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Friday, July 10, 2015

MHPC: How Does New Hampshire Do It?‏

Dear Lisbon Reporter Readers,

As a supporter of The Maine Heritage Policy Center, I am pleased to share with you our latest research report, How Does New Hampshire Do It?

This comprehensive report compares and contrasts Maine with its only neighboring state, New Hampshire, and helps answer important questions as to how New Hampshire raises revenue and provides services without an individual income or general sales tax. 

While last month's budget was an endorsement of Maine's status quo high spending and over-taxation, it's important for us to show lawmakers that there are other options.  Our report shows how New Hampshire is able to spend less and tax less than Maine does, while still offering adequate services to residents.

I hope you'll help us spread the message, and show lawmakers that there's another path forward besides high taxes and high spending.  Please click the image above or click here to view the study online or download it at your convenience.
Best regards,

Patrick Marvin
Policy Analyst

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