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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Press Conference Tomorrow 8/14 9:30AM - Hall of Flags, Augusta State House‏

Press Conference: The Constitutions Get a “Watchful Eye” in Maine
WHERE: The State Capitol, Hall of Flags
WHEN: Thursday, August 14, 2014; 9:30 – 11 AM

Wayne Leach, Phillip Merletti, and Jack McCarthy, members of the Constitution Coalition of
Maine, announce the formation of We The People of Maine, Inc., a permanent non-political,
non-profit organization, formed of, by and for the People of Maine, whose sole purpose will be
to scrutinize government behavior at every level, and hold elected officials accountable to the
Rule of Law, from the State and Federal Constitutions and statutes down to local Charters and

The Constitution Coalition has determined that the overwhelming majority of our elected and
appointed officers are unaware of the principles, prohibitions, restrictions and mandates of our
Constitutions; the Rule of Law is being replaced by the Rule of Whim and Man; our
Constitutions are hanging by a thread; and, the People are the only sure reliance for the
preservation of their liberty.

Citizens of Maine join the citizens of Connecticut and New York who have established We The
People of Connecticut, Inc. and We The People of New York, Inc. People everywhere are
realizing that, by the authority of our Constitutions, the People structure and regulate their
government, and that the task of defending the Constitutions is the People's alone.

The We the People of Maine corporation is established to assist the Free People of this State to
institute a culture and environment where all elected officials will be expected to exercise and
embrace a sufficient reverence and enduring respect for the People and their Charters of
Freedom, with the knowledge that a critical mass of People – well educated about their Rights
and the means to secure them – are watching what they are doing in their official capacities,
and are able to hold them peacefully, but directly accountable, without undue reliance on the
electoral process, and regardless of their political party.

Press kits will be available.
CONTACT: Wayne Leach,; (207) 872-8998

Visit Maine Patriots at:

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