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Friday, July 29, 2011


To The Lisbon Reporter

Does no one but Mr. Fillmore and me find the letter written and sent by Lisbon Town Manager Steve Eldridge to Ryan Leighton, head of Public Works, who forwarded it to Mr. Elwood (Button) Beals, former head of Public Works, find it unacceptable behavior for a town manager?

Mr. Beals, former head of the Town of Lisbon Public Works Department has always done an excellent job, is liked and respected by the workers. Why didn’t Mr. Eldridge call public works and ask why there were 2 employees on the street sweeper, instead of calling an employee an idiot? And then, there is Mr. Leighton, head of public works, instead of going to or calling public works to find out what was going on, forwarded the letter to Button Beals.

If there were 2 employees running the sweeper that day, I’m sure there was a good reason for it. Mr. Beals knows his job, and does it well. To disrespect him the way Town Manager Eldridge did is totally unacceptable!

Mr. Ryan Leighton, Lisbon Town engineer and head of the Sewerage Treatment Plant, this year was also given the additional duties as head of Public Works and Solid Waste, along with a considerable increase in his salary.

At the Tuesday July 5, 2011 town council meeting, #6 - Orders, Resolutions and Ordinances, 2011 Order – Public Works Truck and Body Bids, Mr. Leighton said the lowest bid for a stainless steel truck body $27,175 and $2,200 for painting and installation. When asked by Councilor Bowie if the amount requested included both the purchase and installation, Mr. Leighton hesitated, and said he did not know. He was totally unprepared! And this is someone our town manager and town council, all but one dissenting vote, hired to be in charge of the public works, plus gave him a generous raise ! ? ! ?

Sounds to me like he has so many duties he can’t keep track of them all.


Dorothy B. Fitzgerald
A Very Concerned Lisbon Citizen