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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

At The Least, One Maine Community Has Come To Their Senses! BDN: Rockland returning foreclosed homes

ROCKLAND, Maine — City councilors took quick action Monday night in an effort to return four properties that had been seized for nonpayment of taxes or sewer fees.
The council gave unanimous preliminary approval to returning the properties. A final vote is scheduled for next month.
Last month, the city acquired three homes for nonpayment of property taxes and additional homes were taken for failure to pay sewer fees. The foreclosures are automatic under state law unless a municipal body votes to waive foreclosures.
The city initially foreclosed on the properties to protect the municipality’s ability to collect the taxes or fees that are owed on the properties. City Manager James Chaousis said that if the city had not foreclosed on the properties it would have lost its right to collect those taxes or fees. The manager said if the city began waiving taxes, other property owners might follow suit.

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