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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Softball score middle school‏

Hello,  This is Coach Kim Plourde. I am sending you the game summary for the PWS Lisbon Middle School softball team. This was the first game of the season. We were home against visiting Maranacook Middle School. Lisbon won 15-3 . Summary for Lisbon :  AB(at bat)-32, H(hits)-10, BB(base on balls)-10, K(strike outs)- 8. Ali Sult had a double and a triple while Shelby Plourde had a triple. Alysa Hall pitched for her first win with 9 strike outs, 4 walks and 4 hits. Behind the plate was a strong presence by catcher Jasmin Le. The team will go to Richmond on Thursday April 25 for the next game. 

This is Coach Kim Plourde sending the summary of the Middle school''s first game of the season at home against Maranacook.

PWS middle school Lisbon—15

Lisbon won 15-3 in the fifth inning.  Alysa Hall pitched for her first win of the season striking out 9 and walking 4 while giving up 4 hits.  Catcher Jasmin Le was strong behind the plate throwing out base runners stealing second. Ali Sult had two big hits one double and one triple, while Shelby Plourde also had a triple. The team had 32 at bats with 10 hits 10 walks and 8 strike outs.  The team came out strong offensively and now prepare to play Richmond on Thursday April 25.

Thank You for supporting our team!
Coach Kim Plourde

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