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Monday, December 2, 2013

Very Merry Main Street‏


False Deluder said...

I'm saddened to hear that the Sausage kitchen is not participating this year due to the vote on the Worumbo mill and the appearance that Lisbon is anti-business. Libon is not anti business. We are, however, anti-boondoggle. I support all the local businesses. However, I will not support the town in its attempts to become a developer. There were many REAL developers that looked at that property and decided against it. I will continue to support local businesses including the sausage kitchen. They have the BEST sausages!

Anonymous said...

SO WHO WILL BITE THE SAUSAGE? The town did a great job developing the Farwell Mill and the other mysterious Economic Development "Revoling loan" $$$ investments..

Anonymous said...

Why is a non-profit organization utilizing town staff and town emailing lists to get their activities broadcasted to the public?

Certainly there are many more non-profit groups that would like to have this opportunity, now that this precedent has been set into motion by Lisbon's Economic & Community Development Office.

Mr. Fillmore, is there where the Missing Money has gone and the reason you cannot get honest answers?

Some things just plain old 'stink' in the town offices.

Without a question, Town Council form of government has hurt this town more than anything else.
If you are a 'player' you are in but if you try to bring forth information that is purposely hidden by the administration you are publicly chastised.

Thank you to the Lisbon Reporter and Mr. Fillmore, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mr. Cote and others who have endured this behemoth of corruption to keep we the older generation in town that are just getting by, informed.