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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Please Can You Help A Fellow Mainer Out, This Could Be You Someday

Do Not Evict Timothy Mark Cason: FORECLOSURE FRAUD!


Do Not Evict Timothy Mark Cason: FORECLOSURE FRAUD!
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We NEED to call RIGHT NOW we are making a difference! Sheriff Joel Merry called Tim Cason to tell him that a lot of calls came in on his behalf and that Sheriff Merry was empathetic towards Tim's situation. Sheriff Merry then said that he would need to follow orders if the time came. That is not good enough, we need to keep calling and let Sheriff Merry know that he can do what Sheriff's in Ohio, Illinois, and Atlanta have already done and REFUSE TO EVICT PEOPLE.
Please call now and tell him: Sagadahoc County Sheriff Office at: (207) 443 8201 and/or (207) 443 8529 or e-mail Sheriff Merry directly at: and continue calling the bank and them to provide proof of ownership of the home: SAVINGS BANK OF MAINE at: (207) 621-9700

Why is this important?

We are occupying Tim's house from now until he gets it back (he could be kicked out any time), join us: 371 Main Street, Bowdoinham, ME
Timothy Mark Cason wrote the following: 23 August 2012
This evening at approximately 8pm a SAGADAHOC COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTY delivered to me a WRIT OF POSSESSION in the name of SAVINGS BANK OF MAINE (now known as BANK OF MAINE) v. TIMOTHY M. CASON for the property located at 371 MAIN STREET BOWDOINHAM, MAINE. SAVINGS BANK OF MAINE gave up their right to foreclose when they sold my note into a security investment on 29 October 2003, a mere 3 months after the closing date of 21 July 2003. 
I have a securitization audit that shows this fact. 
I also have a forensic audit that shows violations of TILA (Truth In Lending Act) and RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act), a sworn affidavit from the bank VP in 2011where he states that the bank owns the note. Not so says the securitization audit. 
Also a QWR (Qualified Written Request) to the bank requesting that they give me an opportunity to view my note to where they send an uncertified full size photo copy of the note. A clear violation of title 18 section 474 securities fraud. 
An uncertified copy of the note (as it appeared on the day of closing) was filed into the court in their complaint. A clear violation of state law. This is exactly why we need LD145, a bill that was put before the Maine House and Senate to MANDATE that the bank shall produce the original wet ink note in order to file a foreclosure action. The Bill passed in the House and Senate only to be vetoed by our Governor Lapage. The banks are ignoring the state law and the courts are allowing it. Well, a picture of the note deserves a picture of the house to satisfy the judgment. 
This writ has given me 48 hours to vacate19 years of accumulation and myself from the property. A home that I gave value to through my sweat equity and countless hours of labor. This is total injustice 101.

Timothy Mark Cason Home: 207-666-8086 Cell: 207-522-6104

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