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Friday, March 7, 2014

Maine's Circle of Corporational Corruption and Complexity Widens; Unmasking of Maine and Beyond:Maine Governor LePage Nominates Former AG William Schneider For Judgeship


Maine Judiciary Committee – Confirmation Hearing – William J. Schneider to the Maine District Court

Tuesday: March 11, 2014
Room 438 of the State House

1:00pm CONFIRMATION HEARING- Honorable Robert E. Mullen to the Maine Superior Court

2:00pm CONFIRMATION HEARING- Honorable Daniel I. Billings to the Maine Superior Court

3:00pm CONFIRMATION HEARING- Honorable William J. Schneider to the Maine District Court

Now to follow all of this you must first be willing to educate yourself on the facts.  First, the State of Maine, is a Corporation.

Next we are providing you with a whole lot of information based on facts not opinions.  So if you cannot follow along or do not care do not blame us for not trying.  And May God Help US All.

States Gov. LePage “In choosing judges, my focus is on the qualifications, demeanor, and integrity of the candidates, not politics.”

 William Schneider does not possess the qualifications, integrity, ethics, honesty nor trustworthiness of a judgeship.
As former Attorney General, he failed in his duties and obligations as Maine’s top law enforcement officer. His Obstruction of Justice, malicious prosecutions and selective prosecutions have interfered with justice and the rule of law. As he was unable/refused to perform his duties and obligations as Attorney General, his lack of respect for law and justice and his lack of honor in a position of public trust will not enhance public confidence in the legal system with Mr. Schneider on the bench.  
Additionally, this is contrary to the precepts upon which the Maine Code of Judicial Conduct is founded.
Mr. Schneider will carry his bias, prejudicial and selective “web of deceit” into the courtroom.

This nomination/confirmation must be opposed.

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Unknown said...

View "Trail Of Evidence That Leads From Maine’s Original Constitution To The Commission Of Maine Judges" at

For more information on this subject type in “Lise from Maine” in the search section of this blog. Lots of information and discussion in the comments section.

Unknown said...

Bill Schneider is a nice guy, but he has a BAR license. His first loyalty is not to the people of Maine, but to the BAR Association. Three years ago, when he was Maine's Attorney General, I had a meeting with him in his office. I informed him of a crime, he chose to do nothing about it. The main purpose of the Attorney Generals Office is to protect government from we the people.

margot said...

Unfortunately for us all, Mainers and all the people who believe in the law and Constitution need to read THE TYRANNY OF GOOD INTENTIONS, How Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice by Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton. You will learn HOW THE LAW WAS LOST and What IS To BE Done. The Authors will take the Reader through an understanding of what has happened to our Justice System.

The following is the Table of Contents:

The New Robber Barons
The Law As Shield: The Rights of Englishmen
The Law As Weapon: The Trial of Nikolai Bukharin
How The Law Was Lost
Crimes Without Intent
Retroactive Law
Reinventing Torture
Turning Lawyers into Government Spies: The Demise of the Attorney-Client Privilege
Privilege Trumping Rights
Forfeiting Justice
Ambition Over Justice
Abdicating Legislative Power
What Is To Be Done?
Deleting Blackstone
Legislating Tyranny

This book will OPEN YOUR EYES!

THE STATE OF MAINE IS AN OUTLAW STATE, meaning her Justice System operates outside the law. A Mainer whom I will not name told me that in her case a Judge said he did not have to follow Maine's Rule of Law. You can draw your own conclusions from this statement and (if you read the above book, and I strongly urge you to do so ASAP) what you read.

Who are the Authors? Mr. Roberts was assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, a university professor, and an associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Stratton is a former professor of Georgetown University Law Center (in DC) and is currently on the adjunct Ethics faculty at Villanova University. I bought this book on Amazon.

I hope this information will be helpful. It was for me. It helped to tie the pieces of the puzzle together.

Maine is not the only state operating in an unlawful manner. There are others, some worse, some a bit better; the Corruption has been going on for over 60 yrs. It has within the last 20 yrs become so bad that the People are now seeing it first-hand for themselves.

Mainers! WAKE UP! Read the Literature and what you will find on good websites on the Internet. The Mainstream Media including the Newspapers will not tell you the whole truth. You need to spend time to search out the truth. Best of Luck. Margot

Todd Comber said...

Let me be of better assistance to you all. After all,my body may be failing me but my mind is sharp and am still able to tickle the keyboard. As long as I have an Interconnection, many should "Duck~n~Cover"!!!

Anonymous said...


In the beginning (1820) the Attorney General had to attend all court sessions. He was there to instruct the "county" attorney who had a dual role - he acted for the state as well as the county (local control). The Attorney General under the direction of the Executive Department must execute the laws of Maine for the Governor. He is the "field" person executing the laws. Since the 1855 fraudulent resolve, the Attorney General is under the thumb of the Legislature unlawfully.

Thank you!

Lise from Maine