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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Duped or Screwed, You Make The Call!


                              WHOSE BEEN DUPED???????

It would appear that the Lisbon Town Council, and the Selectman from Durham and Sabattus have all been duped by Chief David T. Brooks and Town Manager Stephen Eldridge.  Many times the question has been asked “Are 911 calls directly received by the Lisbon Communication Center?”  The standard response by Stephen Eldridge is “911 calls are received by the Lisbon Communication Center directly from Lewiston”.

This statement is true but is not the correct answer to the question.  You see, ONLY Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) receives 911 calls.  The Androscoggin County Dispatch is a PSAP but the Lisbon Communication Center is NOT What this means is that all 911 calls received by the PSAP Androscoggin County Dispatch for Lisbon, Durham and Sabattus must be redirected, relayed or passed on to the Lisbon Communication Center depending on what term suits you.  This redirection wastes valuable time!  In a life or death situation where every second counts, this delay puts lives at risk. 

Androscoggin County Dispatch is able to dispatch First Responders immediately upon receipt of the 911 calls.  The Lisbon Communication Center cannot dispatch anyone until the 911 information has been passed along to them from the Androscoggin County Dispatch.  This delay maybe seconds, minutes or even hours but when every second counts in saving lives this is critical. 

In this economy is it important to ensure every tax dollar is spent effectively.   Chief Brooks offered a cut rate deal for these towns to join Lisbon in dispatching.  Chief Brooks could do this because the citizens of Lisbon are already paying approximately a half million dollars annually to operate this communication center and this cost is increasing every year.   However, it is important to weigh the cost savings against the cost of a life.

Chief David T. Brooks and Town Manager Stephen Eldridge are nothing more than “con men” or “honest used car salesmen” selling a product and that product is your life.  What is your life worth?


Larry Fillmore

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Anonymous said...

I can verify that seconds count in a medical emergency. This is a very important issue, and response time is incredibly critical.
-Jesse Zack, CST, CMMC OR