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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MTM Fiasco Starts To Heat Up In Lisbon


According with today’s article in the Sun Journal by Paula Gibbs, there appears to be a continuing problem in the MTM center.  There have been complaints from taxpayers that doors and windows have been left open in the winter heating the outdoors and costing the taxpayers more money in heating bills.

Lisbon Town Manager Stephen Eldridge

This problem was identified years ago and the Town Council took action and awarded a contract to Siemens.  The article indicates that according to Town Manager Eldridge the contract was only to identify the problems and not fix it.  The problem appears to be with valves and the furnace but Siemens has not provided an estimate to correct the situation

Lisbon Councilor Gina Mason

 Lisbon Town Council Chairman Fern Larochelle
According to the article one solution, provided by Councilor Mason, is increase the fees.  This includes the elderly which are normally on a fixed income.  The residents utilizing the facility are not responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the furnace.  Chairman LaRochelle made a statement in the article I do not understand and that is and I quote “I don’t think the council is saying shut it down, but is it worth renting if we are heating the outdoors?” This is a town owned building and it is the responsibility of the town to maintain the facility. 

But the most disturbing comment came from MTM Board of Directors Chairman Gordon Curtis when he said and I quote “There was a contract awarded to Siemens, but I was told today there’s no money left.”  The town carried forward over a million dollars on August 21, 2012 so I hope Mr. Curtis is talking about the contract and not the town. 

With an approved budget plus over a millions dollars carried forward, this town should have plenty of money available to take care of this problem without raising the fees at the MTM center.  The MTM center is a profit making facility and supports our elderly.  This is apparent by 90 people who attended the senior luncheon last week.  Any thoughts by the council or the town manager to shut down the MTM center would be a disgrace and an injustice to the residents of Lisbon.

Larry Fillmore

Concerned Citizen

No fix yet for Lisbon community building heating problem

LISBON — Complaints from taxpayers that doors at the town’s community center are being propped open in midwinter prompted members of the Town Council to try to get to the source of the problem Tuesday night.
The MTM Center, originally built as a school in the 1950s, has a heating system that overheats some rooms, leaving hallways and other rooms too cool, MTM Board of Directors Chairman Gordon Curtis told the council.
Curtis was one of several committee chairmen who met with the council to update them on what’s happening in their areas.
“Our biggest problem is the heat,” Curtis said. “We can’t seem to get it fixed. I don’t know if it’s a circulator issue or not, but we have one zone that we have no control over. Some people are saying we should shut it down."

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