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Monday, April 30, 2012

Government Scandals Are The Norm Now; BrasscheckTV: Obama's bloodiest scandal and its shameless cover-up‏ (atf, doj, eric holder, fast and furious, FBI, gunrunning, Obama, scandal, straw purchases)

American gun dealers were 'under orders' by the ATF and the Justice
Department to sell guns to straw purchasers who would then hand the
guns over to drug cartels in Mexico.
The main stream media still refer to this as a 'botched' operation
despite the evidence that the program worked exactly as it was
designed to.
As part of a plan to 'brainwash' Americans into thinking about guns
in a whole new way, guns were delivered to the cartels and turned
up at Mexican crime scenes, making headlines and bolstering the
bogus claim that American gun laws were to blame for the violence
in Mexico.
The administration then tried to make the case that we need
stricter gun laws to stem the flow of weapons across the border, a
ridiculous claim considering that the ATF and DOJ had to SUBVERT
existing laws to make the program work.
Here's the story...
Goodman Green
- Brasscheck

 Author and journalist Katie Pavlich talks to Glenn Reynolds about the Fast and Furious firearms scandal that resulted in the murder of a Border Patrol agent. Pavlich's research shows that the ATF put guns in the hands of criminals, but never planned to track these weapons. Was the Obama Administration using Fast and Furious to undermine the Second Amendment?

Fast & Furious Gun Scandal: Is This the Obama Administration's Greatest Cover-Up?

 Republicans prepare contempt citation against Eric Holder over Fast and Furious

By Sharyl Attkisson
CBS News

House Republicans investigating the Fast and Furious scandal plan to pursue a contempt citation against Attorney General Eric Holder, senior congressional aides told CBS News.

The resolution will accuse Holder and his Justice Department of obstructing the congressional probe into the allegations that the government let thousands of weapons fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

The citation would attempt to force Holder to turn over tens of thousands of pages of documents related to the probe, which has entered its second year.

For months, congressional Republicans probing ATF's Fast and Furious "Gunwalker" scandal - led by California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, have been investigating a contempt citation. They've worked quietly behind the scenes to build support among fellow Republicans, since it could ultimately face a full House vote.

CBS News has confirmed that House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, was provided a 48-page long draft by Issa, who heads the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

"While there are very legitimate arguments to be made in favor of such an action, no decision has been made to move forward with one by the Speaker or by House Republican leaders," a Republican leadership aide told CBS News.

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