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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Maine Wire: “Strout: The Liberals’ Hypocritical Dark Money Machine” plus 1 more‏

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Strout: The Liberals’ Hypocritical Dark Money Machine

Last week, a group of Mainers rallied in Augusta in support of a ballot initiative to make Maine elections “clean.”  The referendum would make several changes to the Maine Clean Elections Act, including increasing public financing for candidates, increasing fines for campaign finance violations, and forcing third-party ads to reveal their biggest donors. Supporters would have […]

Frary: The Democratic Party’s Apology Failure

On June 29 the Central Maine Papers published a column in which I suggested the Democratic Party should officially apologize for its leading role in supporting slavery and later segregation. I was inspired to write this by the “Burn the Stars and Bars” frenzy prompted by the Charleston slaughter. I remembered that when the Democrats […]

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