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Friday, May 30, 2014

TMB: Obama’s ‘Offshore Balancing’ Is a Recipe for Conflict‏ And More

 Obama’s ‘Offshore Balancing’ is a Recipe for Conflict
By Matthew Continetti
The phrase “offshore balancing” did not appear in President Obama’s commencement address at West Point. It did not have to.

Temple University Will Not Condemn Professor in Anti-Semitic Row
By Adam Kredo
A Temple University professor who questioned the deaths of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust and engaged in what human rights observers described as anti-Semitic discourse is entitled to promote his controversial ideas, according to a university spokesman who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

Report: EPA Could Be Relying on Fraudulent Data
By Lachlan Markay
As the Environmental Protection Agency prepares major new regulations on carbon emissions, the agency’s top watchdog is warning that fraudulent environmental data may be influencing its work.

Federal Dietary Guidelines Committee Criticized as Politically Motivated
By Elizabeth Harrington
Experts criticized the federal government committee currently crafting the nation’s dietary guidelines as politically motivated and said it was putting environmentalism over food science.

Bruce Braley Continues to Tout Career as Lawyer
By Daniel Wiser
Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley is out with a new ad this week touting his career as a lawyer as he continues to face criticism for his ties to the national trial lawyers’ lobby.

The New York Times Is Really Struggling Without Jill Abramson
By Andrew Stiles
Dean Baquet, the newly anointed executive editor of the New York Times, is off to a shaky start. Since the controversial ousting of Baquet’s “pushy” predecessor Jill Abramson, the paper of record has committed some embarrassing errors.

Don’t Mournshame Me, Bro
By Sonny Bunch
Twitter was especially fun* yesterday following the death of Maya Angelou. For instance, I learned that if you didn’t really, really love Angelou’s work, you are probably a racist.

‘Maleficent’ Review
By Sonny Bunch
It’s nice to have Angelina Jolie back on the big screen.

All Apologies

By David Rutz

MSNBC is often so very sorry.

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