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Friday, March 21, 2014

How Much Does A "Hot" Dog Cost The Taxpayers' Of Lisbon?


Lisbon Fire Chief Sean Galipeau, Police Chief David T. Brooks at a recent Town Council Meeting.

On or about 1130 hours March 21, 2014, I witnessed the Lisbon’s Fire Command vehicle traveling along Lisbon Street.  I could not see how many people were in the vehicle.  I then proceeded to my grandson’s eye doctor’s office to see if I could get his glasses fixed.  After, I leave his eye doctor’s office, I took my two grand kids to lunch at Simones Hot Dog Stand at 99 Chestnut Street in Lewiston.  Upon arrival at approximately 1200 hours, I was shocked to see Lisbon’s Fire Command vehicle parked in front of Simones.

Upon entering Simones, I observed Chief Sean Galipeau sitting with an unknown female companion.  Mr. Richard Mains was talking to Chief Galipeau at the time.  Chief Galipeau and his female companion finished their lunch and proceeded to the town owned Fire Command vehicle.  I personally observed this unknown female companion get into the town owned vehicle and they drove off.  I had people tell me that Chief Galipeau carries his friend's kids and his kids to school every morning but I have never witnessed this because I do not get up that early.

Why are the taxpayers paying for a vehicle, gas and maintenance for Chief Galipeau to utilize for his personal use? 

Are the taxpayers' paying for the liability insurance on this vehicle and does it cover unknown female companions?  This is a gross violation of town policy on the utilization of town owned vehicles. 

It is not right whether a person is on duty or not to utilize a town owned vehicle for his personal use.  Chief Galipeau was not in uniform at the time so I am going to assume he was off-duty.  When Chief Galipeau is off duty, I am sure that he has appointed another qualified Officer to fill in for him.  Chief Galipeau has got to be held accountable for his action and a tighter control has to be implemented to eliminate town employees using town owned vehicles for their personal use at taxpayers’ expense.

How many more town employees are doing this; how long has this has been going on and how much has it cost the taxpayers?

Larry Fillmore


Dot Fitzgerald said...

I have been complaining for years at council and budget meetings about town employees using town owned vehicles for their personal use. When I fill up my gas tank, the $$$ come out of my pocket.
When a town employee fills up a town owned vehicle the $$$ also comes out of my pocket, as does tires and maintainance. THIS NEEDS TO STOP - - NOW! ! ! ! !

Unknown said...

What does a good man & and his understudy need to do when one wants a GOOD HOT DOG??!! In the past you would go to the FIREHOUSE RESTAURANT but after the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT went -so did they. Maybe HOGIE"S HOTDOGs should come back, then one doesn't have to drive to Simone's when yo get the urge!!!!

Rick T said...

He brings his kids to school and eats lunch??!! String him up! Thank God you personally witnessed this criminal mastermind! O-o

Larry Fillmore said...

Rick T - Thank you for your comment, it was very enlightening. It shows the world that you do not care about any liability issues, paying for a town employee using your tax dollars for his own personal use, or paying for the maintenance, gas and tires on a town owned vehicle being used for other than the purpose it was indented. Your comments reflects just how much you care about our community.

Rick T said...

I don't think that the way to "care about our community" is to vilify the folks who keep its citizens safe.

Anonymous said...

Wayne S.

Larry, you just gotta realize that there's Patricians and Plebians.

Always have been, always will be.

It stinks (If you're a Plebian that is), but whaddya gonna do?

Anonymous said...

Was this our dear Chief cheating oops autocorrect meeting Tracey Kay or Marisol Cruz?