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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Transfer Station "Swap Shed"

Good day,
 A subject has somewhat bothered me for some time now. And it is the Transfer Station located in the Town of Lisbon. The small shed that was built to house recycle goods, which contained many usable items that folks would bring in, instead of trashing them, and was still in decent condition for people to help themselves at no fee was closed a few months ago. Why? Maybe it was announced. If so I could have missed it, which wouldn't be surprising. 
Anyways, in the past I have heard several rumors. And I re-state RUMORS. One is that some folks have taken some things such as copper, brass, aluminum or whatever, stripped or took apart in order for them to sell as scrap and leave the rest in the shed. Also rumored that the employees figure that it is a fringe benefit for them? Junk, resell, swapping, etc. If that is the case, so be it, but leave the shed open to share with others. Never thought I'd be writing an article such as this, but here it is. 

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Anonymous said...

theres a rumor that they dont have the help to keep watch over it.budget cuts?