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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lisbon Taxpayers Pay For Incompetency, But Why?


At the last Town Council meeting, there was an agenda item under Other Business called “Unitil Paving Proposal”.  This proposal was submitted by the Town Engineer, Ryan Leighton (See Attached). 

The proposal lacks several items such as a map of the route, distances and who was going to be doing the trenching.  During the discussion by the Council and the Interim Town Manager, it came out that Public Works would be doing all the trenching.  A minor detail left off the original request.  This agenda item was tabled until next week during the Special Town Council meeting.

On the agenda for May 27, 2014, there is no “Audience Participation” so the people will not have a chance to speak on this subject.  I do not believe that even if the people could speak would it be heard.  I believe this has already been decided and the council will approve this proposal.  The fact that Public Works will be doing the trenching, at no cost to either Unitil or the Brunswick Housing Authority, and the people are going to be forced to pay an additional amount for paving is crazy.  Why isn’t the trenching by Public Works not sufficient payment for this project by the taxpayers.

Most of you do not know this but a former council sold Brunswick Housing Authority 4 Campus Avenue for $1.00 and with it went over a MILLION dollar grant for the renovation of the building by Federal Grant.  The property at the time was valued at $265,050.00.  I understand that the Brunswick Housing Authority is a non-profit organization but the Town of Lisbon is not.  The Town should not be making concessions like this and now the Town is willing to do all the trenching and then pay for half of the paving even though there is no benefit to the town from the MTM center to 4 Campus Avenue.  Why should the taxpayers be forced to pay anything for this project?

Please review this proposal by Mr. Leighton and tell me if you believe that this inept performance is worth the $78,000.00 plus Mr. Leighton receives as a salary from the town.  This is exactly what you get from an individual that has absolutely no credentials for the position. 

So why does the Interim Town Manager and the Town Council accept a proposal that is incomplete and does not present ALL the facts in order for the Council to make a competent decision?

Larry Fillmore

1 comment:

Dot Fitzgerald said...

Why are the taxpayers of the Town of Lisbon being asked to pay to provide natural gas to the old Lisbon High School, now the Campus Commons. Former Town Manager Steve Eldridge, with the approval of former town councilors, sold the property to the Brunswick Housing Authority for $1.00, (One Dollar and 00/100)! !
We, the town, also gave them an Historical Grant of over One Million Dollars.
Town of Lisbon public works would be digging the trench for the pipeline to Campus Commons.
And now they are asking us to pay half the cost so they can benefit for said natural gas to their building?! ! ! !
Please call your Town Councilors and tell them to vote NO on this outrageous proposal.