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Monday, December 23, 2013

Rufe's Extended Weather Outlook

Extended Outlook
Today:  quiet. Fr. rain. See discussion. highs 30-38 N/S.
Tuesday;  breezy and dry. Lows 7-27 N/S. highs 11-31 N/S.
Wednesday; quiet and dry. Lows 7 below-12 N/S. highs 10-26 N/S.
Thursday; quiet. Mtn. flurries. Lows 8-18 N/S. highs 26-35 N/S.
Friday;  quiet. Mtn. flurries. Lows 16-24 N/S. highs 25-35 N/S.
Saturday; quiet and dry. Lows 10-20 N/S. highs 23-35 N/S.
Sunday; breezy. Mtn. flurries. Lows 15-26 N/S. highs 27-39 N/S

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