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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Governmental American Way - Waste, Fraud, & Abuse; BrasscheckTV: Busted: TSA tries to hide its wasteful spending‏ (government waste, spending, TSA, waste)

Not only is the TSA good at groping children, sexually assaulting
women, humiliating the elderly and disabled, among the numerous
other offenses they commit upon the American public, but they can
also spend taxpayer money like nobody's business.
Good thing for us they aren't as good at hiding it.
Congressional report blasts TSA waste...
Goodman Green
- Brasscheck

TSA tried to cover up
$184 million in wasteful spending 


 Congressional report blasts TSA waste

By John Bacon
USA TODAY via Federal Times

A report to be released Wednesday by House Republicans claims the Transportation Security Administration mothballed $184 million in equipment that could be improving security at airports — and then tried to hide the mismanagement, The Washington Post says.

The report claims that when investigators sought information about the stored material, TSA tried to conceal its mistakes by providing "inaccurate, incomplete and potentially misleading information," the Post says.

The delay was a deliberate effort to get rid of 1,300 pieces of unused screening equipment at a Texas warehouse before investigators arrived in February, the report says. The Post says the report claims that despite efforts to move the equipment, the warehouse contained 5,700 pieces of equipment, at least 100 more than the number included in the inventory TSA provided to the committee.

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