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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Y'ah Don't Say, Corruption or Misrepresentation Of The Facts? TUMAB:Maneuvers Of The State Of Maine To Remove The Spotlight From Their Corruption

BDN reports “A former Maine Center for Disease Control division director who has filed a federal whistleblower lawsuit against the Maine Department of Health and Human Services must hand over more than three years worth of her diaries, medical records and mental health records, as well as the names of any doctor or mental health professional she’s seen since 2011.
The department’s lawyers had sought medical information for Sharon Leahy-Lind from as far back as 2008, but a judge ruled that they were entitled to only the information gathered since 2011, the year before she started as division director with the CDC.
Leahy-Lind’s lawyer, Cynthia Dill, argued “From my perspective, it’s a fishing expedition to look for ways to undermine either my client’s credibility. I can’t recall another case where communication with a life insurance provider was requested or an itemization of every health-related expense.”
Leahy-Lind has alleged that her bosses at the Maine CDC ordered her to shred public documents and then harassed and discriminated against her when she refused. Her allegations came to light last year when she filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission. In October, she filed a federal whistle-blower suit against CDC Director Sheila Pinette and DHHS, which oversees the CDC.” Read more HERE.
The state’s investigation found a host of problems with the way the Maine Centers for Disease Control distributed millions of dollars to Healthy Maine Partnerships programs last year. Now they turn the table and shine the spotlight on one of their own. Easy task when you’re in bed with the media!

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