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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Extended Weather Forecast From Rufus

Extended Forecast

Today; mtn. flurries, windy. Lows 18-24 N/S, highs 30-43 N/S. 

Wednesday;    windy and dry. Lows 15-23 N/S, highs 31-43 N/S.

Thursday;        breezy and dry. Lows 16-24 N/S, highs 40-48 N/S.

Friday;             quiet and dry. Lows 24-31 N/S. highs 45-51 N/S.

Saturday;         flurries north, showers south, windy. Lows 24-42 N/S. highs 37-49 N/S.

Sunday;           dry and quiet. Lows 20-29 N/S. highs 36-49 N/S.

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