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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Much Do You Make And What Credentials Are Required For Your Job?


It is truly amazing what information the town provides to the people in the 2012-2013 Annual Report.  I fully understand that it is too late to do anything about the information provided and there is no way to change it.  However, it goes to show just how free they are with our tax dollars and the lengths they go to cover it up until it is too late to stop this excessive spending.  Below, I have listed the salaries of our Department Heads so we can see if we are getting our monies worth.          DEPARTMENT HEADS SALARIES

Assessor – No salary listed        Code Enforcement Officer - $49,521.23
Economic Director - $25,283.82        Moxie Aide -$3,000.00
Finance Director - $64,590.55        Fire Department - $64,315.76
Library Director - $47,771.22        Parks - $43,467.44
Police Department - $72,159.70    PW Operations Manager - $69,058.85
Recreation Director - $49,545.44    Sewer Operational Manager - $66,586.14
Town Clerk - $53,868.68            Town Engineer - $78,298.33
Town Manager - $91,266.36        Water Department - $61,383.76

 Lisbon 'Contracted' Town Assessor William Van Tuenin

The first one that comes to mind for me is that Mr. William Van Tuenin is not listed anywhere in the salaries section.  Why is that?  We all know that he has been doing a reevaluation of the town for the past four years as well as being the Town Assessor.  You and I both know he is not doing this for free; so what is his salary?

 Lisbon Fire Chief Sean Galipeau

Next, let’s look at the Fire Chief.  In 2002, Chief Galipeau was hired with several conditions.  One of these conditions was that he “Continue progress towards an Associate’s Degree”It is now, 2014 and Chief Galipeau has not completed his Associate’s Degree.   Are you kidding me, 12 years and he does not have his Associate’s Degree.  Doesn’t this constitute a breach of contract? 

 Lisbon Engineer E. Ryan Leighton

When Stephen Eldridge was Town Manager, he added Public Works, Sewer and Solid Waste to the duties of the Town Engineer.  The Operational Managers of both Public Works and the Sewer Department continued to be paid at the rate they were being paid.  This consolidation was to save the taxpayers some money, however, the only thing it did was added 8% to Ryan Leighton’s pocket.

So let’s take a look at Mr. Ryan Leighton, our Town Engineer.  First, and most important is that Mr. Leighton is not recognized as a License Professional Engineer by the state.  What does this mean to Lisbon; well every project over $100,000.00 the town has to pay a real engineer to come in and supervise the project.  This means we are paying for two (2) engineers at the same time.

Next, he is listed as the Superintendent of Sewers but he is not qualified to operate the Treatment Plant.  He is a Grade Level 2 and the Treatment Plant requires a Grade Level 4.  So what does this mean?  Ryan Leighton cannot sign required documents by the Department of Environmental Protection Agency.  These documents are signed by the Operational Manager. 

Our Town Engineer is not qualified as a License Professional Engineer and not qualified to operate the Treatment Plant and he receives a salary of $78,298.33 with absolutely no credentials.  How much do you make and what credentials are required for your job?

More fraud, waste and abuse at its best!

Larry Fillmore

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