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Friday, January 10, 2014

Rufe's Extended Weather Outlook

Extended Outlook
Friday;  isolated flurry?  Quiet. Lows 0-13 N/S. highs 25-34 N/S.
Saturday; lite mix inland early. Heavy rain,  windy coast at nite. Discussion to follow. Lows 20-29 N/S. highs 39-48 N/S.
Sunday; heavy rain early. Dry pm. Breezy. Lows 32-37 N/S. highs 33-49 N/S.
Monday; breezy and dry. Lows 23-31 N/S. highs 37-47 N/S.
Tuesday; breezy and dry. Lows 22-30 N/S. highs 32-41 N/S.
Wednesday; light snow early, breezy. Lows 18-26 N/S. highs 28-39 N/S.

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