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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Republican Liberty Caucus: RICHARDSON ENDORSED IN MAINE 2nd CD

AUGUSTA, ME (May 17, 2012) – Blaine Richardson won endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus National Committee in his GOP primary for the 2nd Congressional District seat from Maine.
          “Blaine Richardson has demonstrated leadership in military and civilian life which is an asset for a member of Congress,” said RLC National Chair Dave Nalle. “Receiving the Republican Liberty Caucus endorsement is a testament to his commitment to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise.”
          Richardson’s endorsement will be announced to Liberty Republicans nationally, presenting him as the best candidate to defeat Democrat Rep. Mike Michaud in November.
          The Maine RLC Chapter voted unanimously during its state meeting to recommend that Richardson be endorsed and the RLC National Committee endorsement vote was unanimous. RLC bylaws require that federal office endorsements be made by the National Committee upon recommendation of the state chapter. The state chapters may endorse legislative and gubernatorial candidates without input from the national organization.
          “Blaine Richardson is the kind of leader Maine needs to take an active role in Washington to turn the economy around and restore personal liberty. I am pleased that the RLC National Committee saw these qualities. He will be a great Republican candidate and an outstanding Congressman,” said Maine RLC Chair R. Kenneth Lindell of Frankfort, a former member of the Maine legislature.
          Lindell said, “Blaine Richardson had a distinguished military career, including time advising the Pentagon on national defense issues. Yet he saw dangers in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives the President power to detain and hold civilians indefinitely and spoke out against it because it violates the Constitution. We need more people with Blaine’s integrity in Washington.”
          Nalle added, “At the Republican Liberty Caucus we believe that less government means more liberty. We advocate the principles of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise. We work in the Republican Party because we believe it is the best vehicle for bringing about the political changes we want and we believe that Blaine Richardson will become part of the growing number of Liberty Republicans advancing those goals in Washington.”
          Blaine Richardson retired with the rank of Captain after a distinguished 30 year career in the US Navy. He was an aviator who saw duty in four conflicts and holds one of the highest security clearances to advise at the highest levels of the Defense Department.  Richardson worked his way up from flight school during the Vietnam War. During the Iraqi conflict in 2003, he was the Military Liaison Officer for Military Sealift Command which was responsible for the 216 ships which brought cargo and supplies to ports in Kuwait and Iraq.
          He was the Naval Liaison Officer to the State of Maine under both Governors McKernan and King. He was appointed by Governor McKernan, to the committee to oversee the DEP's implementation of hazardous chemical and waste reduction regulations. During the first Gulf War, his unit out of Bangor was the first one to be called up and he was stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, where Richardson was responsible for shipping General Schwarzkopf ‘s 7th Corps. During Haiti under President Clinton, he was called up to organize the immense relief effort by sea.
          Richardson returned to Maine when he ended his military career and became a job-producing businessman. He was involved in his family's greenhouse business - The Green Thumb - in Rockport for ten years, then moved on to become Code Enforcement Officer in Rockport. In 2000 he moved to Belfast and started his own construction company - The B. Richardson Company - working with his wife Laura, an interior designer, building and renovating houses.
          Richardson is a member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

          Founded in 1991, Republican Liberty Caucus is a nationwide grassroots IRS Section 527 political organization registered with the Federal Election Commission, made up of libertarian-leaning Republicans who work within the party for policies which promote smaller government and individual liberty.
Current members of Congress who had won RLC endorsement include Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Rep. Tom McClintock of California. 
Maine Gov. Paul LePage was endorsed in the 2010 GOP primary by the Maine RLC as well as five State Senators and seven members of the Maine House.

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