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Friday, November 18, 2011

Divorced Bob Emrich To Lead Maine's 2012 Marriage Campaign‏

The divorced tax cheat (see attached article and, Rev. Bob Emrich, created this thread on As Maine Goes on Tuesday (11/15/11) evening:
Most likely, he returned from evangelizing in Uganda earlier this month (or will be there later this month).  
Thus, the "urgent" voice mail request Christian Civic League of Maine Executive Director Carroll Conley, Jr. left for my pastor last week to have Emrich and Conley, Jr. meet with me and my pastor this past Tuesday morning (which did not happen due to the pending Maine Human Rights Commission complaints I still have pending against the League).
Importantly, Emrich talks in the As Maine Goes posting he created about the upcoming marriage campaign as though he will be leading it ("This is going to be a long campaign."), including conducting a phone interview with the San Francisco Chronicle this week ("I just received a telephone call from the San fransico Chronicle for a story regarding ads to start next week in Maine.")
I do not see where the Chronicle has yet published such an article, but it may be upcoming still later this week or month.
Mike Hein
Augusta, Maine

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a piece of work! Journalism must be like politics now...anything goes and you dont need facts to back you up! Implying he is a tax cheat simply because he let his tax exempt status expire is like suggesting you are a sore loser! hahaha