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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Will Things Pop Out From "under the covers" In Lisbon, As Has Just Occurred In Biddeford

Biddeford (ME) Police Department Exposed!

News of sexual allegations against two former Biddeford police officers, first reported by Benjamin Meiklejohn of the Courier, ” is taking the city by storm.” David Charns, WMTW news reporter, broke the news about the allegations on television to a larger audience just days after the Courier reported the same. With the media so controlled it’s a breath of fresh air that Ben and David have the courage to report on what needed reporting years ago.
On March 5, 2015 the Courier reported ” A man who grew up in Biddeford has turned to social media to begin a dialogue with city leaders about how to prevent child sexual abuse and provide resources to victims. Matt Lauzon, who now lives in Boston but grew up in Biddeford, said he was sexually abused by a former Biddeford police officer nearly two decades ago, but felt too afraid and ashamed of his experience to speak out about it to authorities.
Lauzon, who graduated from Biddeford High School in 2003, has filed a complaint with the Maine attorney general and requested an investigation into an officer who is now retired and living in Florida. Lauzon said he first approached the Biddeford Police Department about the alleged crime last fall.
In recent weeks, Lauzon started to publicly engage Police Chief Roger Beaupre and Mayor Alan Casavant on Facebook about how the community can prevent child abuse and support victims – while articulating details of an experience that left him struggling his whole adult life.
“I feel guilt and shame that I didn’t speak up sooner and that he’s never been convicted and now lives free and clear in Florida,” Lauzon posted, “and now that numerous people are telling me similar stories, I have nightmares about staying silent and letting this abuse happen to other young women and men, or letting silence lead to young women or men taking their own lives.”
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 Lisbon's Chief of Police David T. Brooks' partner in cleaning up Law Enforcement Corruption, none other that Brian Macmaster was/is directly involved in this disgusting mess.

Brian MacMaster, who was chairman of the academy, accepted Dodd’s surrender on July 8 that year. MacMaster was also director of investigations for the Maine Attorney General, responsible for overseeing the 2002 investigation of Dodd. MacMaster has been the director of investigations since 1984.
Remember Lisbon Citizens how he botched the investigation into the missing $32,500 from the Economic and Development Office.  They had plenty of time to concoct  a winning presentation for the people to buy into.

Wonder how many players they might have been recruiting for some unscrupulous politicians. I.E. Wilderness trips to some Northern Maine Private camps?   Don't act like it doesn't happen, Martins of fact it does.

High Time for  LePage to get off the couch and clean house in the Attorney General's Office.  And restore some resemblance of Nobility and Honor to the positions within.

The Thin Blue Line of Police Corruption is slowly getting resurfaced.
God Bless the courageous victims and may those guilty rot slowly in HELL!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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