garrison
___ Councilor Larochelle
___ Councilor Lunt
___Councilor Mason
___ Councilor Pesce
___ Councilor Ward

Town Clerk reading of meeting rules


A. Victualer License for Randall Smith d/b/a Pinky D’s




2013-154 ORDER −
A. Victualer License for Randall Smith d/b/a Pinky D’s

B.Minutes of September 17, 2013


2013-155 ORDER −
Fuel Bids

2013-156 ORDER −
Agency Liquor Store Relocation - Bootleggers

2013-157 ORDER −
New Agency Liquor Stores - Food City, Lisbon Gulf, and Rite Aid

2013-158 ORDER −

2013-159 ORDER −
Winter Sand Bids


A. Androscoggin River Trail Update

B. Town Manager’s Report




2013-160 ORDER −
1 MRSA § 405 (6) (A) Personnel Matter - EMA Director

2013-160 ORDER −
1 MRSA § 405 (6) (A) Personnel Matter -Water Department

2013-161 ORDER −
To Adjourn

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lisbon Transfer Now closed Thursday's.‏

Lisbon Transfer & Recycling Center
Hours of Operation
Hours of Operation
Tues. & Wed.
7:30 am - 4:00 pm 
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
7:00 am - 3:00 pm
14 Capital Ave.
Lisbon Falls, ME 04252
Submitted by: 'Rufe' 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Transfer Station "Swap Shed"

Good day,
 A subject has somewhat bothered me for some time now. And it is the Transfer Station located in the Town of Lisbon. The small shed that was built to house recycle goods, which contained many usable items that folks would bring in, instead of trashing them, and was still in decent condition for people to help themselves at no fee was closed a few months ago. Why? Maybe it was announced. If so I could have missed it, which wouldn't be surprising. 
Anyways, in the past I have heard several rumors. And I re-state RUMORS. One is that some folks have taken some things such as copper, brass, aluminum or whatever, stripped or took apart in order for them to sell as scrap and leave the rest in the shed. Also rumored that the employees figure that it is a fringe benefit for them? Junk, resell, swapping, etc. If that is the case, so be it, but leave the shed open to share with others. Never thought I'd be writing an article such as this, but here it is.