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Monday, July 13, 2015

Political Diatribe Reaches New Heights: GOPDD: Obama FAA Caught LITERALLY Erasing Donald Trump’s Name From Government Documents

 Obama and both sides of the political aisle, for that matter, will do just about anything to shut Donald Trump up about illegal immigration. Even going so far as to have the FAA rename three navigation points that had previously been named after The Donald. Censorship much? Discrimination much? You know what… it’s hard to intimidate a man worth $9 billion dollars. He doesn’t give a crap. Trump is the honey badger of politics. He has his sights set on the White House and he knows what Americans want – they want their country back… they want their Constitution reinstated… and they want their freedoms once again. So, Obama and the Washington Cartel can rename all the agencies, monuments and places they want… we want to re-designate America as the greatest nation on earth once more. A conservative is needed to do the job and Americans are demanding it now by the millions.

This Thursday, President Barack Hussein Obama’s Federal Aviation Administration announced plans “to rename three navigation points near Palm Beach International Airport in Florida” that it had previously named after 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump.
The points, which were named DONLD, TRMMP and UFIRED, were reportedly to be replaced with “non-controversial” names.
It was obvious that the FAA purposefully chose to rename them in response to allegedly offensive comments Trump made the other week about illegal immigrants.
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