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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chief Brooks' Latest Performance - Part III‏


During Chief Brooks’ performance in which he presented to the Council his budget this year, he is asking the taxpayers to foot the bill for a Voter Radio System and eleven (11) mobile radios at a combined cost of $61,000.00.

This is extremely weird because if you remember correctly Chief Galipeau received a grant in January 11, 2011 for $14,690.00 for the following:
  1. A Repeater Station (SHSP)
  2. Two Control Stations
  3. Batteries
  4. Program/Install Radios
  5. Re-program Existing Radios
  6. TIA Compliant Tower System

Remember, the town installed a tower up on Route 9 because it was the highest point in the town.  This enabled the Police/Fire Departments to have communications throughout the town.  Chief Galipeau’s grant covered both Fire and Police. 

Now this bedroom community of Lisbon has all of this communications equipment and a communication center and they are unable to communicate.  If a Police Officer has all these radios, how is he going to hold his assault rifle?  It is totally ridiculous for Chief Brooks to force the taxpayers to spend $61,000.00 for more communications equipment.  Chief Brooks wants eleven (11) radios for whom?; according to him there are only one or two police officers on duty at any given time.  So where are the other nine radios going? Everyone today has a cell phone to communicate with.  

So exactly what is the purpose of the Communication Center?  If the Communication Center cannot communicate with the Police and Fire Department why are we paying $500,000.00 annual for it?  Think about how large Lisbon is and how relatively structure free, and then tell me again why we need to spend $61,000.00 of our tax dollars for the purchase of more radios to communicate with. 
Someone needs to remind Chief Brooks that this is not Detroit.
Let’s see if I can recap, our officers whether Police or Fire have cell phones, at least one mobile phone, vehicle radios, and a communication center.  Next, tell me again why Chief Brooks needs $61,000.00 of my tax dollars for yet another means to communicate with the town officers?

More fraud, waste and abuse of our tax dollars!

More to come!

Larry Fillmore

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