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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ayuh! Maine Courts: "The Best Judges Money Can Buy" Foreclosure Fraud

Judge sides with Portland lawyer in ‘robo-signing’ appeal

A reprimand of Paul E. Peck, a Drummond & Drummond lawyer working for GMAC in 2010, will be withdrawn.

A Maine Supreme Judicial Court justice has ordered the withdrawal of a public reprimand of a Portland lawyer in a high-profile mortgage foreclosure scandal involving a practice called “robo-signing.”
The Board of Overseers of the Bar issued the reprimand last April after concluding that lawyer Paul E. Peck continued with several foreclosure cases after a GMAC Mortgage official admitted that he had not reviewed mortgage documents, didn’t have personal knowledge of the facts asserted and had not signed and swore to the truth of the foreclosure documents in front of a notary public.
The case became known nationally as the “robo-signing” scandal after mortgage company officials admitted that hundreds of foreclosure documents had been signed without a thorough review of the cases, as required by law.
Peck, who appealed the bar reprimand in May, was a Drummond & Drummond lawyer working for GMAC in 2010 when the financing company was pursuing dozens of foreclosures in Maine. In most of the cases, GMAC was seeking summary judgments in the cases, based on affidavits by a GMAC “limited signing officer” in Pennsylvania, Jeffrey Stephan.
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