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Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Toll Booth" Bullying In Lisbon, A Personal Experience with Lisbon's "Toll Boot"!

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Dear Lisbon Maine Net:

This afternoon I was accosted by a hulking young man that came up to my car at the stop sign on route 9 and 196.  He didn’t grab me or threaten me with his voice but never the less the intimidation was there in his body language and overall manner. Give me money or I will not be happy with you was the obvious message being  given. What made the bullying even more frightening was that it seemed to be sanctioned by the Lisbon Officials.  I noticed that one of the turning lanes was blocked off and the traffic was funneled  single file  to make it impossible to escape the scrutiny of the  young men.

I am a firm supporter of the Lisbon Fire Department and have given them money every year for more years than I care to remember but I want to give them money on my own terms not out of fright.  Does Lisbon have the legal authority to restrict traffic flow and create a potentially hazardous condition to collect money?  Even if the money is for a good cause?  I don’t know.  Something tells me this thing wasn’t thought out very well by the town Manager.

I would sign my name but to be honest I am afraid.  I am afraid of repercussions from the Town.
I never thought I would say that but it is true.

Scared in Lisbon


Dot Fitzgerald said...

Last Friday, from where I sit on School Street just off Route 196, from my second floor window, I watched the traffic heading west, backed up past the former church and down the hill.
People returning from work or to a weekend retreat on a hot late Friday afternoon waiting in line. Must have made them real happy.
Now I have nothing against our fire department, any fire department. I admire the firefighters. They answer the call, anytime of the day or night, never knowing what they are heading into.
But to hold-up traffic, to strong-arm people, many who do not even live in Lisbon, to donate to the Lisbon Fire Department was wrong, on so many levels.
In past Moxie Festivals the Falls Fire Department held car washes. Anyone wanting to donate would pull in to the fire station, have their vehicle washed and give a donation. I don't think I missed a year. That was firefighters working together for a good cause, and donations were voluntary. I attend every council meeting and did not see or hear anything about a toll-booth, fundraiser.
This was poorly thought-out and I hope it never happens again. This was NOT POSITIVE CHANGE LISBON.

Anonymous said...

I agree but the Chief gets lazier every day. Besides I hear he is looking for a new place to live for him and his daughters once again.