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Monday, December 9, 2013

Eldridge Is At It Again!

                            WASTED TIME BY TOWN COUNCIL

Tomorrow night the Town Council, after their orientation, will be reviewing “Discontinuing Roads”.  If I remember correctly, this is the third time Town Engineer, Ryan Leighton, and the Town Manager, Stephen Eldridge, has brought this before a Town Council.  The last two times the Town Attorney, Roger Therriault, told the council there are liability issues attached to the discontinuing of roads.  Once this was brought out, the issue of discontinuing roads was never brought up again.

However, Mr. Leighton and Mr. Eldridge continue to waste the council’s time by presenting the issue to the new council.  If I remember correctly, Mr. Leighton and Mr. Eldridge will provide documentation that is over 6 years old and this listing will have all the roads in town to confuse the issue.  The council will be asked to find all these roads as Mr. Leighton and Mr. Eldridge give a presentation.  Of course, the correct method of presenting an issue is not to clutter it up with unnecessary information.  The listing presented to the council should be ONLY the roads being considered for discontinuation. 

Providing unnecessary information and deliberately confusing the issue, is not the proper method in which to present issues before the council.  It is unfortunate for the council that they rely heavy on the Town Manager for guidance.  This Town Manager has done nothing more than to provide previous councils with false information or only half truths.  The end result is poor decisions by previous councils.  Hopefully, this council will be able to see through this deception.

Going over issues that were not approved by previous councils is a pure waste of time.
Larry Fillmore

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Anonymous said...

Please provide an update on the outcome of the workshop. Which roads were listed and which were chosen to be discontinued? The proposal is being advanced by the Town Manager to benefit one property owner, at the expense of the townspeople.