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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Hammer Is About To Come Down On The Illegal Mortgage-Foreclosure Scams:

The attached subpoenas with attachments, were drawn up based on information gleaned from the following messages. These subpoenas were served on the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on August 14, around 11:00 AM, by a Suffolk County Sheriff Deputy.

This was the first message received, and written by a former Treasury Agent to his son:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 9:02 PM
Subject: [You have good help]
It certainly looks like you have a lot of very intelligent friends helping you.  They are closer than they could ever imagine on the subject of the note. What they need to do is to get a subpoena duce's tecum  served upon the Federal Reserve Bank of the district you live in, by the US Marshal, it would be FRB - Cleveland.  You then require them to supply you with a certified copy of the original live note, both sides, with endorsements,along with the ledgering of the notes account.  This will show the hypothesizing of the note 1+9. They are required to do this and will be more than glad to do so. No more show me the note, you show it to them, no more lying now. Countrywide cashed in the note and took the money. The original note is not in the mortgaging pooling trust just a Xerox copy stamped ORIGINAL.The FRB didn't wake up this morning and will always have the original. Do you suppose they don't trust the Banks? Fraud on you, fraud on the investor, fraud on the court, fraud on the title company, and fraud on the County Recorder.All class B Federal Felonies, 20 years in the can with no chance of parole.In all of my years at the US Treasury I never ever saw anything like this, its nauseating. And these crime bosses walk the streets without a care in the world.

It certainly sounds like the IRS CID girl that I connected you with is a big help.  She was just coming on board, as I was leaving, but I certainly liked what I saw.  She is fair, honest, incorruptible, and a hard little charger that will get to the bottom of anything.  She picked up quickly about your former sheriff, who made $80,000 per year, and yet lived in a $700,000 home in medallion estates.  Must have worked a lot of extra duty at the bowling alley on Saturday nights. She also asked, why does the bank have to purchase the property at a sheriff's sale,when they were already  awarded the property through the court. And the bigger question who took the banks money, and where was it reported to the IRS.  She understands that the money at the Sheriff's sale was laundered through the County E. I N. number, then laundered again onto a private set of books in the judges chambers to avoid the payment of federal income tax. This is why nobody ever wins in County Court.  These funds are then handed out like candy at a birthday party, to all the good little boys and girls that helped out, tax-free, for now.  You can bet that she has FINCEN , watching all of their accounts, and sooner or later, one of them will make a mistake.  Then the second and third floor of your courthouse is going to get cleaned out courtesy of U.S. Treasury agents and US Marshals.  They absolutely and positively won't know what hit them.  One of the judges in the past has had IRS liens on his property, and you can bet they've got a microscope on him.  I guess His Highness doesn't feel the need to pay FIT like the rest of us Crumb Eaters, but like every crook that I put the bracelets on, they were certain that they would never get caught.Remember in your case in Delaware Court I had you put in money laundering? The FBI caught Bank of America laundering money for the drug cartels in the Caribbean , it was announced last week in the news. Bet they wonder how you knew that. Laundering Mortgages and Drug money, now that's what I call a full service bank ( and yes they have checking and savings too if you are interested).

  I'm very sorry for all the things you have had to go through, including the loss of Sally , she was a great girl, as well as the loss of your personal possessions and money.  But rest assured, this crime syndicate will be brought to justice, when the rule of law is restored in Delaware County . And then the GOOD citizens of Delaware County will be grateful to you for all you have done and sacrificed.Blessings


Then the following message was sent to Walker Todd:

Walker Todd, Research Fellow 
Walker F. Todd, research fellow and conference organizer for AIER, lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, near Cleveland, and has been affiliated with AIER in one capacity or another since 1995. An instructor in the AIER Summer Fellowship Program, he teaches a course on the history and origins of competing theories of property rights. He is an attorney admitted to practice in Ohio and New York and is an economic consultant with 20 years’ experience at the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Cleveland. He has been an instructor in the Special Studies program at Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY, since 1997. He holds a Ph.D. in French from Columbia University and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law. A director and program organizer for the Committee for Monetary Research and Education, he was an adjunct faculty member of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University, for 13 years. He has numerous publications, both for AIER and for others, on banking, central banking, monetary and property rights topics, including those related to international debt, the International Monetary Fund, and the regulation of the banking system and financial markets.

Jane Doe
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2012 11:57 AM
To: Walker Todd
Subject: Concerning My Phone Call This Morning

Dear Mr. Todd,

   I called you just awhile ago and left you my name, phone number and a brief message that I want to ask you a question about the Federal Reserve Bank.

  I'm writing to let you know what my question is so you will know prior to returning my phone call. If you'd like, you can instead respond to this email. But either way, I would appreciate a response if you'd be so kind to do so.

  I'm representing myself in a foreclosure case and have come across an interesting piece of information that states that it is possible that Countrywide cashed in my promissory note to the Federal Reserve Bank and the FRB has in its possession my original live note, and that I should subpoena the FRB requiring them to provide the original live note, both sides with all endorsements/allonges and ledgering of my note's account. Because supposedly, my original note did not go into the trust fund as per the Pooling & Service Agreement, only a Xeroxed copy of the original did as the FRB retained the original. It seems that this is what most banks did and is a common bank transaction regarding mortgages.

  My question of you is this: Is it true that this is what happens to our mortgage notes and that the FRB keeps the original live notes and that the banks (Countrywide in my particular case) cash these promissory notes into the FRB instead of the notes being placed into the Trusts Funds? I would like to know the answer before I go and subpoena the FRB for any records as it will save time and money for me. If you know anything in regards to this, please answer me at your earliest convenience as my case is scheduled to heard anytime between Aug 27-Sept 28, 2012.

  Thank you in advance for any kind aid that you can provide in this matter.

Jane Doe

The next day Walker Todd replied with this message:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Walker Todd
To: Jane Doe
Cc: Walker Todd
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 10:09 AM
Subject: RE: Concerning My Phone Call This Morning
My time is severely constrained, and that is why I did not get to reply to you yet.  It is possible that the FRBNY or another Federal Reserve Bank has your note IF Countrywide/Bank of America pledged it to secure a borrowing there.  However, I think it is more likely that the note went to MERS (the national electronic registration system) or the trust fund, as you noted below.  You could send an information subpoena to FRBNY or FRBRichmond (home district for Bank of America) or, given your location, FRBBoston to see if they have your original note.  What you ask for is not unreasonable.  They would, however, regard it as unreasonable to send a lawyer to bring the original into court and then to bring it back at the end of the day.  I suggest that you ask them (a) do you have my note? and (b), if so, would you please copy the front and back and all allonges and a copy of the cover sheet(s) and the page listing your note in the bank’s ledger?  In connection with (b), it should suffice with the court if the Reserve Bank sends you a separate letter certifying that it has the note and that the enclosure/attachment is a true copy, with the certification signed by the Reserve Bank officer in charge of the custody of your note and bearing the Bank’s corporate seal applied by the Bank secretary’s office.  If the judge still wants to see the original note, let him or her be the bad guy asking the Bank for the note, not you.  You also might ask the Reserve Bank to tell you (a) what collateral value it placed on your note and (b) how much remains outstanding secured by your note.  If the Bank once upon a time had your note and then returned it, to whom did the Bank return it?  If you have more questions, I might be able to answer them next week, but this week is impossible for scheduling.—Walker Todd

The following message was the second message from the former Treasury Agent to his son:

       Very glad to hear that Sarah and Ashley are doing better, it seems sad that we should have to go through these things in our lives, but it's all in God's hands and timing. I wish them a speedy and full recovery.

        I am also very glad to hear that your friends are pressing ahead with the SDT's to the Federal Reserve Banks in their areas for a certified copy of the original note, front and back, with the full ledgering of the account,endorsements, and attachments to prove negotiation of the note and the recipients there of.They are brave people to stick their heads into the mouth of the Dragon and my prayers and admiration go with them.

  After reading the forward you sent me from Walker Todd, I would caution you to the fact that he is a bar trained attorney who has privileged information about the inner workings of this process which he will not/or could not divulge to you.  The biggest problem I saw in his correspondence was when he referred to the loan vs collateral value of the note. Mega banks want their money now, not 30 years from now, they would go broke waiting on 30 years of payments. This shows that he only knows what he has been told and does not have the complete picture. A note is money and the days of returning the live wet signature note are long gone.This why the small fry were run out of business. I was smiling a big smile when he said that the FRB would be happy to supply you with the items you requested.You know how I have always really hated to say I told you so.

To expand on my last correspondence, the reason we want the copy from the Federal Reserve Bank has yet another purpose.  All of the banks that constructed these security bundles stamped a copied copy of the note"original". You will most likely find upon the retrieval of the note from the FRB, that there is no stamp on the note stating original.  Question, do you stamp original on every check that you cashed at your local bank? If the signature was blue wet ink couldn't they figure out it was the original? What would the teller say if they saw original stamped on the check?  Would that teller suspect that there was a possibility that this check could have been copied and negotiated elsewhere? Would you or the FRB negotiate a Xerox check? How can the original not be stamped original at the FRB, and the copy in the trust be stamped original? You know, I am not a betting man, but if I had one bet in my life it would be that your original note at the FRB has is not been stamped original.

So as I stated in my previous correspondence, countrywide home loans made a copy of your note, then stamped the copy original, and sent the actual live wet note to the FRB to be negotiated and hypothecated.  So, just to have some more fun, let's use another subpoena duces tecum to retrieve a copy of the other note, in the trust.

Countrywide home loans, constructed the security in house, along with the mortgage servicing pool and all the instruments inserted there in.  These were done on a securities form F3/treasury form 1473, and possibly a securities form F4, which would be a treasury form 1474.  When you look at these forms you will see that this is deadly, serious business.  On page 15 of the F4 form, as well as on the  Form F3, the actual live person/licensed broker/signs the bottom of the form in the presence of a notary stating that all of the inserted items are worth the stated value, and that there is no known fraud in any of the submitted items. No rubber stamp and not in the name of the institution. Didn't they overvalue the appraisal of your house, and overstate your income in order for you to qualify for a loan?  Or was it just to pad the amount of the security to make the face value, far higher than its actual worth, committing fraud on the investor.  Another question would be, since this document was required to be signed by a licensed broker, do you suppose that these were Robo signed, just like your mortgage and foreclosure documents? So let's SDT a certified copy front and back of the Trusts Original note with the ledgering of the account and then the SEC Form 3 and Form 4 so we can see the name of the broker for interrogatory's and to turn them over to the SEC.

And last but certainly not the least how can you have two or more original notes, this wont fly even with a crooked Judge.If by chance I am correct and the FRB note was not stamped original, you will have even more proof of knowingly and willfully committing securities fraud. Will the real original note please stand up. Submitting counterfeited and forged documents to the SEC is a big no no.They may get away with foreclosure fraud and fraud upon the court but securities fraud goes to the very core of the system and they cannot let the crooks get away with it or the whole system will collapse. Hence the reason for the foreclosures are to drain the security pools before the fraud is discovered. God Bless


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