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Monday, May 26, 2014


Why do I feel that the Public Works Director and the Town Council are trying to put something over on the Town of Lisbon taxpayers?


At the May 20, 2014 Town Council meeting, in Other Business is an article:

"                             "Unitil paving proposal"


With it is an attachment from Public Works Director Ryan Leighton stating "in order for the project to move forward the Town and Brunswick Housing Authority would each need to pay $1,852 up front and split the cost of paving the trench following the gas extension installation."


The memorandum does not state what the $1,852 is for.


Earlier this year Unitil had a public meeting at LES. At that meeting they said they intend to install a gas line from Route 196, across School Street, up Berry Avenue to Campus Avenue,


They also said that there would be no fee to connect to said gas line!


So, my question, what will the $1,852 pay for?

A connection fee to Unitil?

There is no explanation in Mr.. Leighton's Memorandum.  


The Memorandum further reads that the cost to prepare and

pave the trench ,materials would be approximately $6,000 and labor to be around $7,000.


Yet we were told at said  May 20 council meeting that Lisbon Public Works would be doing the trenching.


Who would we, the taxpayers of the Town of Lisbon, be paying to dig the trench, when we, public works,  would be digging the trench?


Mr. Leighton "anticipates" "Brunswick Housing Authority will agree to split the cost of the materials and labor to pave the trench".  Evidently there is agreement with BHA, so why is Mr.. Leighton and our town council rushing into this?  


Note: This is a Memorandum from Ryan Leighton, and not a copy of Unitil's proposal.


I think the residents and taxpayers of the Town of Lisbon are entitled to see Unitil's proposal prior to the council's vote to accept. Extending the gas line would benefit both the Town of Lisbon and BHA as the MTM Center and Campus Commons could convert to natural gas, thus resulting in savings in heating costs.


The Town Council will be voting on this issue at a Special Town Council meeting Tuesday May 27, 2014. The meeting is schedule for 6:00 to 6:30 p.m., a quickie, with no audience participation
You, members of the present Town Council, are better than that!
Please consider all aspects of Unitil's proposal, BHA's participation, and Ryan Leighton's proposal before voting on this issue.

We need to remember that a former town manager, and previous town council sold the old high school on Campus Avenue to the Brunswick Housing Authority for ONE DOLLAR!

 And  with it, a historical Grant of over One Million Dollars.


Dot Fitzgerald

A Very Concerned Lisbon Citizen

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