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Friday, October 12, 2012

Recap Of Lisbon Planning Board Meeting 10/11/2012


I attended the Planning Board workshop last night.  The Planning Board is getting ready for the Public Hearing on Thursday night at 07:00 PM, October 18, 2012 at the MTM Gym.  I feel very sorry that the Planning Board has been saddled with this problem which they did not create.  If you care to check it there were no illegal businesses on Route 9 when Mr. Lunt was town manager and Jerry Sampson was Code Enforcement Officer.  This situation was created by none other than Stephen Eldridge.  I believe Mr. Eldridge made it very clear when he got rid of Jerry Sampson; you do it my way or you get fired!

 Lisbon Town Manager Stephen Eldridge

Now the Planning Board has been asked to resolve this situation.  The Planning Board is trying real hard to do what is best for the community and stay within the boundaries of the Comprehensive Plan and allow these businesses to remain open.  This is going to be a challenge because I believe there are fifteen (15) businesses on Route 9 and only five (5) are illegal.  These five illegal businesses fall under two types of businesses – garages and roofing/siding.  These two commercial type businesses are not recreational or natural resources.  These businesses do not fall under agricultural either and therefore alter the makeup of the Rural Open Space 1.

So how are they going to make these businesses legal?  After attending several Planning Board meetings I got the impression they are going to try and pull a misdirection on everyone.  The Planning Board is also trying to better define “Home Occupation”.   

Home Occupations still have to report all earned income to the Federal and state government.  They are also suppose to pay Personal Property Tax to the town of Lisbon.  These home occupations, Mom & Pop Store and small businesses are still commercial businesses and must comply with the ordinances and Comprehensive Plan of Lisbon.

I personally believe you have to make the situation legal before you change it.  I do not believe you can correct an illegal situation while it is illegal because you can only compound the problem.  I do not want to see anyone lose their livelihood or cause problems for our neighbors but no one should be above the law regardless of who they are.  These business owners know the impact of their actions.  These are our friends and neighbors we are talking about and I only wish there was some way in which to make everyone happy but I do not see how you can do that legally especially after the town has shut down some businesses and allowed others to operate.

I see no real solution to this problem without shutting down these businesses.  This is going to be especially hard when these business owners are protected by the “Good Old Boys Network”.  The “Good Old Boys Network” is fighting very hard to protect their friends.  The town has to eliminate this “Good Old Boys Network” club before we have more situations of the same popping up.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizens

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